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    Based on everything that is getting prepared. We might get the best COP awards show this forum has ever seen! ARE YOU READY?
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    an iggy stan trying to come for an established legend, i have to laugh
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    *Asia walking into an empty room* "I'M HEREEEEE"
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    If he was gay people making jokes would be making it more difficult for him to accept it and come out tbh.
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    A random mixtape single that hasn't been sent to radio has already outpeaked every Christinky Aguiflopera single released from Libtardation. Why?
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    Thank you to everyone that played the game or viewed as a fan!! It gets hard and overwhelming at time but your support makes it worth it! I hope everyone enjoyed the biggest season yet and now we can all enjoy a much needed break from this long roller coaster Congrats again to @MISS CAMARADERIE @Bianca Del Rio @Daydream @TattoosOnMyMind on making it to the very end!! Yall are all winners in my eyes Thank you to the judges @Salvatore @Tiffany Pollard ? @One Of The Boys @Ross Mathews for helping this game run along and help make tough decisions. And most importantly thank you to everyone that is just as passionate about this as i am! Thank you for letting it keep growing!! Until next season....
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    COP's Next Drag Superstar is... Both of the queens before me put up on hell of a fight! You will forever go down as COP Drag Race legends. But only one queen can snatch this crown. The queen with the biggest C.U.N.T. this season (other than Michelle @Salvatore) The winner of COP Drag Race Season 3....
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    I mean, Meant To Be, 2 Souls On Fire, I'm A Mess, Ferrari, Kness, I Got You, Self Control, all the songs i listened from the CD are all good jams, lemme buy the album and give her my coins, i'm excited to listen to the rest of the songs i didn't listen to yet. I remember listening to her 4 years ago and all the demos she had and me trying to find all her music, released or unreleased and look at her now, she came a long way. I guess we could call it a
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    Wish I knew some light fun pop albums to listen to on this cloudy day...not in the mood for loud music rn
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    Demi Lovato's Sober is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard
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    Sorry sis! I was originally supposed to post the finale this weekend but I decided to hold it off til drag race ended, an update is coming when I wake up
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    All shade aside I actually can’t wait to compete with you, mama ru @kipperskipper better pull through with some sort of twist for all stars
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    Normani was hanging with Skrillex today, interesting
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    If this post was about the female rapper who must not be named debuting at 96 this thread would have 7 pages already
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    The fact it has to be discussed if a song peaking at #96 is a success or a flop goes to show how much of a flop she is
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    success for Iggy flop in general. But well done anyways
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    @MISS CAMARADERIE really turned the party. Payless genuinely one of my favorite queens from COP Drag Race. Thanks to those who rooted for my queen. I’m sad I wasn’t able to give my best for the finale but happy with the outcome! thanks @kipperskipper for putting up with our shit and hosting this.
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    Since this is my last time playing Drag Race, thank you again everyone who supported me through this hell!! yall better vote for Drag Race on the Summer Awards cause we put on a show this season Btw! I'm sorry Summer team i love you all! Goodbye! xx
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    Men who come too early deserve more credit in life.
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    Pretty good for an under-performing era!
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