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    Announcement: We have made a small change regarding COPCritic. We will now be locking the album threads after one month, which means that reviews will not be accepted over one month after when the thread was posted. We've decided to do this so that albums can actually have a final score after that month of reviews. Since the sub-forum started on December the 24th, it won't be until January the 24th that threads get locked but, in the meantime, please keep this in mind and get your reviews for the albums up now in A.S.A.P. if you want to contribute to its final score @Moderators @VIP Verified Mods @VIP @VIP Verified
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    Yes, it’s a maternity dress. The fabric in the material cushions the baby so it’s more comfortable for the mother. This can create folds like the one you see in the video of the dress folding. Obviously, people prefer to go with ‘Beyoncé faked her pregnancy!!1!1’ because they love a conspiracy and/or hate her. This is her a few weeks before giving birth to Blue Ivy
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    I can't think of anyone to tag right now, and this is one of the first few Taylor ones I have :taykiss:
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    tbh both it really depends on my mood. rn im listening to a song called spoiled milk titties so that can tell you where i am rn
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    No. Blackout is a once in a lifetime masterpiece that was made from a person in a dark place.
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    stan twitter is a very toxic place but we know this anyway glad my twitter is mostly locals
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    COP's decisions are annoying me tonight especially how some of yall are telling us POC to relax and get over it...
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    She’s going to aim higher and give us BEYONCÉ
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    Ty, I'll be Victorious in another life perhaps. @Tattooed Heart Make it shine.mp3
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    @Sempiternal, @IsThatSaraS, @Ms. Knee, @Nacht, @spazattack @Oh My Gaga, @Tattooed Heart, @Black Beauty, @Trainwreck, @hammer @kipperskipper, @Ratchet, @KnightofCrescentLovatic, @beysus, @Just a music lover @Kylie Minogue, @iNNA, @dweebz 30 minutes to go
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    Okay so I'm going to bed now. Buy/stream #Filthy on iTunes/AppleMusic/Spotify etc. Goodnight.
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    (Special Mentions aren't formatted, top 10 albums include Ugly/Whatever Tracks along with the Standouts) ...Ready For It? ------Special Mentions----- Rainbow- Kesha A breakthrough album from an artist close to my heart, I couldn’t bear to NOT place it on the list but there was so much music I honestly couldn’t find anywhere else to put it. While I don’t hold this album as close to my heart as others might, I still wholly appreciate the bravery and passion put into the record and I could not be happier to see Kesha return, and so triumphantly at that. The general sound of the album isn’t my cup of tea, with feeling like hella songs are either wasted potential or filler (Godzilla, Bastards, Can’t Hold a Candle are some I can’t get into among others). However, the songs I love (bar singles) are Finding You, Rainbow, Spaceship and Hunt You Down. The first hurt me right in the heart for personal reasons and HYD is such a cute little folk song that I can’t see how anybody would hate it. Even people like me that despise anything remotely country Witness- Katy Perry Witness, oh how Katy did you so, so, SO dirty. The whole era and album could have gone so much better than it did, rather than relying on the songs in which she has a feature she should’ve released the songs worthy of being singles. Such as Witness, Power, Roulette, etc. The album really shines when she is taking risks and delving into new melodies or vocal effects the right way, Deja Vu, Power, Tsunami are all really good examples of this in which she really plays into this new sound extremely well. For most artists, falling back on what they know can be an ok thing in the midst of a bad experimentation, and it’s really sad that it happened totally different to Witness. It doesn’t deserve the disrespect it gets, although it doesn’t deserve a spot on my list because she should’ve done so much better, and me renumbering the tracks and changing some out for better ones won’t save the record for me- knowing what it truly is. Standout tracks are: Witness, Tsunami, Roulette, Swish Swish, Deja Vu Hopeless Fountain Kingdom- Halsey Halsey as a person is gross, seemingly egotistical, loud, obnoxious, and try hard. BUT, the bitch knows how to give an album soul and visuals. Badlands made some of my favorite albums of 2015 purely because of the aesthetic and theme, the dusty city, neon signs, abandoned buildings idea reminds me so much of past memories and experiences to the point I have a love for the record, and this album is no different. The checkered print, palms on fire, bright primaries, dirty jewels, R&J storyline, etc. And some of the songs are actually pretty good. There are several flaws with the whole project though, in that she played up this faux Shakespeare idea so goddamn hard in pre-release, from the music video, tour teaser, visuals for singles, she even had accounts and houses made for fans and a sense of 4th wall breaking- except none of that translated post-release. Just like New Americana NoN ends off on an open note, however, will probably never be followed up upon, out of either laziness or lack of creativity. With the boxset there was a mini camera even that showed different photos of sets not included in the MV, except they’ll never come to life. The whole Strangers song has this boxing ring build up to it- just for nothing to come from it. Why even bother trying to give your album a storyline when you don’t follow it throughout the songs nor outside mediums?? And I find it ironic how Halsey is seen as a copycat artist, and some of my favorite songs on the record have many aspects that are blatantly taken from previous LEGENDS. Songs like Hopeless (w/ Cashmere Cat) and Alone sound like Kanye rip offs, and Walls Could Talk sound like an old Britney concept. Like...bitch people WILL rip you for this. But I digress, my favorite tracks from HFK are: 100 Letters, Alone, Heaven in Hiding, Walls Could Talk, Angel on Fire, and Hopeless. (And let's not get started on Bad at Love being the new Gasoline, aka overplayed song that was good but lost all spark and personality due to her cringy ass fans that rival Melanie or TwentyOnePilots, ugh. Also, the ugly ass Lie feature, it had the potential for such a fiery angry track- but nope! A shitty rapper verse ruins all momentum and quality) 15. 4:44- Jay-Z 14. Big Fish Theory- Vince Staples 13. Scum-Fuck Flower Boy- Tyler, The Creator 12. DAMN.- Kendrick Lamar 11. NU Religion: Hyena- THEY. 10. Don’t Smile At Me EP- Billie Eilish 9. Tell Me You Love Me- Demi Lovato 8. NO_ONE EVER REALLY DIES- N.E.R.D. 7. H.E.R.- H.E.R. 6. Ultralife- Oh Wonder 5. SATURATION I/II/III- Brockhampton 4. CTRL- SZA 3. Melodrama- Lorde 2. reputation- Taylor Swift 1. Lust for Life- God Lana Del Rey Thanks to anyone who has read throughout the whole list, no matter how long or ugly it looks; hope you found great music throughout your 2017 and I hope your endeavors, no matter how materialistic or physical, come true and prosper in 2018. Much love- Salvatore xo (i'll edit with photos for each album and fix any awkward formatting or spaces when I can in the morning, it's currently 2am and I need to fix my sleep schedule )
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    If I want to send in a review for COPCritic do i just post it in the thread??
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    Hello Girls! We need a stan badge for the princess of alternative herself, Miss Banks!
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    COP bitches, I was reminiscing today about high school experiences and i remembered when this fool and I got into a physical fight because he was trying me over and over so I eventually let out my wrath and he caught these hands lmao so my question is, have you ever gotten in a physical fight? if so please share the story and if you won or lost, aint no shame in that lol
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    if we ignore ARTPOP and several other albums...
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    Ariana is coming for BLOOD and she's so close.
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    Yeah she faked her whole pregnancy, Blue ivy isnt real shes a robot.. and her baby bump was all fake like omg cant believe the media fooled us all And are the twins fake too? We will never know omg
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    As much as I hate to admit it, Bruno Mars really did THAT getting Cardi B for the Finesse Remix
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    Glory Days by Little Mix was the 4th biggest album of 2017 in the UK and the biggest one for a female artist/group, with P!nk at #5 and reputation at #15. Glory Days was released in 2016, talk about longevity http://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/the-top-40-biggest-albums-of-2017-on-the-official-chart__21316/
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