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    In the words of @hammer, maturity is always key.
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    Early hot 100 predictions say there’s only 20 points separating ariana and Drake from the #1 spot, WE CAN DO THIS
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    Omg hello I am Laura too xoxo.
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    Denis saw the tattoo tho I was kinda hoping he notice my existance but only the picture of my tattoo that got re posted denis is never gonna notice me evem permit ink.. why am i even alive
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    Bring the top 20 popular contributors back challenge.
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    The 2018 Billboard Music Awards will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 20, 2018. It will be the first ceremony to be broadcast on NBC.[1] The list of nominees will be announced on April 17. The show will be hosted by Kelly Clarkson.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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