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    Iconic tbh I remember asking my dad what the lyrics meant and I didn't get it Oh, how times change
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    One of her best singles to date, deserved to be at least top 10 if not top 5
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    A bop! Who wouldn't want to If U Seek A Her at that time
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    Its great to see so many similar faces! But its also nice to meet new people
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    #Onlinepositivity. Here I go: Seni Seviyorum
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    Promo is promo I guess.... She climbing and soon will win Radioshet is going to finally be over after Lana.
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    40 more upvotes till I get my spot back ;-;
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    Ahhhh, I've always wanted her to sing it (watch her mess up the lyrics )
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    So I've made some observations regarding Gaga's behaviour and image during this inbetween era, and I have to say, her team MIGHT be getting their shit together for once. Why I think LG6 might smash; a thread! By the way, notice how this is in music base and not in battlegrounds. Please add to the discussion or exit the thread, I don't want drama (for once ) HER INSTAGRAM Notice how when the JWT started and she began recording LG6 her Instagram became a fashion museum; photoshoots every few weeks, looks upon looks, the 3 pic gimmick; it's all so tidy and neat and beautiful and her pics are getting more likes than ever. This is how you keep the youngsters interested; the basic bitches with the stunning fashion and makeup and pics and the straight bros with all those Costa Rica ass vacation pics! It keeps her social media alive, and makes her more accessible to that "Spotify" audience, which she desperately needs. HER FASHION One thing you gotta know about Gaga; she uses fashion to express herself.mp3 More specifically, her artistic mindset. This is an indicator of the sound of her album. All those disco/slutty/Frankenstein wife looks SCREAM perfection and I'm here for it. ASIB IS COMING Her debut on the big screen, ASIB acts as a promo tool. Lady Gaga is starring in a movie for the first time; it's gonna get those headlines. And in those articles her upcoming album will probably be mentioned. In interviews they could ask her about LG6 or the single or whatever. In other words, she can kill 2 birds with one stone. FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 ANTHEM RUMOURS What's better than 100mil viewers? 3 billion. I think this speaks for itself. Y'all can connect the dots Also, RedOne's in it so it's gotta be amazing THE PRODUCERS AND ENGINEERS Who's producing LG6? All those from ARTPOP and engineers from The Fame Monster. AKA her best albums. THE PRODUCERS AND ENGINEERS OVERHYPING Have I missed anything? And what do y'all think
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    I wanna agrih but Jewels & Drugs is trap imo because the production is clearly trap-inspired and despite Gaga not rapping the structure of the song is built like a rap one, Gaga basically sings the hooks while the verses contain rap. Not only that the beat is far from electropop especially if you listen to "Just Dance" right before, they are completely different structure wise, the bass is similiar to trap 808s and there are even trap hi-hats if I remember correctly. Either way, thats just one track and you cannot claim that your fave does that genre if all she did was dip her toe into it Also considering that ARTPOP is THAT messy album it almost seems too purposeful that she slapped a trap based song on the record, there is no reason her not being versatile should be an insult to you little monsters though, gaga is good at what she does and that is electronic dance music, however that sound is not in right now so neither is she But lets talk about ANTI that has more diversity in it than any of these girls careers, Billie Eilish crafting an EP filled with Pop, Indie pop, Trap, R&B, soul, EDM, & contemporary bops all on her debut, Lorde channeling Urban pop, Synthpop, R&B, & EDM on both records of hers while still staying experimental, Charli cranking out Electropop, Trap music, soft punk, PC music, & all 4 of those genres at once on POP 2, and Bey's self titled which has more genres & subgenres crafted excellently where no track on the album sounds dated Even the good sis Taylor is more versatile based on the fact that she started off country, went pop / country pop for RED, then went urban pop / synthpop for the majority of 1989, to a more fizzy / electroclash effort on Reputation.
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    COPNTM should be over by next week. Cycle 2 probably won’t be until March. I’m going to try to do a pilot (trial season) of another game though so glue those wigs down.
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    I don't drink much but I love alcoholic cake ?? it's so good
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    fuck me like one of ur french girls jack
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    Sometimes it feels like I've got a war in my mind I want to get off but I keep riding the ride
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    Just to add on bc the top post doesn't have info (put the tweet and article in there n make it look nicer . now) Creep by Radiohead actually got THEM SUED by another band for 'copying' their song "The Air That I Breathe" So basically they're arrogant and Greedy (buy dangerous woman on iTunes). To the point they don't even deserve the case cause Lana STILL tried giving them 40% for their claim- even though the exact same gd song was already successfully sued. And to anyone saying it's just their lawyers and not them (cause many are) This has been on for months and at the v least Thom knows and supports it. And I'm so happy Lana went on Twitter to confirm before any total major publications could twist the narrative in any way, really proud of her for doing that. This also explains why she voided Get Free from the current tour setlist and most likely scrapped any video from it, to neglect any potential income the song gets correlated with... Somebody call up Taylor and have her forward her lawyer's #'s to Ms. Del Rey so she can shoot this past-their-prime band back into irrelevancy in which they grabbed this accusation. The only good thing about this is that we can get another but now it's :lanaincourt:
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