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    Troye Sivan Youth>>>>>Shawn Mendes ft Khalid Youth.
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    The scroll to top widget will be very useful
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    All these annoying ass ex act threads.
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    hi I discovered this site almost a hour ago and thought id give it a go? I confused af but ill see what happens? I Stan bebe rexha and little mix, and I a fan of Ariana grande, Kesha, fifth harmony, Hayley Kiyoko and more but they the main ones. I also bored hungry and gay so.. :p (Straight for bebe ofc?) idk what else im supposed to say so yh
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    At 8:01 beysus is back, wonder what ends the minute before?
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    Bitch is king kong, yes is king kong this is king kong
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    Exhausted, goodnight COP
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    Someone call 911 I'm officially dying
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    Took a little break yesterday but I’m back now bitches. How is everyone?
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    A grown fuckin man acting pathetic. What a surprise.
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    Today has been a messy day. Good night COP
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    When Rita said "Sometimes I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls", the gays didn't feel that at all.
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    Drake..... sus..... it’s not that serious.
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    Can you just simply type with normal font size
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    im screaming the mods are quickT today, poor huey newton
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    Some of yall need to calm tf down tonight.
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    Omg I got the King of COP trophy I WANT MORE!!
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    I wanna hold you when i’m not supposed to
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    I would do it all again and not think twice.
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    TEA WAS SPILLED! We stan all this taste and facts!
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