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    almost platinum
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    regardless.. Emotionless & IMF are easily some of the better songs on Scorpion- I'd rather see Emotionless do numbers since the Mariah sample is so sweet, but I get why IMF is on the roster right now they both have iconic sections and were massively talked about (The mariah sample, the protecting his child line, the rap side has to have 1 album cut be a hit) (the fact drake made a song titled In My Feelings, the Keke refrain, the RnB side needs a hit) i also wanna know how the fuck Maroon 5 is doing that well, even on family pop radio i don't see hear them that often, i am so genuinely fucking confused by their longevity also, Ariana- FUCKING PROMOTE GOD IS A WOMAN YOU COULD'VE HAD TWO TOP10 SONGS FUCK THIS IS EASILY THE BEST SINGLE THUS FAR YOU HAVE CONTROVERSY AND THE SPOTLIGHT WHY WON'T YOU USE IT
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    tea, America and their trash taste again Calvin Harris X Normani is coming. I have fate
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    Hot 100 are slowly becoming better again.. NTLTC is so stable! love a selling hit DELICATE!!! all these people saying "no. 54 will be its peak" look where we're at now ha GIAW Youngblood, BED!!!! come through and yes at Kream! I really hope her label will send it to radio so it can be a cute hit and boost STS!
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    My best friend is on vacation with his family and I miss him so bad
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    i'm ofc platinum thanks to @Blue Sunshine, so fucking shook, thank you so much
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    Daily appreciation of your music taste
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    just seen the MTV VMA noms and... well...
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    omg this one is amazing
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    can I have gaga? you don't seem to use her.
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