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    Okay I've missed cop so much I'm making my comeback tomorrow night
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    She isn't going to admit that she has them, her career would be OVER
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    @Nicki Minaj @Finessé Knowles @Desperado Queen avi's all in top 10 of the charts how it SHOULD be irl
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    Swish swish I'm just getting my Curry on. G6 flow, all Louis V carry-ons
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    You can post now we had an issue with the ckeditor.
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    Something about Aretha dying is going to devastate me more than the others, i dunno why. I think it was her Nicki shade that sold ha for me Please her legendary collab with Georgesus Michaelsus
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    Why is there a Nicki is over thread every 10 mins. Like give it up
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    Miss you. Come back from war already
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    I'm still confused at how beauty is a talent but ok
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    So sad Pray for Aretha the Queen of Soul!
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    Am I the only one on this forum who is tired af of Nicki V Cardi...I AM EXHAUSTED
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    Calling it a night, goodnight coppers
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    Weww new layout of this legend, stream Pray For The Wicked on Spotify!
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    Tbh the last one is 100% accurate
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    Oh god no, this is sad to hear... If she does die, then rest in peace legend
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    You'd expect haters to get tired of talking and making threads about the person they hate. I hate Meghan Trainor and you don't see me making threads about her, cause I don't give a fuck about her,
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    I swear, Nicki Minaj stans keep BULLYING me for no reason whatsoever!!! All I did was voice my opinion on why she sucks. It's not like I did anything wrong.
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    She already happened Poor Cardi wishes her album was talked about the way Queen is
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    Talent is the wrong word, it's more of a trait. You can't be talented at beauty, that doesn't make sense. Although you can be talented at makeup etc. It's a beneficial trait but should not be describe as a talent as you can very easily blur the line when it comes to plastic surgery or even makeup as that affects how you look. Natural beauty all has to do with good genes, it's not something that's just.. happened. Artificial beauty (makeup) is a talent.
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    Songwriter first and foremost. If you're not spilling from your heart and experiences, I'm not really attached to whatever shit you have to say
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    Not holding the person who relapsed accountable and allowing them to blame others around them does not help them but allows them to continue to make excuses for the reason they are doing something in the future. Nicki did not cause Demi to overdose.
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