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    I'm a 22-year-old bitch from Sweden with an eclectic taste in music.
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    Many Swifties said that the reason why Katy Perry's new album Witness is shitty (beside bias) is that the lyrics are terrible, yet their fave Taylor with reputation has lyrics like "You're so gorgeous I can't say anything to your face 'cause look at your face and I'm so furious at you for making me feel this way" "We met a few weeks ago now you try on callin' me baby, like tryin' on clothes" "Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that you're in my head?" I could go all day... don't get me wrong, I like some bops on reputation but the lyrics are way too simple for y'all to preach her as a lyricist and be preaching her for writing her own songs like she should be proud of them or something, more than 50% of her stuff could be written by a 16-years-old teenager... thots?
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    Umm hello I guess I dont exist to anybody? As I'm reading this just now How am I inactive? I comment all the time tho and I upvote most ppl to lol. Plz tell me your joking lol(I can see forgetting part little lol)
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    interesting statement COP user Craig
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    I have to say i'm very impressed with how @AALIYAH DANA is handling their ban, being very civil on twitter and even RTing our promo's still. That's how u cop a ban ladies.
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    Just sent my application! Wish me luck hunties!
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    For a group called Fifth HARMONY, all their songs seem like they can be sung by any solo artist. They're not profitable as a group, and their recent era TANKED. It's obvious they didn't want to be in a group, they should just shelve it and let Cameltoe be a one-hit wonder.
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    I changed my mind. I applied for mod.
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    i'm so tired, goodnight legends
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    Next season I’m going to tell VH1 to give me a budget for a judges panel
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    they've gone delusional I tell you and I can't at the audacity of them to literally forget what happened from 2008-2013 when Gaga was at her fashion peak bitch seethe on twitter
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    SISTERS! Apparently, Everyday by Miss Ariana featuring Future is 5000 sales away from being elegible for a PLATINUM certification in the US (wig!) https://twitter.com/charts_ariana/status/937435335247781889 The bad thing is that only 14% are pure sales and the rest will be streaming, but this is Trump's america so we been knew. What do you think?
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    I'm sorry your first experience here had to be with trolls
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    Wig, the admin needs only 2 more rep points to dethrone me for #1.
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    At least they can sing, can't say that about everyone
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    An upvote legend though. We stan.
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    Choosing two. We never replaced Rumours "Tejano Legend" plus we're growing so an extra one can't hurt.
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    Atleast it hasn't reached "Despacito" level over-played.
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    Everyday becoming Trashinum does not stop it being the wrong choice for a single, Greedy was right there and deserved it.
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