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    Ok i just got home The finale will start soon!!
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    reminder that the finale is tomorrow at 1:30 pm PST, which is 13 and a half hours from now!! You can send me a look for you queen if you want to!!
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    Welcome to the ChurchOfPop's Drag Race Season 2 Finalist's Pre-Finale Interview! (a mouthful ) Hosted By COPNews Field Reporter: Salvatore! Tonight I had the pleasure to interview the 3 finalists who will be competing head to head tomorrow for the title of COP's Next Drag Superstar! Those COPDR S2 finalists being: @Daydream Dolly Daydream, @IsThatSaraS Miss Ivy, and @One Of The Boys Kitty! During the interviews the queens will show off a new look, spill some t about their sisters and controversies and give inside details about what the competition was REALLY like! Stay Tuned!
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    Another iconic season of Cop Drag Race comes to an end!!! Until next season...
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    Fucking childishness ...
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    She has a rebel heart and isn't afraid to express herself! It's Lady M! @MDNAInMyRebelHeart Lady M was a queen that was a fighter! Although she had a short run on the season, she definitely showed what she could do with her amazing lipsyncs. She was known to pull out something that perfectly represented the lipsync song. It was unfortunate to see her go so soon, because Mama Ru knew she had so much potential. Meet the Queen: All Runway Looks: The loveliest queen, je t'aime. It's Amour Hirederire @Thibziboy Amour was known for her unique personality and captured the hearts of the fans! She was too pure for the competition however, and had to leave. She probably would have won Miss Congeniality if she stayed longer, because she was so kind and pure! She also had an amazing sense of fashion, so it was sad to see her go so soon. Meet The Queen: All Runway Looks:
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    COP Drag Race Season 2 Finale *Silience across the audience* *The lights flash on* Covergirl put some bass in your walk, head to toe, let your whole body talk. Welcome to the 2nd COP Drag Race Season Grand Finale! We had a marathon of a season. It was so fierce that queens and judges had to quit. But their were so many iconic looks, lipsyncs, and effort put itno our queens that it was the biggest season ever! Their hard work didn't go unnoticed, and so many new drag superstars were born! First off, I'd like to thank the one person who was by my side and kept me going. Season 1 winner Rapunzel @Jenna!! Thank you for being here since day 1 setting an example for these queens. I also want to thank Wendy Williams @barbiej33p for being a life saver and filling in for the other flop judges. And to all the queens that competed, you were fierce and lovely. Thank you for putting in so much time, thought, creativity, effort, charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent!! Now lets start the show!!
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    Last, but certainly not least is the Robotic Conglomerate herself, @Daydream Dolly Daydream! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Dolly! How are you feeling being the top 3? Excited? You think you deserve to be here? I am excited to perform and wear my dress. I knew this would happen. I know everything. I know who will win the competition as well. But there is always someone in the top 3 who does not deserve to be there, that is how show business works. That person is not myself Now, tell me- for the finale performance are you looking to slow it down or spark up the show? I am at my best when I spark things up, people tend to enjoy that side of me. I like to stick with what I'm good at. It's important to be in touch with your strengths and weaknesses, otherwise you end up lip-syncing 4 times and still don't make it to the finale So, over the course of the season you’ve delivered some insane looks and runways and have consistently stayed on the highs/winning side of the competition, please share- where does your inspiration.come from? Do ideas come to you organically or do you look for references on google etc. ? A bit of both. I am very inspired by things I encounter on the interweb. I enjoy when I create something and one person can say, "oh I'm reminded of this, I can see references of that". But I try to do it in a way that is not so typical or expected. I like to surprise, and keep people guessing. Are there any queens you wish could be in the top 3 with you? Any queens you feel were gone too soon? Amour Hirederire @Thibziboy is a bit under-appreciated. I think the pressure of the competition got to her and she became a little too... animated but I think she had more to show us. She inspired me a lot. But ultimately, all of the queens were gone too soon. Drag Race should change so that no one ever gets eliminated, and we all get put into tiers, with one winner. That way, everyone gets an equal chance to really show themselves. Were there any runways/looks another queen had used that you wished you could’ve submitted? Any ideas you had that coincidentally were taken up by another? What was your favorite look delivered by a fellow S2 queen shown during the season? Easy Breezy's gown from episode 3 was fabulous. I love bugs, insects, spiders. She may or may not have slightly inspired my Almost Naked runway And Karen From Finance's wedding dress is incredibly similar to the dress I originally made but scrapped Backtracking onto your runways- do you have any regrets? Any looks/styles you can share that you hoped would have worked for a challenge? There are LOADS darling. But I don't want to give all my ideas away. Just one: I had four looks in mind for the Best Drag challenge, and after hearing the feedback, I wish I would've gone with my first choice If you have to redo ONE runway that you were high/won, which would it be? And what would you have tried to do? For the Chic challenge, I had other things in mind, but I chose that look because I saw Sasha Luss wearing it on the runway, and I'm a big fan of Sasha Luss. Her aura and image is the epitome of "chic" so it just felt right. If I had to redo it, I would've created my own unique piece. For our final questions- in a simple sentence, how would you describe your time on COPDR S2? And how would you describe your chances at winning the season? Season 2 was a beautifully messy extravaganza. The Season 2 Finale of COP Drag Race is going to be rigged, and that's a fact. Thank you for having me, I will be sure to tweet this interview out to all of my followers who follow me and comment on my activities because I have a more entertaining life than them. Thank you for spending some time with us during your days leading up to the finale! We hope the viewers/readers gained some insight on one of the finalists, maybe enough to root for them during the finale for their win!
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    Okay Black Panther was so damn amazing, legendary!! Loved every second of it!
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    You don't drag a forums members, you drag the admin team. Another disastrous mistake.
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    From a princess to a queen. It's Princess Eleganza @iNNA Princess Eleganza was the fishiest queen this season! She had a beautiful face and a smokin body. She started out the competition strong, but was eliminated soon after. She is known for her pop-art fail that was beautiful nonetheless. Princess Eleganza had lots of potential, but we didn't get to see it. Meet The Queen: All Runway Looks: The queen of Whorror is here. It's Twerkus Freaxxx @shmeur Twerkus Freaxxx was one of the most unique queens this season! In fact her uniqueness and style caught the eye of Mama Ru on Meet the Queens, and she was Ru's favorite queen and pick to win it all! Unfortunately she left early on, but she was definitely memorable! She gave one of the best lip-syncs ever, being the first ever queen to do a recorded lip sync. And how can we forget the iconic Eunich Porn the Unicorn?! Twerkus was fearless and stuck to her guns, although she should have let the mermaid thing go. Twerkus was a fun queen, and Ru definitely wants to see her in another season. Meet the Queen: All Runway Looks
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    Going to the gynecologist tomorrow hoping everything will be all right.
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    I hope so because i've been the nicest helping 3 queens with their looks. Love being Bianca Del Rio
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    YASSS BRING IT ON FINALE!!!!! Good luck to the 3 final bitchess
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    4x platinum, yas, thanks whores for always upvoting my posts
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    Stick a dick in an anthill and see what happens.
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    Awwwww @Daydream sis thank you ! I really got into my head and Thorgy-ied it ! I just hate being confrontational and I don't like competition a lot as it often becomes toxic. I always struggled with what the others would think and hesitated on everything Since @Bianca Del Rio is not in the competition anymore ( you sis), your drag, aesthetic and personality really is something I can root for! Kitty may have won a lot since coming back but you've slayed us since the beginning !!
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    You are teamed up with a celebrity and you'll have to be opposites, for example Mariah is teamed with Demi so Mariah does blue Demi does red or so on
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    Mutual love!! Kissa and Chinchin are looking forward to see Kitty at the finale!
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    Sorry folks for the belated interviews! () Up first is the bombastic wildcard of the season! @One Of The Boys Kitty! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Kitty girl! How are you feeling being the top 3? I feel fabulous.. Under pressure? Actually yes! I feel like everyone is expecting me to serve for the finale.. and that's exactly what I'm gonna do! Do you feel you personally belong here? Sis I already got the winners edit and I've said that since the beginning. That question is a no-brainer. The thing on EVERYBODY'S mind is, how does it feel eclipsing the Season 1 winner, Jenna,’s track record? Biiiiiiitch. Shady bitch bringing that up! It felt... Monumental. It was such an achievement and thinking about breaking that record really helped me keep on going. I hope that breaking my record (soon too be 6 if @kipperskipper releases the offishal scores) helps make the other girls have a goal in mind next season. While you two share the same amount of wins you don’t share the same amount of bottom 2s, this is incredibly impressive- especially for the returning queen to pull off, how did you do it? I'd like to point out that whenever I was in the top I won I was never overshadowed(@DD). I always went in when I went in. Being the returning queen I had to sorta have a gimmick the first few runways to show I deserved to be be here. I think that If Kitty wasn't eliminated she wouldn't be top 3. Kitty would just be another forgettable girl. I actually had a look for the 2nd round 'Pop Art' planned that I sent to Kipper. And after a few round of me returning I realized how basic that look was and that Kitty would've just been in the btm again. Being eliminated sorta made me step up Kitty's game and it's a part of her that shows to never give up. Did you feel like the competition personally got harsher as you went on due to the amount of challenge wins you kept raking up? Of course! I felt like if I messed up or didn't show my 100% I felt I was gonna be DRAG to hell and back. Kitty's drag is really inspired by Katy. I mean that in a lot of ways, like that after having almost every single go #1 the stakes were so high that having a top 5 just wasn't good enough and considered a flop. Sidenote: I've made so many puns this season but no one appreciates them :(. Of course being a returning girl means you were at one point eliminated- let alone you were actually the FIRST queen to be eliminated in Season 2, with the iconically horrific green mini dress stunt you pulled on Episode 1- what was your thought process for committing to that look? Did the competition not kick in at the time? I'm about to Spilla T sis. I actually thot the look followed the theme and would resonate with the judges... Then Kitty got elimenated. The competition did 'kick in at the Time' though. Me and @Black Beauty had been patiently waiting since s1 to be in s2 and to be the first queen elimenated was really disheartening. I think the main reason Kip brought me back was bcz he knew how much I wanted to be here and that I could do better. Now committing to the green dress look is something I do NOT regret at all! I wanted to do something for the ruinvention runway so out of the box that was sorta a middle finger to the judges (no disrespect to the judges since it was inspired my Jenna). What sorta happened was I saw that Heroine's princess look was eliminated and I was just like "BITCH WHAT THE TUCK?!?! ALL THESE QUEENS HAVE BEEN SERVING LEWKS AND DO NOT DESERVEDT TO BE ELIMINATED. THEY TRYING THEIR BEST AND SASHAYING AWAY WITH GRACE YET ARE STILL TRASHED INSTEAD OF GETTING CRITIQUED". The look was meant to be ugly and to show that confidence is everything and that ugly vomit dress you wore doesn't mean shit as long as you felt it. I knew the judges were gonna hate it but that's what I wanted to prove my point (My artdrag). I knew that I was gonna lip sync but that's what I wanted. I wanted to show the girlies that I was gonna fight for the crown, and having a lip sync win under your belt is better than a safe to me. If you were to change what you had done would you go back and fine-tune it? No, it lived to be the most iconic look in COP Drag Herstory ( I said what I said ). If so- what were some of your other ideas you had in mind for the first runway? I was gonna change the color of it the first time but that's what I did the 2nd time around so everything came full circle. In alot of looks I try to make everything sorta connect there's alot of references to past looks, comments I've made, critiques, or lip sycns but know one seems to notice. For Kitty's final lip sync I'm planning to do something that I did in the last lip sync so that everything sorta happens for a reason. Are there any queens you feel left too soon and should be in the top 3 with you right now? Heroine and Chin Chin. I honestly believe that if Chin Chin was here kitty would have 1/3rd of the wins I got. Funfact: I was the biggest Kissa Biscuit fan last season and was rooting for ha. (Don't Tell Jenna though shshshshhs) Any fellow finalists you feel should’ve gone home way earlier? I honestly thought Miss Ivy was gonna leave during the snatch game/club kid round but I'm happy for ha for being here. If you had to pick a look to do over that didn’t net you a low/bottom placement which would you choose? The Chic/Sleek look... I worked the hardest on that look and now I'm just embarrassed over it. My peers made it the 'cocoon' of the season I prefer the green dress over that one tbh. Can you describe any ‘backup’ outfits you saved up just in case a challenge that fit the theme were to come up? Yes the look for this interview was the look I was almost gonna do for the Katy Perry runway (inspired by double rainbow). I'm happy I didn't use it though bcz the cupcakKe look was so extra. With or without the win, what do you feel is in the future for Kitty? All Stars! Winning or losing it'd be iconic if I did win and Kitty and Rahpanzel we're competing against each other (It'd be more like Season 'Super Stars') You’ve obviously come into the competition (twice) and ran sparks over the competition; but what can you see Kitty doing from here on out? I'm praying that kitty wins so I can be a judge! I'd hope that I could give the girls critiques like Rihanna(I think that was Badgalaura) did and not just the shady puns(even though they're kii's) For our final questions- in a simple sentence, how would you describe your time on COPDR S2? And how would you describe your chances at winning the season? “Season 2 was a beautiful mess with queens every other round quitting” “The Season 2 Finale of COP Drag Race is going to be kitty's BITCH.( Another pun? No? Ok I'll go hom- get THAT CROWN!) " Thank you for spending some time with us during your days leading up to the finale! We hope the viewers/readers gained some insight on one of the finalists, maybe enough to root for them during the finale for their win!
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