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    Just watched Mother for the second time since it came out and I am a fucking mess, this movie is so fucking powerful. It’ll stay with me forever for so many different reasons
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    Buy & stream Bangerz, My Everything, Revival & Demi cuz they're all Queens!
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    I have decided queen Dua can have my avi now
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    CAL really is a lot of work if you put some effort into it. Just finished figuring out album rollout, promo singles and first tour dates! This is exciting
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    Hit a new peak on Alexa web traffic today! Hate for COP...does a traffic good sis!
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    I joined two games and I lost both of them in the first round omg lol
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    So many people use ZEROcharts for last fm on COP. The actual ZC thread here has over 580 replies, and it can get kind of tacky to look through. Zero has an actual forum dedicated for chart discussions but it’s portuguese based, everyone there posts in portuguese. But as the multilingual bitch that i am, , i sometimes take a look around there and it’s a very nice forum. I’ve been thinking about the possibility of having a whole new section dedicated to our very own Zero Charts. How would it work, you might think? Here’s how: the whole idea of the section would be to discuss our zero charts, with topics such as “how did witness perform on your chart?” That would include responses from people saying the amount of sales (plays x 1000), its peak, certifications, chart run and such. Basically, people would simulate their charts/plays as real world sales. For instance: i’ve played Sorry Not Sorry 300 times, which amounts for 300,000 sales. Normally you multiply your album/single/artist plays by 1000 and you get the pure sales of that album/single/artist. As you all probably know, Zero also shows peaks, chart run, certifications and so on. The section would include threads like the following: The Zero thread on COP is pretty dense and with the amount of people using it, maybe a whole section with more than one thread could help with that. If you want to have an idea of how it could be, look through zerocharts.com.br/forum I think this could bring more activity and more interaction between members, plus now that COP seems to be facing changes, I’d love a feature like this. If you think it’s a good idea, I’ll be more than happy to take over the management of the section and run a trial period so that we see if the idea actually works. But most importantly, UPVOTE THIS to show your support on this idea!
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    can we talk about flies?? like, mosquitoes i get that they need my blood to live and that’s why they always buzz around me, like sis just wants to live but fliess??? sis doesn’t need my blood or anything from me flies just literally buzz around me for no fucking reason while i’m lying around the pool and just minding my own business trying to get a tan and like 5 flies just attack me like can they stop thanks
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    This is only something we can achieve as a community, but yes i agree! @VIP @Members @Moderators
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    Goodnight Church of Sin! Vote in the COP Awards and send in ur speeches!
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    Well I’ll be back later to check the CAL charts, hopefully.
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    Sistren please upvote Emotion to be reviewed in COPcritic https://churchofpop.net/topic/11409-copcritic-discussion-thread/?page=10&tab=comments#comment-405657
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    Have to get up in 7 hours and I still have 2 do my homework. I'll be so dead tmw...
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    first day of classes and they already sucked the soul out of me
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    to y'all on CAL - please check your artists twitter accounts, if I (Delta) haven't followed you, please comment below, I really want to have everyone on my timeline, thanks!
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    Im about to listen to Rainbow by Mariah for the first time, you better be proud Heather
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    I'm eating gold fish and plotting my lip sync to slay the panel you know its real cause I never eat gold fish yea i'm pissed about the judging but actions speak louder than whatever words I could say about a choice that's already been made Jus know i got some shit plannned
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    Maybe Into You isn't THAT overrated after all.
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    Same old shit but a different day
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