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    my rep is a mess, help ur boy out
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    I promote this site on twitter all the time rep me bitch x
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    Heres mine https://mobile.twitter.com/Life13Swift/status/904889640787816452 mine is on mobile tho. Is this ok?
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    :heart: Lol I just copied first 3 rows from another post of mine.
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    Repped ya all, return favour pls
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    Well, I'm in music appreciation class, so I'll talk to you all later! @Cyrus @P!nk @CoryisaCunt @Sempiternal @Ray of Light @life13swift @CUZiCAN
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    @Cyrus @life13swift @Sokka @AngryAzalean @IsThatSaraS @P!nk @CUZiCAN @Dirkje @Sempiternal @The Boy @Kylie Minogue @Narcotic @KarenFromFinance @CarlySlayJepsen @bee @ACT2 @Khris @Jenna @Human Nature I love you guys! I wish I was on here more, but just know that you all are amazing.
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    I mean, I don't want people to outwhore me here, IM THIS FORUM'S WHORE YALL!!
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    Okay! Time to tag my lovelies as well . Thank you all for being amazing friends (or if the feeling isn't mutual, at least buddies!) that make this forum a much better place! You've all been so warm and welcoming towards me I truly appreciate the laughs and giggles we've went through so far on this amiable forum . @P!nk - @Bleh - @Moebius - @lanadel @SelenaFenty - @Nicki Minaj - @CUZiCAN - @Amell - @Sempiternal - @Dirkje @Kylie Minogue - @justcatchmedemi - @Cyrus - @life13swift - @Sokka - @robi - @KarenFromFinance - @Nacht @IsThatSaraS - @FlorianLovato - @mdawg283 - @CarlySlayJepsen - @All Neon Like - @tragicgabriel - @Ray of Light - @Paris Hilton @Maren Swift - @kipperskipper - @The Boy - @TheBritArmys - @AngryAzalean - @moonlightgrande - @fenty - @Jenna - @Mariah Carey - @Ms. Knee
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    Oh, I didn't write anything in, but I retweeted. I have the same username on Twitter as I do here. I thought you wanted me to repost the original message.
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    Why are people such cunts toward me lately? i haven't done anything wrong in life for this to happen
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    yes, just don't tell @P!nk
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    I doubt anyone is gonma help since its not a female Be nice to have it, its just his reaction we could use a lot Sorry waiting 24 hours and nobody is helping so can ya get me at 10, i stole the rep list off someone, ill return the favour just lemme know when
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