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    I hate how some people think that when you're against obesity you're "FaT SHAMING!!!11111!!!!" Being obese is basically you killing yourself. Being against it and pushing people to eat healthier and do exercise is what NEEDS to be done. If the person doesn't agree, then it's basically a slow ride to a heart attack and eventual death.
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    I'm too sick to come in to work today, I feel awful.
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    @barbiej33p got me scared after telling me about that Obey the Walrus video! BITCH!!! I’m picturing that lady in my hall now.
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    maybe I should post in more than just the pics thread nnn
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    Y'all the Belle Era is finally coming to an End. I want to have a picture as my icon now.
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    Welcome to COP @GioGiovanna don't be shy hunny we don't bite
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