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    ONE YEAR IN THE GAME VERSUS THEIR 8 Just take a look at the gap widening by the way This is a forum that LAUGHED OPENLY at our comeback last year and made jokes about us. THEN when they saw that we were competition they banned ANY MENTION of our forum (including regular words like "cop" and "church") because they knew mentions of us got us more of their members. In fact, for anyone that's a member there, go make a post now (any post) and put one of those two words in your post and it will go to MODERATOR APPROVAL. Poor roaches (I'm talking about the admin team only, i'm cool wit the members) ALSO - I can guarantee you that the admin over there stalks member's PMs because I made one message there a while ago under a dupe inviting someone to COP and nek minute i didn't have PM access sksksks. Imagine stalking people's PRIVATE MESSAGES just because you're so threatened. Poor ROACH! Pedophilia LOST
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    What I want EVERYONE to know is, despite difference in musical opinion, or what is said about any artist, I do not dislike any of you. I wish nothing but the best for all members here.
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    these 1,600 or so anonymous lurkers online right now should make an account.
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    Poor boring forum. Literally being there is like watching paint dry.
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    Travis Scott can join Taylor in the Blocking Nicki from #1 club.
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    Also, there will be people in life, even virtual strangers on the internet, that will try to belittle you and diminish your confidence. Remember that in the end, it is about THEM and their lack of security that drives them to this behavior. Just keep looking forward and know that nobody can derail your future if you don't let them.
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    Honestly, this the most lowest stuff I have seen. Travis worked 2 years for this album and his pure and streaming numbers showed it, hers didn’t. Period. Everyone has different marketing strategies and hers just didn’t work. So what if Kylie helped him? ??‍♂️ The nerve of her to complain about Travis marketing strategies but yet she added Fefe to her album 4 days after the album release and she isn't even the lead artist on it is so darn hypocritical. Billboard and HDD counted Fefe for the entire tracking period despite Fefe being added later on so her numbers are the ones that are illegitimate. ?
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    In a earlier tweet she said was looking up Nas,The Caters, and Kanye sales and now she looked up Cardi’s? The fact she is so attentive to others people sales. Is very sad and desperate.
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    Stream Astroworld
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    And y'all ariana bottoms really were out here bending over backwards to defend nazki and you see how quick she flipped the script on her 'friendship' with her? Spotify didn't back you up fully because you had a fucking apple music deal, dumb bitch.
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    I've been telling y'all for YEARS (this includes the old forum too) that the roach was a vile, vile human being who only cares about chart success and will throw any woman under the bus if they come in the way of her being a "Queen" (in her own head lol). Now the general public and y'all have finally caught up Indie wins AGAIN! I'm anticipating the day when she's put into a padded white van and then put into a padded white cell and cuffed to a bed so she doesn't try and destroy the padding The end isn't nigh. It's HERE!
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    I like the way you lick the bowl
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    Im not a BeerOunce stan but you cant deny this womans art.Her performance and star power are on top just like Shawn on top of Nicks Vienna. Her live vocal abilities and endurance are unbelivable just like Nicks pounding speed on Shawns Cheeks At this point she surpassed HagDonna along with Whitey Jackson and every legend....No one cant touch BeerOunce in performing
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    This is SO FAKE She literally only has watery eyes at the start of the video like she put eyedrops in OH AND THEN at 4:27-4:29 where there is a cut and next second she has watery eyes again Trisha also dragged her to filth
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    Album standout “breathin” amassed 324 spins. The count positions “breathin” as the Mediabase pop panel’s #52 song. Fellow album track “Everytime,” which received 219 spins, follows at #57. “Sweetener” takes #58 with 216 spins, while a play count of 209 slots “R.E.M.” at #59. The clear majority of the spins — particularly for “Everytime,” “Sweetener,” and “R.E.M.” — came from the iHeartMedia network. iHeart stations celebrated the release of “Sweetener” by giving the tracks ample opening weekend airplay. https://headlineplanet.com/home/2018/08/19/ariana-grandes-breathin-everytime-sweetener-rem-join-top-60-pop-radio/
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    They literally have “flop” in their name. Predicted their own demise.
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    Nicki doesn’t even know how to be subliminal, the only major female rap album this year is Cardi’s debut album so Nicki is clearly talking about her. I agree Cardi needs to end her silence and end this woman once and for all.
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    Breathin #1 on iTunes with Sweetener still #1 on the US and WW chart, Ariola is eating GOOD sistrens
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