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    Okay so I'm going to bed now. Buy/stream #Filthy on iTunes/AppleMusic/Spotify etc. Goodnight.
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    Just listened to Justin Timberlakes new song and WTF was that I don’t want to hear a 36 year old man talking about his meat
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    Such an unoriginal troll. You dont even come close to Rose Mulet, Frozen or even Galactic Tiger.
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    Music with substance. My faves are Lana, Mumford & Sons, Bon iver, SZA, and The Weeknd. All of which have meaningful music. (altho they do have some songs that arent)
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    I need a fucking dick appointment
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    ive never played any of the zelda games but i might try this one out cause people been loving it
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    Is there a section on COP where we can so album reviews? Like what @hammer does with the Mariah Carey albums thread? It would be cool af if we had a whole section where people could do that. Would also be neat if we had a section for member AMAs. That way more people could do them and they'd be easy to find.
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