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    @hammer @raja @Ms. Knee @Blue Sunshine @CUZ!CAN @wxvii @MISS CAMARADERIE @Breakdown @Venti @Treacherous Lovatic @One Of The Boys @Roobz @Alienhead @Salvatore @Rocket. @ACT2 @Oh My Gaga Whichever one of you is hottie, old cop, or virgin tell Venti NOW. We don't need to go through the bs of figuring out who is who later on. We need to coordinate as campers and root out the slashers. I repeat tell Venti who you are she, ACT2, and CUZ!CAN are the only confirmed campers.
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    Greetings from Portugal! First time in a music forum (North Korea is not an option bc u know..) so I hope u are kind to me. U may already guessed for who I stan for... but overall music for me is like oxygen and I listen to a lot moooore artists. So let's say I stan for good music Let's be friends, y'all?
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    Most of the threads are about her Church of Nicki = CON Con meaning con nicki haters Sounds like a solid idea, breathe if agree
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    I’m sure everyone here is sick and tired of hearing about North Korea, but that’s how I found this place. Their last server crash was the last straw, so I went to Google to find other music forums and landed here, and after a bit of lurking, decided to sign up. Anyway, my name is Kyle. I love Britney, Kylie, Katy, Lana, Rihanna, Mariah, Gags, Taylor, Madonna...(I love dick the most, though ) Hey
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    i'm gonna dye my hair pink wish me luck ladies
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    Also it seems like Nicki is YOUR drug, we need to intervene bc the obsession over her is getting scary at this point Indie Minaj.
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    Maturity is key lovelies, always be mature
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    You will be missedI will always remember the nights we spent together, plotting out ways to butcher those filthy slashers. Your death will not have been in vain
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    It was a dark and stormy night, TattoosOnMyMind was outside with a flashlight, making ha way to the tool shed because he heard a noise coming from there. (Of course there would be noises, theres a storm, but you know dumb bitches in horror movies ) Upon reaching his destination, the flashlight went out! He had to investigate the shed in the dark, suddenly regretting his decision not to bring any backup. He closed the door behind him and suddenly heard a deep, scary voice call his name. "Remy Ma?" He called out. "You wish!" The voice snarled, then the sound of a chainsaw started revving up. "Shit!" Tattoos exclaimed, but before he could even escape, the chainsaw pinned him against the door, with the saw cutting through! Tat's killer didn't stop there, he moved the saw up until his body split in half, leaving a giant slash in the door. The campers found this grizzly mess in the morning, and was devastated. They looked through Tat's things and found out that he was a Tats, you were an awesome player and will be missed, now, rest in piss Tasks It is now daytime, if you voted previously and I told you not to vote yet, you still need to cast a vote again because those didn't count. Please vote on who you think would kill @TattoosOnMyMind you have 24 hours. Happy Slaying!
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    Well, you Backyardigans manage to find a lyric in every Nicki song/verse and turn it into a Cardi diss so I guess the Barbz have learned to do the same
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    Rise should’ve been the lead of Witness could’ve saved the era
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    Imagine thinking that calling a black woman a roach is funny
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    Lowkey pressed y'all didn't do this for vzepop but i gave shmeur ha coins and a 100 My favorites are Can We Fuck, Thiccboyz, and Peppa Pig!
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    I mean, I'm gay so I do find it important that they have a penis And if they're undetectable then it shouldn't be a problem, I would still take Prep and other precautions but just because I'm very paranoid about STD's in general At the end of the day it's what the good sis @barbiej33p said, just don't be an asshole
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    I now have 83 CD's in total! and one is still on its way to arrive and that would make 84!
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    its so hot!! ok no pants it is
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    I- Antyways, I wasn’t sure if I’d have voting time for today or tomorrow because of the 4th of July holiday so I did it early. But the lot of you who voted me...y’all are seriously wasting a vote. But it's whatever because I know who the slashers are, and I know it’s someone who voted me....
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