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    I like the way you lick the bowl
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    He is so nice! I love chatting with him!
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    Im gonna die early from high extreme stress
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    Good morning guys! I cant wait to going to work today!
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    I honestly cant be bothered to make playlists but I made a sexy time playlist on apple music if yall are interested or whatever. I’ll add yall if you wanna hear it A lot of those songs I play when I’m getting dicked down so enjoy hunties
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    the reddit servers are down so hello heathens
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    she'll have to deliver with this performance though it has to be one of her best !
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    Just a heads up @Dangerous Woman Mariah has 14 albums. 18 #1s. Not 18 albums. Just for future reference xo
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    I think that everybody that deserved one or the two new medals got awarded. If we still forgot some people please post in those threads in the VIP lounge
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    We been knew I wasn’t expecting the album to do so well but the predictions for 200k first week sales are amazing, specially for a pop girl in 2018
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