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    My holidays have officially started. This Monday I leave for my vacation
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    We love you @AtlanticRecordsAssistant For all the hard work and dedication you put in to moderate this forum and making it safe for the members and the young ones
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    Nicki Minaj’s self titled album is coming TONIGHT bitches
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    give me your display name flop
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    I just realized I won the day on my birthday thank you all
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    today is the LAST day to vote for the vmas, get on it sluts
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    Ffs why is the UAE being a flop to me the weather is shit hot and I’m sick and the eggs are weird I only have fun when we go out @hammer u fag do something about ur hoe country
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    Lost In Your Light by Dua has got me feeling some kind of way.
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    Ariana stans in her comments be like "listen here you stuck up little bitch, you are about 4 seconds away from me cancelling my shitner preorder with that stank attitude of yours, I did not decide to stan for THIS. You better dump that man and post a public apology to mac miller or im calling SWAT on your house you dumb bitch "
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    I could be seeing King Princess in November but im seeing fucking taylor omg this is so stressful
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    I won the day today. #maybejoshsnapped
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    Where are these Sweetners snippets I keep seeing y’all post about? Put a b*tch on game, real quick.
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    Color me deceased after hearing those sweetener snippets.
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    none of my dynasty allies-to-be have responded to my messages any of u darlings need a friend?
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    I'm thankful Meghan gave us the lyrics: "You need to let it go" because that's how I view a certain few around here
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    I’m undecided if I should go out tonight. On one hand, I want to and it’d be fun to get drunk and slutty. On the other hand, I don’t want to. It’s a real pickle.
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    im bored of the lack of interesting topics
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    Everytime you stream Cher singing ABBA's "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)", a new gay is born somewhere in the world.
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    Well, after the confirmation my hot coworker had left officially, I bounced back like a pro, fuck them feelings girl, he dead and gone but I don't fuck with emotions rn cuz this bitch is COLD
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    I want Antoni from Queer Eye to beat my hole up
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    I’m still yelling at me not allowing myself to listen to the Sweetener snippets why do I put these limitations on myself
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