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    guess who's back... missed you guys
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    Let's pay some homage to the the legend that even made an appearance on this website... CupcakKe! upvote sistren!
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    I'm #9 on the charts!! *new peak*!!!!
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    Still wishing on the same star
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    I'm going to bed. Goodnight COP @Cyrus I love you
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    Watching @Miley @Cyrus on Jimmy Fallon BITCH IS HILARIOUS
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    I am now #7!! I've outpeaked Demi Lovato!!
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    no way i'm cracking top 20 this week if the lowest reps in 413 it's taken me ages just to get that far my dudes lmao
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    Glad to know a lot of people like the RP idea .
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    Hey! I'm Grande (or Ari on a few other forums, someone snatched it on here before me ) My stan list is pretty huge, but my main 2 ones are of course Ariana Grande and Little Mix. Don't worry, I'm not problematic or a cupcake. Also here's my SoundCloud which you should all follow and check out (may as well get that promo ) Hopefully, see a lot of you on the forum and become a regular, who knows?
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    Goodnight COP Please vote for Justin im the stanbadge thread And pre-order Beautiful Trauma on iTunes
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    I think imma turn it in for the night. Go be great little legends.
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    let me just drop the link in that VIP thread someone made
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    This is so pathetic but I was in love with a straight guy for 3 years, and it killed me a little bit every time I saw him. Man I fucking loved him and it legit caused me so much stress and metal scarring. What made it even worse is that I KNEW that if I was a girl with the same personality, we would've been together. It was literally only my dick that was stopping him. To this day, that's still the worst experience I've had in my entire life. I don't even talk to him anymore because I'm barely over him and I can't let myself fall again.
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    Honestly, I accept that I'm gay, but what irritates me the most is the fact that my family wants to bash me with the Bible every time they get the chance to do so. I have to hear "God hates gays", "You're going to Hell", "You're a sodomite!", "I wish you would change and start liking girls" almost every day and the fact that I had my teenage years robbed and stolen by them haven't helped me at all. That's part of why I distance myself from them. I'm also autistic, so that doesn't help my case at all. There aren't many LGBT+ autistic people at all.
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    I've managed to rise up the charts to #12. I'm having my comeback!
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    Parents not liking the idea that your gay (but mine still support what I do like for a job or something or thinks in life like health) just not my personal life fully... Argueing with your parents and getting emotional with them or rachet Jerk ass straight boys who think they know you but they don't. This one boy who beat my brother up askes me personal stuff like how can you be gay and have a beard? He also says gay boy/"fggt"word towards me which Gets me down inside my mind. This is also why I wanted equal rights for everyone. Some ppl need to understand. And straight guys in school who you told I love you but they end up hating you and spreading u around (thats an experience). At the same time I sort of like who I am tho because we should love who we love.
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    so I was just eating this cheese pie and halfway through I realized it's too chewy... so I looked and inside it was a fucking raw dough and I ate it... time to kms
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