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    Havana returns to #1. The Middle and Praying jump into top ten. Havana by Camila Cabello becomes the first song ever to return to the #1 position. The Middle jumps to #9 after a full tracking week and Grammy promo and has one of the biggest gains this week. Praying re-enters at #10 after Kesha's powerful performance at the Grammys. @Blue Sunshine Say Something debuts at #15. Supplies and Filthy drop down to #26 and #51. Joanne debuts at #21 @hammer Don't Say You Love Me drops 9 spots to #45 https://crownnote.com/charts/cop-charts/church-of-pop-hot-100-15
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    She's cancelling because she has a disease that affects her mobility, sis I get that you don't get along with a few Gaga stans on here but..
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    It feels like forever since i've actually been here. First thing of order, i'm remodelling the emotes and getting rid of the dead weight.
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    It's probably "Starships, we're meant to fly"
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    Looks like @CoryisaCunt @ACT2 @Cyrus and @Blue Sunshine found their seats!
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    The show kicks off in 30 minutes. Come in to see the results as they're announced LIVE @Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @VIP Verified Mods
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    Come give Fifth Legends your rates, everyone! @Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @VIP Verified Mods @Members
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    So if this is considered racist, what about that post you made about the black waiters
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    Results show! Greetings to the Fifth Harmony Megarate hosted by Hammer Fifth Harmony is the self-titled third studio album by American girl group Fifth Harmony, released on August 25, 2017, through Syco Music and Epic Records. 1. You have to listen to the whole album 'Fifth Harmony' by Fifth Harmony 2.No song should be scored below 0. 1 Is the minimum and 10 is the maximum for the normal songs 3. Give your favorite song a 11 4. Send your scores to me via PM before 8th of February! 5. If you happened to change your rates/ scores, PM me asap! I am granting 1 score change per person! 6. I will be doing a result show sometime after this finishes! It depends on how fast i do the graphics and etc! 7. If Don't Say You Love Me is not Number #1, the megarate is automatically cancelled If i sense some fishy activity that you are doing this just to ruin the megarate, you're rates will not be counted! Try your best to be unbiased and reasonable
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    Goodnight COP, going to sleep. Don't forget to join my megarate
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    Omg I just realised that my birthday is on the same day that I was born
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    me and @beysus found eachother wig
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    Me as I see @Black Beauty get up on that stage
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    Do stores want every music artist to start becoming broke? R.I.P. "Buy _ on iTunes" 2003 - 2019
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    I'm here with my backwards dress and eye candy. Could someone point me in the direction of the hot tea?
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    Me waiting for the show to start:
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    Does this look unhealthy to you? Well, she certainly turned into one overnight when she needed to defend her bff Taylor. To Norwegian artists, yes. Her discography wasn't even decent until Revival. Jokes on her. She'll never be inspired to make a bop like this one
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    Just so you all know i am not going to let @Bye leave the forums, i am going to have a good convo with him. Indie is cop and not me.
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    my #RedCarpetLook oops! flashed my kunt, we love a controversy!
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    Need 50 more ♡ ill return 50 in return x
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    Umm so its been a week since I visited I think. Hope everyone is ok. I'm sort of shocked omg i feel like hes joking maybe...or maybe not. I have mixed reaction on it and little on work because Finding job and trying to learn to do your best is very hard
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