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    Troye Sivan Youth>>>>>Shawn Mendes ft Khalid Youth.
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    The scroll to top widget will be very useful
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    All these annoying ass ex act threads.
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    hi I discovered this site almost a hour ago and thought id give it a go? I confused af but ill see what happens? I Stan bebe rexha and little mix, and I a fan of Ariana grande, Kesha, fifth harmony, Hayley Kiyoko and more but they the main ones. I also bored hungry and gay so.. :p (Straight for bebe ofc?) idk what else im supposed to say so yh
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    My classmates are telling me we should mistreat our autistic classmate. They're suggesting that he should be "punched in the face", "get eaten by pigs"... I'm horrified by this, this is bullying. They justify it with: "Oh he's done it to us so we can do it to him", can you be any more delusional? He's autistic, it isn't his fault. How can I tell them that they shouldn't do this. Maybe I shouldn't tell them anything so the whole class gets suspended and I can finally have some rest at school without those pigs.
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    At 8:01 beysus is back, wonder what ends the minute before?
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    Bitch is king kong, yes is king kong this is king kong
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    Exhausted, goodnight COP
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    This. I've got Autism too but I never threw a chair or something like that. Just everybody is different
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    I think you should tell the teachers. Absolutely not acceptable. And dont do something just because they are planning to. And be on the autistic kid's side. It will make him a lot stronger!
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    Someone call 911 I'm officially dying
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    Took a little break yesterday but I’m back now bitches. How is everyone?
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    A grown fuckin man acting pathetic. What a surprise.
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    Today has been a messy day. Good night COP
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    When Rita said "Sometimes I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls", the gays didn't feel that at all.
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    Drake..... sus..... it’s not that serious.
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    Can you just simply type with normal font size
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    im screaming the mods are quickT today, poor huey newton
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    Some of yall need to calm tf down tonight.
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    Omg I got the King of COP trophy I WANT MORE!!
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