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    Iā€™d like to tell a certain four users to go fuck themselves and leave the forum.
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    God Is An Indie
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    just like the legendary @Breakdownsays, Iā€™d like to tell certain people to go fuck themselves and leave the forum.
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    sacRED really is Taylord's best album isn't it? @life13swift @Maren Swift
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    FYI, I'm #5 on rep-chart now. Certain people might need to know this.
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    Omfg iā€™m praying demi is gonna be okay this is so scary
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    Thank you so much for joining the Anniversary celebration month!
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    The talent is POPPING OFF on COP
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    This is AMAZING!! You are from the Philippines, OF COURSE you can sing! Some of the most vocalists i know from the Philippines are Morissette Amon and 4th Impact from X factor UK
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    Cruel Youth should've been called Natalia Kills & Cruel Youth
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