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    how the fuck do people actually STAN cardi? she's fake, annoying, extremely mediocre and even that is due to good producers not talent - it's the rap equivalent of stanning selena, but like.. worse she has 0 talent and what fucks with my mind is how some of ya'll actually think she writes her own raps.. do you read like.. ANYTHING she posts..? you can clearly tell she isn't intelligent enough and lacks the vocabulary to write a single verse what amazes me also is how some stans are actually defending her for the altercation between her and nicki, like... she literally started fighting with nicki, because she allegedly dissed her parenting EVEN THOUGH there's literally ZERO proof of that anywhere, yet she LITERALLY called a woman's dead baby a monkey and said that if she wouldn't have been on drugs, her baby would still be alive even tho she had no idea whether the woman had ever even done drugs. why you may ask? because cardi posted a video in 2014 where she said she would never get her teeth done, and the woman commented on a recent post where you could clearly see her teeth had been fixed, that she thought cardi would never get her teeth done. TO RECAP. CARDI GOT INTO A FIGHT AND BLAMED IT ON NICKI DISSING HER PARENTING SKILLS, EVEN THOUGH THERE'S NO PROOF SHE DID. SHE CALLED A DEAD BABY A MONKEY AND CALLED A WOMAN A DRUGGIE WHO IS THE REASON WHY HER BABY IS DEAD BECAUSE OF TEETH. FUCKING TEETH let that sink in for a moment and after that ya'll can try to deny it, but it's all there, the screenshots, the mother even gave an interview about it she's utterly disgusting and how any person can honestly say they look up to her amazes me
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    I know the person who stans an artist with the title IDGAF isn’t criticizing an artist with the title GTFO...
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    It's more logical than blaming Kim Kardashian's baby for a #2 debut.
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    EXPOSED: FOTPedos TELLS ABSOLUTELY ABHORRENT LIE ABOUT ME & LEAK MY OLD NUDE PICS In a vile, sick sick sick turn of events, FOTPedo's have LEAKED my nude photos to their underage members in an attempt to MAKE ME look like the pedophile. They have also BLATANTLY lied and claimed I posted these nude pics on the old COP in the "post your pictures" thread. This is vile, sickening LIE and it makes me SO angry. Anyone like @Homojénik @Nicki Minaj @Dirkje @laracroftonline @Oh My Gaga etc etc will know for a fact this never, ever fucking happened. As you can SEE from the screen cap I said "do NOT post this outside of this section". It is a nude picture of me...however it was posted in our SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS section and screen capped from there (against my will and knowledge). I don't recall minors EVER having access to that section and if they did that was their responsibility/their parents since the password is LITERALLY acknowledging they're of legal age. They also posted a NON-nude picture of me which I DID post in a twitter group chat and I probably shouldn't have since it's my naked (but all of the bits are covered). I just wanted to show off my workout progress at the time but being the sick people they are they've posted THAT PIC with the nude pics they took from the sex and relationships section to make it look like I was sending nude pictures to minors. These people will STOP AT NOTHING in their lies to not only cover their own pedophilia/white supremacy but try to make ME look bad. Sean - you are going to get yours. You could easily delete these lies but you choose not to. Sick, sick person!
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    No, I don't stan people who actually pick fights with dead babies... or everyone's babies You thot you were doin somethin cute
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    it's almost 8:30am, should probably go to sleep lol
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    you can't even call it lack of taste at this point, I think self-hatred is the only correct term
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    I'm going to get the new iPhone, Andr*id stans seethe!
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    Bey, Rih, and Taylor Swift are the only main pop girlies I can see being successful in their later years. I have to wait and see with Ari, but I'm hopeful.
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    Heey fellow Lauren/5H stan! Welcome to COP!!
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    What the actual fuck... have they deleted it? If not this is absolutely disgusting!
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    What makes you think he closed the porn tabs before posting?
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    also you guys, I still haven't found my glasses! This bitch be both gay AND blind how fucking pathetic????
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    She didn't blame it only on 9/11. What's wrong with what she said? It was in 2001 and you had to go to the cinema. to watch it Not a quick lil single you stream from your computer at home. People were scared to leave their home after 9/11. She also said she doesn't think it's a great movie/script in another interview but of course the person who wrote the article would take that quote out of context.
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