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    I just realized I won the day on my birthday thank you all
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    The comment section is funnier than the video. They’re grown men and women missing the point of the song. I’m pretty sure none of the people in the comment section watched the video though. Probably just making an argument based off of the title. Haters will hate.
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    today is the LAST day to vote for the vmas, get on it sluts
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    The Vigilant Christian I can't omg diehard christians are hilarious
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    Tough choice, but I still find myself listening to Daddy Issues so long after it's release unlike Daddy Issues (Demi)
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    Omg these snippets are so good, Sweetener already better than queen I saw a tweet from a SZA page that Ariana wants to work with her and idk how I feel about that
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    I'm thankful Meghan gave us the lyrics: "You need to let it go" because that's how I view a certain few around here
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    Everytime you stream Cher singing ABBA's "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)", a new gay is born somewhere in the world.
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    Demi has always been the most try-hard of her peers, yet she is constantly behind. It's sad, really.
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