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    To all of the obsessive Ariana haters....
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    It ain't such a thing as broke and handsome RICH SEX
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    daily reminder that @Homojénik actually stans Ally Brooke
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    My neighbor is playing In My Feelings by Drake on repeat and I’m about to take a sledgehammer to our adjoining walls. Fuck a security deposit. TURN THAT SHIT DOWN, BITCH. ?
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    Always wash your dishes right away, never let them pile up. Get into the habit of cooking enough to save leftovers. As long as you always have water, juice and eggs in your fridge you won’t die. Become besties with the friend that lives closest to you, pretend you always overdrink at partys, and have ha drive you to them. Eventually they’ll get into the habit of driving you everywhere and you’ll save on gas. Always keep in mind that you have to pay your bills. Keep tabs on how much you’re spending so you can autolimit yourselves. If you have a good relationship with your parents, find any excuse to accompany them to the mall every once in a while. Chances are they’ll buy you something even if you “insist” you don’t need them to. Find a low cost hobby to do outside your place so that you don’t feel caged. I go jogging. Stay on COP, just reading and replying to forum post is enough interaction to make you not go crazy. Have an assign day for bathroom cleaning cuz nobody likes a nasty bathroom and everyone remembers it.
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    Nicki or Cardi? Choose the correct answer sis.
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    wait did Childish Gambino shade Travis over Nicki? omg nnn
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    I need a new set and name tbh. Sick to death of seeing these roaches sksks
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