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    Since I got a WP for like everything I did on GGD I got restricted from posting. This restriction ended today, but something has changed... I used to be very addicted to GGD, but those mods are so strict that you get a WP like for everything funny or shady ur saying... Short time after I was restricted from GGD I found a new and better place to spend my evenings... You made COP to a better place and I feel like everyone's is caring for each other and Just trying to have fun! So I am glad Im unrestricted again, but Im more glad to have this site and people here that I love and can count on
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    :chloe: @CarlySlayJepsen, @life13swift, @Sokka, @One Of A Kind, @All Neon Like, @P!nk, @IsThatSaraS, @Cyrus, @CUZiCAN, @Ms. Knee, @KarenFromFinance, @AngryAzalean, @ACT2, @Dangerous Woman, @badgallaura, @Kylie Minogue, @lanadel, @bee, @daydreamin, @Bloody Mary Returns, @justcatchmeari, @justcatchmedemi, @Nicki Minaj, @Bleh, @Cheryl, @Human Nature
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    I doubt anyone is gonma help since its not a female Be nice to have it, its just his reaction we could use a lot Sorry waiting 24 hours and nobody is helping so can ya get me at 10, i stole the rep list off someone, ill return the favour just lemme know when
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    To whom it may concern, Thank you so much for bringing Church of Pop back from the dead. I mean that in sincerity. Although I haven't been active for the past few days, it's still a great feeling to log on and be treated as though I never left. This is such a great community where all of us can escape the hardships we face in our real lives (at least, that's what i use this platform for) and where all of us share the same passion: Our love for pop music. I've been a member of several pop music forums, and i must say that out of the other 4 that i have joined throughout the years, COP contains the least amount of drama, despite the fact that our tagline encourages shade and messiness. I think what separates us from other forums is our shared moral expectations. We expect kindness out of each other, we treat each other like family even after JUST meeting each other. And that's a beautiful thing. Sorry for the random thread, and for rambling, but i had to get that off my chest. Thank you, and as always, I'll see you online. -Loneknee
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    @Cyrus @Ms. Knee @kipperskipper @Dangerous Woman @Impossible Prince @Witness @thirlegend @The Boy @Sempiternal @justcatchmedemi @Trainwreck @Kylie Minogue @IsThatSaraS @Who Shot Candy Warhol? @lanadel @Nicki Minaj @KarenFromFinance @NubianPower2798 @ONIKACRAZY @CoryisaCunt tribal council and immunity challenge in 24 minutes!
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    Psychedelic rock is such an amazing genre Basically the entire album, with honourable mentions being Cruel World, UV, Flipside, Is This Happiness, Pretty When You Cry, Sad Girl, West Coast
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    Hello! I'm a pophead with a big passion for pop music and other types of music. I'm mainly into female singers and I enjoy listening to music everyday and occasionally discovering new exciting artists. I love sharing pop artists with others, discussing music with others and checking out other interesting artists that others like. Some of my favorite artists are Anggun, Mandy Moore, Veronica Maggio, Diana Vickers and Najoua Benyzel. Just to name a few. I discovered the Church of pop room on plug tonight and made a new friend there. I was recommended to join on here, so here I am. This looks like a fun site to join!
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    You spelled "entire album" wrong sis
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    I second Ultraviolence. Sad Girl is definitely that song. It's not even my favourite Lana album but when I'm listening to it I find myself more focused on the music than what I was originally doing.
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    Confirmed in a new teaser of Five Foot Two. For those of you who don't know who Sonja Durham is, she was one of Gaga's best friends and was battling cancer for years before passing away a few months after getting married this year. She was also the inspiration for Grigio Girls. She had previously been friends with Gaga for more than a decade.
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    Yesss avril stan gets it right
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    Congratulations! Yuhi scores a point! that means the score is 1-1-1, there will be a fifth artist added
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    E.mo.tion takes me to a place of serenity. I dance, I sing, I'm content. An America without Trump.
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    Why does being a POC coincide with being a spokesperson for the LGBT+ community? that isn't fair to people who actually help support us. Gaga has done far more for the LGBT community than any other celebrity ever. The bitch even put together a FOUNDATION for people like us. But continue to call her fake i guess
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    ANSWERS! ROUND 2 Sorry Not Sorry Demi Lovato 20PTS Players Who Got This Song Right @Barksdaleiv @Nicki Minaj @Trainwreck @Who Shot Candy Warhol? @thirlegend @Amell @Nacht @Breakdown @The Boy @Maren Swift @Cyrus @P!nk @Dirkje @PopStar
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    ANSWERS! ROUND 2 Boyz Charli XCX (why does this guy from the gif looked like Oli Skyes? or is it not from the video and google is messing with me?) 20PTS Players Who Got This Song Right @Barksdaleiv @Trainwreck @Who Shot Candy Warhol? @thirlegend @Amell @Breakdown @The Boy @Maren Swift @Cyrus @Dirkje @PopStar
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    ANSWERS! ROUND 2 Thriller Micheal Jackson 20PTS Players Who Got This Song Right @Barksdaleiv @Trainwreck @Who Shot Candy Warhol? @thirlegend @Amell @Nacht @Breakdown @The Boy @Maren Swift @Cyrus @P!nk @Dirkje @PopStar Easy: 20ts Med: 40pts Hard: 60pts
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    Marina and The Diamonds The Family Jewels: Oh No! Electra Heart: Sex Yeah FROOT: Blue Lana Del Rey Born To Die: Video Games Born To Die Paradise Edition: Gods & Monsters Ultraviolence: Brooklyn Baby Honeymoon: The Blackest Day Lust For Life: Heroin Lorde Pure Heroine: Ribs Melodrama: Hard Feelings/Loveless HAIM Days Are Gone: Don't Save Me Something To Tell You: Nothing's Wrong Lady Gaga The Fame: Paparazzi The Fame Monster: Bad Romance Born This Way: Judas ARTPOP: Do What U Want Joanne: Million Reasons
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