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    Why should she be held responsible for the actions of her fiancee months before they started dating She said what she needed to say and if Pete wants to say something he should This thing ran its course for a week Move on
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    welp i was hoping the slashers would kill me and waste a kill since id die from not voting as i have to go to a camp (hopefully it’s nothing like this one ). Happy playing to the rest of y’all! I had fun! (I’ll be sleeping like this: for a while though)
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    I dont know more than 5 songs from her but still how dare you
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    you stan the bitch that is a reduced version of mariah, one of the most acclaimed vocalists of all time girl there's things to drag but trying to tarnish mariah's legacy ain't it you gonna look dumb as hell tryna keep up with this and you don't need lashings after coming back so soon
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    erotic, erotic put your hands all over my body
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    Rememeber Kitty was pullin out everything and the kitchen sink from her big ass bulge that was hilarious
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    realistic is boring. twerkus got eliminated last season for levitating on stage iconic
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    listen to vision of love and i don’t (her first and latest single) and try to say that with a straight face
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    Mariah is still touring and being successful. In terms of streaming - she's one of the female with the biggest day streams in Spotify History, she has several videos with 100M Views despite the songs being +20 years old, she just recently got a Top 10 Hit as a Songwriter. Mariah is obviously not at her peak, but she doesn't have to be. At age 20 she won several grammys, wrote songs with an actual meaning and didn't need to cover and copy someone else in order to make a name for herself. The fact that Mariah is still being relevant (which is obviously showcased by how pressed she got you) shows that she achieved a degree of longevity, which isn't easy to obtain. If you'd take a peak into Mariahs Discography... from Bliss to Be Around You to My All or Fourth of July - you'd see the versatility not only in her sound but in her Songwriting, which can be very current (I Don't; Up Out My Face) or just very classy and timeless (Vision of Love; Hero). To obtain a signature sound and yet exploring different genres and sounds throughout the projects just solidifies the artistry that Mariah posses. Call me when Ariana picks up a pen and doesn't have a pseudo-activism complex.
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    Who needs taste when you can like Mariah tbh.
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    I have taste which is WHY I like Mariah. If you don't have taste you tend to go for reductive copycats who lick donuts and look 12 years old.
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    How nice of Ariana to make a song about Carly Rae Jepsen
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    The kids are tired of pop, they want rap now 'cause it makes them feel edgy.
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    YALLLL SLAYYYYYYEEEDDD DAMN YOU @TattoosOnMyMind that was a look for the finale its not FAIR speaking of finale, i think imma need to find a new look i'm so glad we all made it to the finale i saw that coming tbh, the top 4 talent is too real
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    Dunkin Donuts - LAX I had just arrived at LAX and i was hungry and irritable. I saw and recognised a little Dunkin Donuts kiosk and decided to treat myself and I was also curious as to how it stacked up against the amazing Krispy Kreme (which we have in Australia). I ordered a vanilla chai latte and a maple donut (it was rectangle shaped). The vanilla chai latte was absolutely DELICIOUS! I was totally impressed by that. The donut was decent. Soft, moist, sweet, hit the spot. Overall... this was decent. 7.5/10
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    Green Light is so damn underrated, I kinda feel like that song was before it's time. Or after it's time. Not sure, but I do know it deserved a lot better.
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    OMG i just got spammed with so many instant messages on here from the chat box! They were from like weeks ago that I never even got to see Sorry if you sent me a message and I never saw it
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    it's cause america got more people of color than other countries that birthed most forms of music today that white ppl riff off of and make big hip hop became the #1 genre, even surpassing Rock- in a country that's the biggest hub for musical artists it's reflected on our charts. iirc studies said theres a growing % of fans of hiphop being white people, the market for such music is only growing, especially with soundcloud mumble rent-a-rappers signing million dollar deals and sparking 1-off hits that sick for some time. there's also just the general fact the charismatic pop legends from a decade ago aren't making the same hits even within the last few years, not only did demographic change but so did personalities- they just aren't there for the pop girls most of y'all want to see succeed.
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    so @kipperskipper what is off limits for the lip-syncs? we be having queens drive sports cars onto the stage and shit, i ain't know we was doin all of that so i gotta know this time.
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    Liking Mariah’s music and having taste are the same thing tho?
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    lol and then they will say something like "im so sorry i doubted you. we will avenge your death and get out all the slashers "
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    Sorry for the late update, it's my moms birthday so i had to take care of some shi but here it is: Update The paranoia was evident, in all 10 of the remaining camp counselors to be exact! There was an equal amount of votes for Miss Camaraderie and hammer, but it was @Breakdown who had the majority. "This isn't right!" One camper said, "But we don't have a choice, we can't just kill all of them." Another replied. Breakdown sighed, "You fatasses are gonna seriously regret this. You know what, do your worst!" He sighed. They shoved a machete up ha ass and even kicked it to go further in ha guts, talk about balls deep penetration Breakdown was indeed a @Breakdown congratulations on making top 10 of slasher, i would have pegged you to win the whole thing, but unfortunately the suspicions and paranoia got the best of y'all. The campers are dropping like flies! Poor them, it is now nighttime, the slashers will pick someone to kill tonight while the remaining 5 campers sleep peacefully knowing they are almost completely fucked Happy slaying
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    SHE MIGHT BE SICKENING BUT I'M THE PLAGUE BITCH The most iconic line in 3 seasons
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