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    Last week we were on the Honest Youtube Channel and this week we make a comeback to Pop Crave after an almost 6 month absence from their timeline. This is a paid promotion and could bring in anywhere between 50 and 200 members, it depends how effective it is. This time we'll be including @ACT2's promotional video's so make sure you go like it and leave a positive comment! We're also going to need as many of you as possible to interact in the comments on the tweet and encourage newbies to sign up and also counteract the usual trolls/haters. The tweet should go up anywhere between 12 and 18 hours away from the time of this thread
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    Kylie - Can’t Get You Out of My Dick, Love At First Dick, Come Into My Dick, Red Blooded Dick, Chocolate Dick, All the Dick, Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Dick), Cowboy Dick, Your Disco Needs Dick, Give Me Just A Little More Dick and my fave 2 Dicks. Nn she really is the queen of fags.
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    hnggggg we're all here! shoutout to all the lovelies! @MISS CAMARADERIE @Diaboliq @TattoosOnMyMind @rose @DADDYKAI @junguwu @jujubae
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    Didn't know she sang. I thought she rapped, or whatever.
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    I think so! We love @aahfeekiee and those two users with the same green font and similar photos whose @'s I can't remember! They make CoP diverse, and even though I'm not a K-Pop listener, I appreciate that.
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    Bye COP im leaving to go to Dubai for 10 days have fun without me
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    The Cure really is the best song on Joanne isn't it
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    so turns out i share a birthday with Charli xcx
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    Who in their right mind decides to start a three hour long movie at 1:20 in the morning? Me, the answer is me. Also, the film is IT.
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    as the stand-in k-pop representative, let me just say.... we don't claim ha
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    I just went to go eat some rn, they are so bomb with milk idk how y’all don’t get your lives to oreo milkshakes either
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    Hip hop in the summer don't be a bummer babe
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    hi everyone. i luv sza, ariana grande & bts. i’m very excited!! to be on a pop forum.
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    My faves are Charli, Taylor, Ariana, and Halsey. I like Janelle and Dua too. I hope to see some stans here ❤️
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    britney spears taylor swift Katy perry P!nk Ariana grande Selena Gomez Kesha Lady Gaga Christina Aguilera
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    james charles: yOU BELIEVE GOD!!!! me:
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    flames so hot that they turn blue that's the way i feel for you
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    Stop with the fat or skinny shaming people! It doesn't make you look better or fitter you're welcome
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    imagine all the people sharing all the world you may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one i hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one
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    I'm getting both Queen and Sweetener on my birthday!! Guess I'm the winner
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