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    RESULTS IN 5 MINUTES!! I'll reveal the songs one by one if anyone's here but if no one's here I'll just posts the results in one post I guess @Nicki Minaj, @Oh My Gaga, @Maren Swift, @Tattooed Heart, @barbiej33p, @Treacherous Lovatic, @Black Beauty ?, @jackgrande, @Medoner, @????????, @PRISMATIC, @Success, @Elusive Loverboy, @Venti, @Mocha, @FemmeFatale, @Ares, @Alienhead, @R3tr0
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    This is the @CUZ!CAN appreciation thread! The iconic member that happens to be a fellow Katycat and a Moderator. I love you so much sis! You were one of the first people to welcome me when I joined the current cop. You are such a sweetheart and always care about people. And I really enjoy chatting with you. You deserve nothing but the best! I love you Unconditionally.mp3, iconic Katy and P!nk stan
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    #15 Put Your Hearts Up Average Score: 4,6 Highest Score (9): @Medoner Lowest Score (1): @jackgrande @Maren Swift @Success @Elusive Loverboy
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    Hey COP Family! as most of you know, after the screw up from selling my previous house, made me homeless for 60 days! I stayed with a friend on a flat sofa with no internet for good old 60 days! I used phone data to keep in touch with my mod team, but most of you havent noticed me here full time, only days when im at a friends using there wifi! well guys I am back for good i'm still settling, but I got the internet installed today so I got wifi! Missed you all, and so happy to be back with you all, sad i missed the cop anniversary! but looked like it was a hit hello fellow new members who joined during past 2 months! and I missed all my friends! Hope ya'll have'nt forgotten ya emo queen! I still stan denis stoff and nick jonas so nothing has changed
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    Think it's more sad that Nicki will collab with someone who admitted to pursuing sex with a 13 year old, but do you sis. My favourite song from Queen is the one the LEGENDARY Tracey Chapman blocked! She knew not to go anywhere near that court jester.
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    How @barbiej33p and @shmeur determine if a song is good: -Is it a trashy song with the dirtiest club beat you ever heard? -Is it highkey f****ry? -Will my bussy pop to this at 2 am in the club , and when my boyfriend leaves me for someone hotter? -Does the person singing this sound ethnically ambiguous? -Is it so bad it's good, but the line is super blurred so everyone will either think it's amazing or garbaj?
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    not you calling her a legend and her music flawless just to drag nicki WHEN YOU CLEARLY HAVE NO IDEA WHO SHE IS NOR HAVE EVER LISTENED TO HER MUSIC the obsessed nicki hater really popped off huh
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    Upon some investigating by our residential team at COP News Channel™- we've come across some piping hot salivating t™
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    We all have to admit that Itchy Massage is an unstoppable bitch.Her Pussy powerful and and she never cease to amaze hating rats Queer is currently #1 on iKoons and Apple Music. Barny Dreams are #6 on hornySpy charts and they"ll obviously debut on top 10 on Dildoboard. She's about to outsell WheatNess combined with iNVASION of Payola in her 1st week
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    I don't sing the whole song just the end of it. https://vocaroo.com/i/s0zDrekHElvd
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    37 Christina Aguilera – Bionic (2010): -78,1% "Often used as the ultimate example of a bomb on online boards" I screamed
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    She’s the only female artist to have a #1 in 6 conservative decades.
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    Ultraviolence has sold over a million copies WW though
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    that's because she always managed to have a comeback after visiting Oblivia ---- OT: augfujsgdfujsdgfs messT. poor Cher!
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    Majority of them being Cher and pop forums like to use her as a example of longevity
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    I haven't had time to listen to the album yet but I just heard Barbie Dreams and I'm LIVING for it "Ain't no fat n**** telling me what he ain't eating" & "but I don't know if the pussy wet or if he crying and shit" honestly iconic
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    Which means an extinction event could occur and our species could die out but Nicki Minaj would still be around to do rap features.
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    I agree! She just won't stop collaborating with pedophiles! LOCK. HER. UP.
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    The funniest part is that the rats are now quiet coz she's winning
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    We been knew Queen of Rap is doing THATTT
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    NTLTC is her best song so hopefully sweetener follows suit
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    That pic of Kourtney I- Some SHADY mofos in the editing room.
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