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    Okay I've missed cop so much I'm making my comeback tomorrow night
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    She isn't going to admit that she has them, her career would be OVER
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    @Nicki Minaj @Finessé Knowles @Desperado Queen avi's all in top 10 of the charts how it SHOULD be irl
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    Swish swish I'm just getting my Curry on. G6 flow, all Louis V carry-ons
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    You can post now we had an issue with the ckeditor.
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    Something about Aretha dying is going to devastate me more than the others, i dunno why. I think it was her Nicki shade that sold ha for me Please her legendary collab with Georgesus Michaelsus
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    Why is there a Nicki is over thread every 10 mins. Like give it up
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    Miss you. Come back from war already
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    I'm still confused at how beauty is a talent but ok
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    Half of the forums posts are probably about Nicki Minaj; whew impact
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    But I was told that she is more successful than Post Malone, J Cole, Travis Scott, etc but yet they effortlessly debuted multiple top 10’s with only album tracks
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    Tbh the last one is 100% accurate
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    The Queen album is a pile of shit I got bored with the songs Cardi truly won
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    someone's pressed that nicki is actually doing well also "barbie dreams" (just a album track) peaked at #2 on Itunes She's also the number #1 global digital artist rn
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    Nicki getting praise from dozens of legends can't hear your negativity
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    Never been so disgusted in all my life let’s not forget the pedophilia supporting and nazism, gosh this creature is just plain vile
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