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    this is for the sexy somethings
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    Trainwreck has resigned from the mod team. We thank ha for all her work in the past and we wish ha good luck for the future!
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    I had a dream that a local supermarket was giving away free tickets to a Tinashe concert and I was so happy when I copped one skksjsksks
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    I lost myself when I lost my enema. But I still get dick baby, when I hear @Elusive Lambily's tunes!
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    I get anxiety watching my crush’s IG story. I’m like what if they’re on a date or something? My pride won’t be able to handle that & I’ll wanna have like a gang bang in response
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    Daily appreciation of your music taste
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    Just another way to prove i love you when its hard today i'll lay back and find a way
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    My best friend is on vacation with his family and I miss him so bad
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