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    Thank you all for your birthday wishes, i feel the love so hard.
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    we love the ads on COP thoughts @ReprehensibleRoach ?
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    Guess who just sent this message on a brand new macbook air THE EMOTES LOAD SO FAST OMFG IM GONNA BE LIVING OFF RAMEN BUT ITS WORTH IT
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    wtf i wasted a good 10 minutes trying to find a notebook or hardcover to use as a mouse pad, when the mouse works just fine on my bed sheet, I'm screaming
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    @neonnights and i are the new lesbian power couple, just had to announce that and let you all know that we have officially converted to lesbianism
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    First Day Of Highschool Starts NOW!
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    Gooood Morning Cop! Its fall on other side of the world which means new denis music is coming this fall
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    It ain't such a thing as broke and handsome RICH SEX
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    All @Tana Mongeau and I talk about on Snap is Big Brother and big c*cks nn. And Four Lokos
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    Pls i need 3 more ♡ it will only take u a second ♡
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    the fact that i just became vip less than an hour after someone dismissed my input on a certain subject for not being vip
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    My neighbor is playing In My Feelings by Drake on repeat and I’m about to take a sledgehammer to our adjoining walls. Fuck a security deposit. TURN THAT SHIT DOWN, BITCH. ?
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    ive always had healthy bleached hair, but today is the day I went too far and am losing strands as we speak, my poor wig!
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    Please tell me your name is based on this iconic song!
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    Welcome to COP @FixYou - dont be shy!!!
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    how do y'all make like 80 posts a day? I'm already burned out come on now
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    the N1A stems leaking has been a great moment in history because everyone is remixing the best song on it, Roll with Me
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    Can we have a new emote purge? We use the same 20% of emotes like 90% of the time. We sure can do away with some of the similar Trisha and gaycat gifs, and some of the tea ones I've never seen anyone use.
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    No need for praying honey. I'm atheist.
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    Some users on here need real mental help! I'm praying for them.
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    I just spotted your avi....... @Tattooed Heart one of us have to give the DW video avi up before we end up having to fight.
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    But you’re still picking me up, don’t put me back down like it’s nothing to ya.
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