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    I just realized I won the day on my birthday thank you all
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    today is the LAST day to vote for the vmas, get on it sluts
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    Omg these snippets are so good, Sweetener already better than queen I saw a tweet from a SZA page that Ariana wants to work with her and idk how I feel about that
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    It’ll probably pass ILI it’s been constantly getting bigger updates and it’s number one on callouts. Songs that are number one on call out scores usually go number one.
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    Everytime you stream Cher singing ABBA's "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)", a new gay is born somewhere in the world.
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    Dayum she was still so young when she left us it breaks my heart Happy Birthday hope ur happy for eternity Ugh this house BOP She did THAT!
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    this was a very cute friendly moment aww
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    Overrated Like You would snatch it tbh
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    my internet is trash and sweetener is amazing.
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