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    I'm the shit, I know I'm the shit, yeah, I'm super lit If you don't buy me what I want, I'ma throw a fit
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    Lmao the radio started playing Girls Night Out And the host said “well, this next track is something, I’ll let you hear it and make up your mind about it...” he didn’t like it and he was right
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    while helping ppl move out i ripped skin on my thumb and idk why it's healing so fucking weird LITERALLY looks like i dug a cigarette or spawned some tina pits onto my goddamn skin neosporen ain't doing shit and it's right on the inner side so i can't wrap my thumb and effectively use my hand if this gets infected or sum shit im gonna have horrid anxiety.mp3
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    how is y'all doing tonight? i didn't come online today because I had a really high fever but I'm mostly okay now!
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    1983 | Girls Just Wanna Have Fun | Cyndi Lauper 2018 | Girls Night Out | Charli XCX
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    I think I had too much fun last night nnnn. I did get naked. I got a little TOO lit. ? the ultimate gag was me thinking I could social media and get on the internet. Lmfao. Thank god for passing out. Lord knows what I would’ve said or posted.
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    Let's hope Saturday night is busier than Friday night, get active fads
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    Guys I’m not home atm Majority Rules will be late
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    I know it would be very hard and hella expensive, but I would LOVE to get a copy of Katy Perry's very first CD, Katy Hudson. It would be a dream and a showpiece!
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    omg i started a gif trend on A T R L. everyone is using
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    Omg this new Santigold project is great
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    Happy birthday Toni! Love you so much! I hope you have/had a great day! Sorry the post isn’t more elaborate, mobile sucks for that lol.
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    Wow I was looking at stats and BOMT (album) was certified 10x platinum before it completed a year of being released
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    I’m stalking my crushes on Instagram. I should be showering and rehydrating but I’m thinking with my other head atm
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    Just made the best brownies, wig
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    What the actual hell? I just listened to Video Games (Lana) and it's kind of similar to one of my other song
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    important reminder that Radioactive is the best song of all time
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    You wanna drink like Bajan and dance like Trini
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    I overheard my little brother say “Orientation was so hot I just wanted to walk out of the school and be like ‘bye’”
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    I haven’t slept well in 2 days cause of my pulled muscle I’m so tired but I’m so much pain ughhh
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