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    I just rihalized that @Maren Swift is the anti @Softer Than A Homosexual because one incorporates Taylor into every post positively (most of the time) and the other brings up Nicki to drag her.
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    ganja burn ganja burn ganja burn
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    Going over to a cuties house but his sick as a dog ♡ hope me takin cold & flu tablets will stop me from catching it too
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    omg I just thought up an idea for a forum game, an album concept ranking
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    this song i'm working on gonna be #1 on copcharts i feel it
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    I can't believe we're getting GIAW in less than 24 hours I'm not ready
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    What I will say about the nominations is that everybody that gets some is very much deserving! I cannot wait to bring the good news!
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    I have seen the submissions I got last night. I’m at work right now. Will care of those when I’m home!
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    A to the B dance to the big big beat
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    Cause as long as you're the driver I'm your hitchhiker
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    I’m dickmatized by 5 guys atm kiiii
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    If Ariana teases GIAW I will literally shit myself
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    I stayed up until now for the Ariana concert and it seems all the three other artists are going to perform first fml
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    Mbappe is gonna be the reason France wins the World Cup
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    Today is the last full day to submit your submissions
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    Come vote for COPRates, Greedy and Genesis are up!!
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    Your avi, he is a whole fucking meal
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    I don't feel well ... going to bed. Goodnight y'all.
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    omg @CUZ!CAN 1# on the charts? this is giving me flashbacks
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    Kelsea Balearini is up next, interested to see if she has any cute bops
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    Damn Julia Michaels isn't that great of a singer Sis is struggling to sing and it's still the second song of her set
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    Good night COP Today has been a very... special day to me...
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    OMG I really like your avatar! Its amazing
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    Hey love, i know life is hard for you right now but just remember we miss you everyday and cannot wait for you to return. Take good care of yourselves and make sure you stay healthy and drink loads of water
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