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    You do realize you can denounce problematic left leaning personalities without trying to give leniency to the same racist fucks that come from your side, right? Must everything be black and white to you? They're both issues, they can both take the smoke. You groan on about people not minding their flowers in the same sentence you're doing the shit you tryna denounce. Must be a sad, sad world to have to view as such Indie.
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    Politics aren't a binary - calling him an SJW won't make him one and I know from keeping up with both progressive and alt-right spaces that nobody really calls him a social justice warrior - Trevor gets paid to make left-leaning satirical jokes, that's about it. Hasn't said anything offensive during the entire time he's hosted that show on Comedy Central that SJWs like. This entitlement you have for self-identifying "SJWs" (or whatever you call them this week) to explain things that aren't even their business or doing is really, really, strange. The random things you're holding SJW members accountable for - I hope @Finessé Knowles @jackgrande and @Black Beauty ? don't fall for it. If your main concern is "my ideology is good, so that means the people who believe what I do are indefinitely good, and the people who believe otherwise are indefinitely bad - and I will say whatever I need to justify that" then you're missing the point of political discussion - you're trivializing big important issues and making it out to be childish stan discourse.
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    it's time to drop COP's best avi and come back with a new one
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    The purpose of my post, if you don't want your favs dragged. Don't try dragging other artists. Especially when your fav had the SAME issue before (Makeup artists being bad)
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    A perfection mixture of urban fat beats and electropop \
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    Lady Gaga - @ACT2 Nicki Minaj - @Nicki Minaj Katy Perry - @CUZ!CAN and @Black Beauty ? Justin Timberlake - @Blue Sunshine Grace VanderWaal & Dua Lipa - @Dirkje
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    Hey y'all I'm Pat and I'm new... obviously lol I'm 21, from PH. I stan Mariah Carey, Beyonce (and lowkey her dusty ass husband), Rihanna, Lana, Xtina, Ariana, Frank Ocean, SZA and Jorja Smith for western pop. For Asian pop, I stan Niki (come thru Indonesian Kween), Morissette Amon, EXO (specifically SeKaiSoo) and MY QUEEN HYUNA! Nice to meeet yaaaalllllll EDIT: It's my first time in an actual forum and im pretty excited to meet ppl who love artists i love and also, pardon me bc ion know how to use the features LMAO
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    We could we could belong together ARTPOP, we could we could belong together ARTPOP!
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    negative people thriving on negativity? cannot say I am surprised!
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    I remembered correctly, which is why I'm happily critiquing your word usage that clearly puts her on a pedestal, as if y'all on the right was gonna deal with her accordingly before the libtards stuffed their nose in people's business and ruined the poor woman's career? right? Nobody is dumb enough to not see the painfully obvious connotation you used in talking about her- "running her out of town". Trevor's career taking a hit will be on him and I'm happy to see how this plays out. It's something to note that since then however, he's seemingly denounced his words, reeducated himself, and made amends to not deliver the same vitriol again- whereas I've yet to see any compassion for Roseanne changing her ways from a comment made in 2018, however, I have seen her scream into a camera like a damn lunatic saying "I THOUGHT THE BITCH WAS BLACK"- so it's like..the same exact circumstance? right? they're both apologetic! And goddamn, not you trying to wring Laura into a topic she along with the corresponding leaks has no business being thrusted into. I'm not necessarily here for trying to retell the shoddy story again and again and again and again cause one day it's a joke the other day it's autocorrect the next day it's some made up screenshot this n that this n that this n that- ain't it time to drop that shit and move past it? Is this a move for sympathy to try and convince people that leftists want to cancel right-wingers more than they want to cancel themselves? You weren't targeted as being racist for firing her- you got people's criticisms for trying to defend her through the thick of the scandal- especially when she only came across looking WORSE as time went on. By the time you officially 'fired' her people were more than glad she wouldn't be back onto COP. Jus drop that whole goddamn issue and move beyond it, it's reaching onto several months now.
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    Girl fuck him I aint scared to cancel someone that makes fun of that horrible Rihanna incident
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    Due to weather and me being busy today Majority Rules will take place starting Wednesday
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    lmfao such an ignorant comment. Titanic was released at the end of 1997 and Celine's 1996 album Falling Into You had sold 30 MILLION copies in ONE year BEFORE Titanic AND had won ALBUM OF THE YEAR at the Grammy. She already had many number ones such as The Power of Love, It's All Comng Back To Me Now and Because You Loved Me which is difficult to get, not everybody has that. Her 1993 album had sold 17 MILLION copies.
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    Touchh me in the darkk put your hands all over my body partsss
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    I changed my theme at the bottom and I can report to you bitches that circular avi's ARE the TEA
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    Next to Slave, she served the best looks and choreography in this one. The settings, the colors. It's just a beautifully done video.
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    You spilled tea! People really disrespecting a legend when they stan someone who came from nickelodeon.
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    I'm probably none, but you should stream Killer Love by Nicole Scherzinger (or buy it on iTunes) and stream Static.Start. by Colette Carr on Spotify or buy it on iTunes. Or actually do both
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    I have a grand total of three downvotes during my entire time and I believe one of them was from our short lived sistren @RepublicanPopFan I believe I deserved that one
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