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    Hello everyone, i hope you're all well I come to you with some troubling and disturbing news to say the very least. The owner of another forum has been making fallacious statements about me being a "pedophile" (this has LONG been debunked and it was born from me making a comment 2 years ago just before Brooklyn Beckham turned 18 where I simply commented on a thread of his and said "cute". It was a non-sexual comment and there was NOTHING sexual about it. SJW's of course did their thing and here we are). How do I know he's been making these comments? Today he exposed his personal account on here @NicoleRichiePurpleHair.jpg and posted a now deleted thread claiming I was a pedophile (without receipts of course because they simply do not exist). Why did he do this all of a sudden you might ask? Because a week ago I exposed HIS forum of being a safe haven for pedophiles after I exposed him promoting a well known pedophile on pop forums to their moderator team (after he had THREADS ON HIS OWN FORUM FROM VICTIMS BEGGING HIM NOT TO). Now since his forum has declined and fallen under our forum on Alexa web traffic, he's desperately trying to save face and put the pedophilia thing back onto me when you cannot find someone on DETESTS and ABHORS pedophiles and pedophilia more than myself. So Sean, your lies end here once and for all. You are the one who supports pedophiles and out of the two of us, I'm the only one who has receipts because receipts for the claim YOU made do not exist and never did. P.S. Here at COP we take underage member's safety very very seriously. If an older member is sexually harassing you then message one of our admin team immediately with receipts and action will be taken promptly. @Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @VIP Verified Mods @Newbies @Members @Administrators @Section Moderators
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    So many artists do re-releases, get over it sis. If this was Cardi or someone else you supported you’d be praising them for making smart business moves
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    ELIMINATION ROOM @Tattooed Heart @[email protected]@[email protected]@Diaboliq@Oh My Gaga @Finessé [email protected] Of The [email protected]@Treacherous [email protected]@MISS [email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]? [email protected]@Dirkje
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    CHALLENGE IN ONE HOUR, ELIMINATION IN 45 MINUTES @Tattooed Heart @[email protected]@[email protected]@Diaboliq@Oh My Gaga @Finessé [email protected] Of The [email protected]@Treacherous [email protected]@MISS [email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]? [email protected]@Dirkje
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    you act like she had a say in this .. the girl just got out of the hospital
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    My holidays have officially started. This Monday I leave for my vacation
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    We love you @AtlanticRecordsAssistant For all the hard work and dedication you put in to moderate this forum and making it safe for the members and the young ones
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    Nicki Minaj’s self titled album is coming TONIGHT bitches
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    Dear ladies and gentleman, Your host @Black Beauty ? is really really busy at the moment with his game Dynasty and other stuff. When he told me what his to do list was, I offered to help him. So I send you a reminder that if you signed up for the megarate, but still didnt send your rates, please do that so! (PM Black Beauty, NOT me) Also because of Dynasty he is pushing it back. Thanks for understanding. Also the results show will be postponed! Tagging everyone that is in BB's list:
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    I thought this was gonna be about her overdose and I was getting ready to FIGHT
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    give me your display name flop
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    I just realized I won the day on my birthday thank you all
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    They came here to harass me today, I was happy to leave it alone but they continue to mess with Indie and call him a pedophile. So they will get their just desserts.
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    Lmaoo first it was how she didn't break the record, now it's about "the standard" that nobody even brought up in the first placeJust say youre pressed and go
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    I can see putting Sober on it if it isn't going to be on a new album but the rest? At least give us some of those outtakes you were talking about. Actual new music.
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    I think people are a little confused with what main pop girl means. It’s just the pop girls who are the most relevant for a long period of time. You wouldn’t consider Meghan Trainor a main pop girl in 2014 cuz it was one era but if an artist has been relevanf and thriving for more than two eras then they’re a main pop girl.
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    today is the LAST day to vote for the vmas, get on it sluts
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    Wow, what a mess I don't believe you're a pedophile at all, but they keep trying it
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    Lost In Your Light by Dua has got me feeling some kind of way.
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    Does he not realize that "God is a Woman" is a metaphor in the song? No one knows the answer to God's gender (even race for that matter)
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    The only people I see mentioning it in 2018 is Ben Shapiro and hating stans on COP.
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    fucking choke me. I really REALLLY REALLY dig all those snippets...blazed sounds like a bop and sweetener is gonna snatch me. Better off made me feel super emotional and R.E.M and borderline are gonna scalp my poor ass. Pharrell delivered...I was a tad nervous cuz TLIC fell flat for me but thankfully these other songs of his sound amazing. I can't wait to hear the other songs Max produced. I really do think this will be Ariana's best album...
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