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    Three talented vocalists using their artistic vision to cut through the bullshit and serve us pop/R&B masterpieces. We stan.
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    Any judges online? I want to know if someone's used before/using now the look i'm wanting! I'm not gonna edit the whole look post + caption to get a "someone already used it!!"
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    So I wasn't able to get online all day because mobile was being stupid... but I just wanna say that I gave it my best try and it just really sucks that it wasn't enough It's season 1 all over again but congrats to my sis @barbiej33p you did that. I wish y'all hadn't wasted the comback queen on that fad I wanted this so bad
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    @barbiej33p @Olivia Pope @IsThatSaraS @Bianca Del Rio @Jenna @MISS CAMARADERIE Don't forget to submit them lewks for tomorrow
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    Wait so runway was due today but we have til monday to submit snatch questions? Just want to clear it up im kinda confused
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    Today, 10 years ago, Katy Perry released her debut album! Happy birthday One of the Boys!!! What is your favorite song of the album? Favorite moments?
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    I'm having a job interview tomorrow. mood:
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    Who wants to form an alliance with me so we can build jokes off eachothers characters
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    I did ! Sorry I didn't answer earlier I was visiting my grandmother at the hospital
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    We LOVE vocalists who are able to deliver QUALITY years and years into their careers!
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    Craig, really? It ain't the wildest concept in the world that if you not black, don't say the n-word. Fairly simple rules. It speaks more that you apparently NEED to be taught the basic ideas from one of the simplest topics involving racial discussion since you don't want to teach yourself. Wack that you don't seem to know much without wanting others to hand hold you through these things; yet I still catch you in many race threads going back and forth with others. I think you been through the hoop of racial insensitivity enough to know by now that it's better for you to stay out of it. I'm always willing to have a conversation but if you can't meet me at the lowest level it's on you to take your time, get educated, and try again before speaking on shit you don't seem to know cause it'll make you look a damn fool trying to do so. Next.
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    Please Craig tell us more on who can and cannot use the n-word. Just stop while you're early cause if you weren't coming off at least ignorant you gonna come off dumb as shit if you go down this road and you ain't winning this back and forth, never have n never will
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    I wish there was some way I could come back already but that's wishful thinking I guess Good luck sistrens
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    Why didnt you compete bitch you would have turned the drama up to a 20
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    @Oh My Gaga @barbiej33p @hammer @TattoosOnMyMind @Olivia Pope @IsThatSaraS @Bianca Del Rio @Ms. Knee @Jenna @MISS CAMARADERIE which one of you bitches took Cardi B let me know so I can prepare to come for you the hardest
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    Obviously you’ve misread the title of the thread, it says “your fave” . Either that or you’ve finally admitted you secretly stan Nicki
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    I think it's good on it's own. It nails down two things Gaga's good at and is generally known for lyrical simplicity; one basic metaphor that works and sells the song. big fun chorus you can sing while jumping on your bed But not much else - doesn't have Gaga's edgy side to it, it's not artistically self-important enough, it doesn't quite convey her big theatrical persona, musically pretty barebones. Really it's a good song, just not a good song for Gaga. It doesn't help that it's not a track that can represent the album in its entirety like Born This Way was. None of these things nearly bad enough to justify the bashing it got tho.
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    this was the most difficult challenge for me
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    Lets just say if i get bottom this time I’ll understand it However I am so happy with this decision i think its hilariously gay
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    No boo, I didn't admit anything. The matter of fact here is that Nicki is the only person you ever talk about! The comment obviously wasn't about LOP so the only option left was Nicki, it's the only two things you can talk about Your poor faves get no attention from you
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