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    What is she winning exactly? Miss #124 couldn’t win a piss up in a brewery. (Aussie slang )
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    because Lana has artistic integrity. Something Ariana lacks!
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    I hate how the US Top 50 is filled with rappers from head to toe
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    Will work on the new medals and trophies soon and they'll be added some time later.
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    Reminder that Demi Lovato is no longer that bitch, now she’s THAT bitch!
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    Good morning cop. My boss told me to get off my phone and I just belted “I WASNT MADE TO FALL IN LINNNNNNNE!”
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    @Avalanche @tragicgabriel Happy Birthday
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    Two entirely different artists. One is a pop star and the other is an alternative/indie artist. However if im looking at pure talent, they both have great voices imo but Lana is by far the better songwriter and musician. So she is more talented imo. They are both talented tho and I like both, but I prefer Lana however like I said two entirely different artist so it is a bit tough to compare lol.
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    I’m here for Kermit the Frog. I stan the green legend.
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    Goodnight Church of Sin! Love u guys xoxo~
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    Fall in Line is THAT song!
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    How much will it take to get certain COP members to come back from the dead? I miss some of them.
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    laughing at yall comparing everyone to Ariana Grande and saying she's the worst nnnnnnnnn that just shows that when you successful and talented people will always drag you. jealousy ain't cute ladies
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    Beep boop motherfucker
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    Good morning COP, FALL IN LINE TODAY
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    They're completely different artists. The other one makes music for funerals and daddy issues while the other one makes BOPS for clubs and parties.
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    yes she is that's just common knowledge anybody can learn how to do a few runs and whistles
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    You're right! Ariana doesn't excel at anything, and that's where Lana excels at everything!
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    To be real though, they're two different artists in two different genres, they cannot be compared equally. They both excel at something the other doesnt
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    I feel like I should go to bed now. Goodnight COP, be good to each other
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    how do you pronounce bebe rexha?
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    This slope is treacherous I I I like it.
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