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    What the duck that's not how you spell flop.
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    Demi releases the same thing over and over and over. Even that Verified VIP Demi account said "CFTS 2.0" to me about Sorry Not Successful. That's sad huh? Even the GP knows Selena is ACTUALLY growing. Cute how you're suddenly acting like Selena isn't dealing with Lupus when all y'all call her is "Selupus"
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    At the end of the day, Demo still has yet to grow as an artist and will continue to flop and play the victim for years to come. Sorry Not Successful was a failed attempt, as usual. Wasn't she supposed to stop music until 2018 because "it won't sell anyways"? Selena will continue to be ahead of her in every aspect, besides vocals, which doesn't matter to anyone outside of stan twitter. Have a good night and don't forget to buy Fetish and Bad Liar on iTunes.
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    I honest to god couldn't name one off the top of my head
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    *If you cannot handle facts, please do not proceed with this thread* From making fun of the manchester attack to body shaming Demi, Selenators have done a lot of shit that needs to be talked about. Here you go: (warning this about to be long as hell) [I did not make this, all credit for this iconic thread goes to @witnessmydick on twitter, go follow him!] _____________________________ And that's the tea!
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    It's about time the one with talent rises
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    honey. my sisters ended you and hqzaynmalik last night. let's not
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    I can't believe they have the audacity to call her a God when she can't sing above a whisper
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    666 rep points on the weekly chart. Thanks Taylucifer
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    There are 2 things I need to say: 1. I came here from Reddit, one of y'all posted a promo thread and then it disappeared immediately just like Demi's latest buzz single. #SorryNoSister (ft. Poot). 2. I was told I could say "Demi is a flop" without getting banned. That's all. I already feel like home. Thank you for those who attended this meeting on such short notice. Let's pray in circle for Demi, wishing her the best of luck on her career as a shameless follower, a raging sister-hating musician, and a flop. p/s: don't need to tell her mother she's a flop. She been knew.
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