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    Okay guys! Good night and goodbye! I'll see you next week! (Again I will be online for the games)
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    hngggg guess who had to go to the hospital yesterday because they had an anxiety attack as a severe withdrawal symptom for a drug they can no longer afford? this guy
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    Dear COPers, I will leave tomorrow for vacation. I'm writing this message because as a Moderator I feel responsible. Dont worries, I'll still play the games I'm playing. I just wont be as active as normally. I'll be back in a week. When I'm back I'll come for wigs with Guess The Member! Stay tuned for that! (Posting this also on Random Thoughts)
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    After that megarate, I have to stream iT.... How could y’all let this masterpiece lose to No Tears?
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    We stan one of my fav member ❤ Always nice to me since I first joined, he is also really funny
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    Ooh yes! He was so well deserving the award for Best Avatar!
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    We love a veteran COP member and P!nk stan
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    “You think I won’t come out these heels and make it clear, ho? You think I won’t fuck up my hair and take it there, bitch?” - Mariah Carey
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