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    God Is An Indie
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    sacRED really is Taylord's best album isn't it? @life13swift @Maren Swift
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    Iā€™d like to tell a certain four users to go fuck themselves and leave the forum.
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    The talent is POPPING OFF on COP
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    When they are evil, exudes (negative) German stereotypes, sneak under the grass like how the U boats sneaked under the surface of the water,... Stans doing too much is one thing, but their fave declaring war through sneaky ways on my fave is something else.
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    Told that bitch I'm sorry though (sorry) 'Bout my coins like Mario (Mario) Yeah, they call me Cardi B I run this shit like cardio Woo, bags
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    OMG Another Mariah stan!!! This forum just got even skinnier
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    Said I'm Pretty like Tinashe
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