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    These are some of the artworks I've created over the last few years. The Shawn Mendes one is my most recent one. I've put them under this spoiler because there's a lot that I uploaded and I don't wanna slow anyone's computers down. I'm not the greatest, but I work hard on trying to better myself and these are some of the ones that I'm most proud of.
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    WTF?! I go away for a couple of hours and bitches are trying to murder me
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    What we not finna do is have some of y'all (pre-emptive drag) come up in here dragging pete when I know DAMN well y'all be sayin the same shit on SYG This isn't any different to me than an obese person joking about weight or poc joking about racism- the dudes father died in 9/11. It's called coping- not to mention it's purposefully bad tasted comedy in a routine, it's not meant to be PG or nonoffensive. That's the point.
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    It's election day and all of our candidates are TRASH... wish me luck
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    I want experamentalney I want dance bopney I want balladney I WANT THE BITCH IS BACKNEY
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    just caught up on everything. i've been in @IsThatSaraS position before. everyone (slashers) piling votes on you for no reason. then they take advantage of the fact that you are defending yourself and spin it so everyone thinks your "acting suspicious" when you are simply defending yourself. i vote for Act2. i feel everyone that initially voted for sara is a slasher. also be weary of some people that changed there votes. they are only doing it to be apart of the majority and to save their slasher asses
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    Why the utter fuck is the heart next to the downvote button? I can't tell you how many people I almost downvoted.
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    the trailer was mostly fluff, the live voice sounded annoying and her acting was pretty choppy and inconsistent if it's anything like her AHS run reviews will be mixed (since she won't be able to buy all of them off) and she won't win the bidding at the Oscar, she might be able to afford a Golden Globe again overall the movie will gross just a bit more than it's budget and we'll all act like it did well when really it tanked do you agree ?
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    i forgot about accelerate if fall in line would've been the lead, she could've gotten a song that at least would've charted on the hot 100
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    It has been one year since I joined COP. According to my profile I joined July 1st 2017. So much has happened since then. I have met so many great users, I became a moderator and my musical taste has expanded. Thank you everyone!
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    She better not give in to basic trap bops, keep it like Glory, trying desperately to keep dance pop alive lol I want her to go the same route Meghan Trainor is with the girly-ness amped up to an 11, but a more mature version of that for Britney's age and this far into her career, she could almost re-invent herself as the "pop princess" 2.0, and SOPHIE production wouldn't hurt, but i feel like many girls will want her on their albums from now on so Idk, I just want the bops to keep being cranked out Also are Britney and Tinashe on good terms or anything? Their video and single is way too cute for them to just be ghosts to eachother, last I heard of them is when Britney said her name wrong at her show lol
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    Happy 1 year guys!
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    who was murdered at the hands of ariana licking a donut and speaking truth
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    I support these girls!!! The ep is amazing! "Good Time" in the full sound is everything! A new record deal most likely will be there for them. The supporters have to stay positive. I really want to see them oneday. Their talent shouldn't be wasted. I want them to book more stages and get the shine they need. I'm a supporter forever!
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    The donut thing is not as bad as this tbh people died
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    What are some eras that got ruined by the artists picking the worst song from the album to be the lead? In recent memory, JT should’ve picked Say Something instead of Filthy to be the lead, it really trainwrecked the whole era Also Perfect Illusion comes to mind
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    A Tinashe collab but make it the lead single this time
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    Ths Tuesday the first Anniversary event will be posted! Stay tuned!
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    @barbiej33p I'm voting for ACT2.
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    i've been obsessed with Charli's music recently whew
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    I don't think it would change anything. I'd be as supportive as possible which I would have been doing as a parent anyways.
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    is there an official place I can post the album artwork I make on here?
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    It seems like everyone jumped the gun a bit with Act2 bc they voted first and for being "late" but no one noticed how strange Sara was acting so... my vote will be for Sara. And that's final, ain't no changing over here!
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    'm not defending him by any means but it's therapeutic for him in a way. He lost his father on 9/11 and he said comedy was the only way he knew how to deal with it. I don't know how I'd feel in that situation but comedians are known to put their sorrow into jokes. It's been that way for decades. It's his own way of expressing those feelings and coping with those feelings. And we may not understand that but if that's what helps him then I don't think we have a right to judge him for it. There are worse things said on this forum every day.
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