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    My best friend is on vacation with his family and I miss him so bad
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    i'm ofc platinum thanks to @Blue Sunshine, so fucking shook, thank you so much
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    Daily appreciation of your music taste
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    hot tea. and a lot of britney's best songs are so underrated so
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    just seen the MTV VMA noms and... well...
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    I think Poker Face is a better song overall, for slightly more pleasant harmonics and being much, much more polished than BOMT. It aslo laid the groundwork for the (somewhat) witty sexual undertone that Gaga was to use for the entire rest of the career so we still do see it's impact today, at least on Gaga. But BOMT is like, two decades old and it really hasn't changed all that much over that period. People still enjoy it nearly as much as they did back then, and it shines especially in this era of faux nostalgia over everything 90s, so for that I choose BOMT.
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    If this was true, why instead of being the better fan base do you reciprocate with the same amount of hate?
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    Bullies always ignore accusations against them or are like "it wasn't serious". Typical Carbs behaviour
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