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    also you guys, I still haven't found my glasses! This bitch be both gay AND blind how fucking pathetic????
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    I love how you deleted it . I was kidding
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    Ariana got fucking SNUBBED by the AMAs wtf is dis bulllshit!eadasd
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    You took my sadness out of context, at the mariners apartment complex
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    I dug thru my hard drive to find the 320kbps version of Lady Gaga's Luv U Sum hngggg
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    I like hearing people on COP talk about what they like about their faves. Sometimes I find reason to enjoy their work too, if not I at least understand why they do. I think that's cool
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    COP says that my horny bitch friend turned 23 today hngggggg how are you celebrating your day? Will you be eating icing from a cake or from a urethra? Take care & love u lots xox
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