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    Most songs that aged badly did so because they relied on tacky trends, like A LOT of dance-pop music that came out in between 2010-12 (including Starshits. Don't try it). Dance pop in 2018 has moved on from cheap synths throughout and simply sounds a lot better. Songs like GJWHF and all of Madonna's discography are classics because they're genuinely good and unique songs that weren't made just to be cheap radio hits.
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    Big reputation, big reputation. You and me we got big reputations, aah... I know you heard about me, ooh... You like the bad ones too?
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    Ariana is coming to save Pop with God is a woman
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    I want to play Cop's Survivor.
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    this song i'm working on gonna be #1 on copcharts i feel it
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    Mbappe is gonna be the reason France wins the World Cup
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    Ended homophobia and now she's coming for ugliness
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    Good night COP Today has been a very... special day to me...
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