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    oh hey by the way today is my 1 Year COP Anniversary it's been a year having an account, not a year knowing you whores thanks
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    this is for the sexy somethings
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    It was actually there at first Now that's actually where it belongs
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    Trainwreck has resigned from the mod team. We thank ha for all her work in the past and we wish ha good luck for the future!
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    I see Panic! in a few hours. Let the hype begin!
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    My boyfriend is about to be single. I'm so over this shit.
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    A brand new day today so I continue working on the award show. Preparing might be just as fun as actually doing the show. But it took me and @Tiffany Pollard ? weeks to create it!
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    1 hour until my birthday
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    Invasion of Privacy (2018) *14 weeks in Top 10 (so far)* 1st Week: #1 2nd Week: #2 3rd Week: #2 4th Week: #4 5th Week: #4 6th Week: #7 7th Week: #5 8th Week: #5 9th Week: #5 10th Week: #6 11th Week: #9 12th Week: #8 13th Week: #6 14th Week: #5 (still charting)
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    I didnt sleep well and now I have to go to the supermarket while there are almost 30°C outside
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    You've got me feeling emotions higher than the heavens above.
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    hi COP. I’m in a horribly fantastic mood. I’ve been slapped w the happy stick. Literally lmao
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    How are you giving away these tickets? Were they that cheap and undesirable??
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    Let’s not act like a female rapper in the top 10 was common before Nicki, thank you queen Nicki for allowing such artists to prosper
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    To properly "surpass" Pink Friday, IOP would need 3M sales in SPS, which it doesn't have
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    Vote KipperSkipper for: Dumbest Member Ugliest Member Least Influential Member Worst Game Host Worst VIP Member Worst Male Member Worst Member of the Year
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    If i created something so honest and beautiful for only people to focus on my new hair that everyone is harassing me about I'd be depressed too, she was ahead of her time with Witness, she didnt deserve the negativity she got and I think stans are slowly realizing it.
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    Not sure if oomf is actually going through trouble and is seeking help, or just romanticizing sadness and looking for attention.
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    okay my upcoming project is very rave/edm inspired. there's still trap but it's dancier than i've ever done
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