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    can we talk about flies?? like, mosquitoes i get that they need my blood to live and that’s why they always buzz around me, like sis just wants to live but fliess??? sis doesn’t need my blood or anything from me flies just literally buzz around me for no fucking reason while i’m lying around the pool and just minding my own business trying to get a tan and like 5 flies just attack me like can they stop thanks
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    @Miley Ray is COP's best member, fight me
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    Im about to listen to Rainbow by Mariah for the first time, you better be proud Heather
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    I'm eating gold fish and plotting my lip sync to slay the panel you know its real cause I never eat gold fish yea i'm pissed about the judging but actions speak louder than whatever words I could say about a choice that's already been made Jus know i got some shit plannned
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    Maybe Into You isn't THAT overrated after all.
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    Im fine now, just got really upset earlier.
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    Same old shit but a different day
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    @Lemons @Béy get to the Lemonade COP Critic thread and give it a high score now! The pressed uglies are giving it 30/100
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    My morning plans have been cancelled so i’m back lurking...
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    Lord this guy i like just posted a bulge pic on his snap story and losing my shit
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    Remember to send in an acceptance speech for the COP awards!
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    My back hurts, I believe it may be time to get some rest. Goodnight COP
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    i decided tomorrow i will get myself a donut
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    someone gave me this idea and I had to make it a reality
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    Funky fresh dressed to impress ready to party.
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    Oops looks like someone tripped over that power!
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