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    Bhad Bhabie. Laugh if you want IDGAF.
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    Black Veil Brides Upvote For Upvote Xxx Badge Sizeish would ya guys help with this one Xxx sorry for tags i'll def return favour Xx
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    150k in 3 days for an artist like Cupcakke is great though?! She’s not a pop girl
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    she should go back to Purple but when I had black hair people always said I looked like Katy. I miss black hair katy
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    Cardi is over for marrying him! He's a vicious homophobe!
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    Then what is Cardi for dating him?
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    I'm pretty sure I promised I wouldn't, but I am a Liar.mp3 ... I would really like to be able to have all four of my faves, so I'm gonna ask for this one ... hopefully it can become a reality. BLUE OCTOBER *yes this is an old photo, but I would prefer to have the whole band in the badge and not just Justin if possible. There aren't any new ones with the guys close enough to each other that they'll all fit in the square. If I have to I'll get another photo, of Justin by himself.
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    Untalented my ass. She's a lyrical genius who's rhymes are unmatched just because you don't like her doesn't mean she's untalented.
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    Worked out for the first time in days today. The fit legend is BACK
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    She also copied Nicki by being black. A disgusting reductive roach
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    In class learning about feminism, SJW in the making
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    Me and @badgallaura few hours ago, love that halal sister!
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    She's definitely aged, with such a strenuous era like TD n I guess beginning of Prism it prob wrecked her but also she looked really GOOD at the very beginning of the era, back when everyone thought the album aesthetic was gonna be different; and then she decided to shave it like a dummy, and even her initial haircut shaved was alright until she did it again and gave herself our current mess and then during this last Christmas she put on a black wig and somehow went back 5 years
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    Not to mention marrying him even after he cheated
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    SHAWN MENDES TALKS HIS HEALTH, TMZ VIDEO LEAK, KESHA, BRITNEY SPEARS, AND SUPER BOWL ON MTV NEWS After a sudden health scare, Shawn Mendes is back in action. His rehearsals have resumed and his iconic smile is now back! Shawn is in the midst of preparing two of some of the most anticipated music events of the year. Just 9 months into his career, Shawn will be headlining the Super Bowl Half Time Show, making him the youngest artist in history to do so, and will embarking on his first world tour. Shawn had a small health set back but he's back in action. He sat down with MTV news at his hotel in Los Angeles where he's been rooted down for the last three months. ON HIS HEALTH SCARE YESTERDAY "I'm feeling much, much better now. I've been keeping a really rigorous schedule for the last couple of months and it caught up to me. Olly and Nick and Troye and my manager and everyone told me that working 14 hour days every day would make me sick but I didn't really listen. When I woke up yesterday morning, I just couldn't get out of bed. Mt body physically just wouldn't let me. I called my tour manager Michael and he came up to my room. Initially, I was just going to push rehearsal back a few hours and do it later but he called Dr. Blair who is the doctor going on tour with us and he came up to see me and told me that I needed to take the day off. I was overworking myself. I really hated to cancel because there's so little time to get this all put together. I want to give my fans a perfect show every time. I'll be honest, I had a good stress cry about cancelling. But I feel better today and we're back on track. I'll be honest, I'll probably still work long days just not every day. I won't do it every day. But some days, when I get into the work, there will be long nights. It's just how I am." ON TMZ VIDEO LEAK "I'm not happy about it, but there's not anything I can do. I don't think in the video I'm saying anything bad. Olly and Armani are both close friends of mine and they both knew well before the video how I felt about everything. I don't know who took the video and I don't know who handed it to TMZ, but it doesn't really matter. I'm not angry about it and Olly and Armani aren't either. We're all adults, we all can handle things in our own ways. Obviously that conversation was private and none of that was meant for public consumption, but I wasn't saying anything that I hadn't before. If it did offend anyone, especially Olly and Armani, I will say that it was not my intent. The reason I was so bothered by everything is simply because I love Armani and Olly both so much and I hated seeing this going on. I think that we're all okay. I hope that conversation didn't ruin friendships with either one of them. I'd hate to lose them." ( @ONIKA @kipperskipper ) ON KESHA'S STUNNING REVELATION "I was stunned. My jaw dropped straight to the floor. Almost everyone in the industry has come into contact with Dr. Luke at some point so knowing this was going on and no one knew is very scary to think about. When she said it though, what stunned me the most was her bravery. I've always known like everyone has that Kesha is a strong woman but this takes it to a totally different level. I'm not even sure how to put into words what that showed me. It's so inspiring. Often, there's not a voice that can speak for all of the victims out there on such a wide scale. And I don't blame victims that don't speak. I'm sure that the last thing I'd want to do is talk about it. But it does break my heart to know that so many victims keep quiet and don't get the help and support that they deserve and need. Kesha stepping up and being so honest with the world shows that it's okay to speak up. It's okay to seek some help. She's the lighthouse on a foggy sea right now. With all of the terrible revelations happening among celebrities in the industry, it's comforting to know that there's a light being shined on the issue and something good can come from that. She's showing the strength that victims have within them. I encourage anyone who's fallen victim to come forward. There are people that can help you and support you." ( @delicate. ) ON CREATING A FRIENDSHIP WITH BRITNEY SPEARS "Of all the celebrity connections I've been fortunate to make, the one with Britney surprised me the most. It doesn't surprise me because I was expecting her to be rude or anything. No, she has an astounding reputation for being a sweetheart and she more than lives up to it. What surprised me was that she was not only a fan, but that she genuinely wanted a friendship with me. I don't think I'm all that interesting of a person honestly so her taking interest in getting to know me and being friends with me really astounded me. Britney is one of those women who will go out of her way to show and spread love. For example, she sent me a beautiful gift to help me feel better and it was the sweetest thing. Britney is someone who I know I can talk to about anything and that means a lot, especially in this industry. Plus, Nick totally loves her so I'm like boyfriend of the year getting him dinner plans with Britney Spears. [laughs] ( @Ms. Knee ) ON THE SUPER BOWL HALF TIME SHOW "Every day we work on it, the better and better it gets. I was given the room to do so much with the show by the NFL and that really helped me out. I went back and watched all of the half time shows from Michael Jackson up and I saw how much work was cut out for me. Of course, you want to do something that's never been seen before so creating the show required a lot of creativity. And that creativity didn't just come from me. There's an army that helped me build this show from the ground up. My tech team is absolutely incredible. I told them the things I wanted on stage and they made it happen. They worked and worked and worked to ensure that this show is what I saw in my head and they totally have. I think that everyone is going to really enjoy the performance and I'm so honored to be a part of an event like this!"
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    I swear, if midnight passes and Nicki's still missing...
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    Goodnight chruch of sin Steam vale
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    Hey welcome to the forums!
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    Getting my life to republican
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    It's sad that when female artists say something homophobic there would be chaos but these Males get a fucking pass
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