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    Weww new layout of this legend, stream Pray For The Wicked on Spotify!
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    Talent is the wrong word, it's more of a trait. You can't be talented at beauty, that doesn't make sense. Although you can be talented at makeup etc. It's a beneficial trait but should not be describe as a talent as you can very easily blur the line when it comes to plastic surgery or even makeup as that affects how you look. Natural beauty all has to do with good genes, it's not something that's just.. happened. Artificial beauty (makeup) is a talent.
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    The same amount of #1s she's had in her entire career. Z E R O.
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    Slow down, grab the wall, wiggle like you tryna make your ass fall off
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    Holy shit, Mani looks amazing at the TCAs.
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    'pete davidson' oh fuck off isn't that like a minute and a half INTERLUDE
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    Peace out Church of Nicki! Love ya'll.
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    The same Nicki avatars everyone and their mom has is getting to be a bit much.
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