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    Nelly Furtado, Fergie, Austin Mahone, 5SOS, Lilly Allen, KiiKii Palmer, Sabrina Carpenter (sorry girl it's not gonna happen).
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    Y'all hype her up too much
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    Katy deserves most But not for witness
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  5. -1 points
    I think that Selena could get one for the song she did with Kygo
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    Selena SHITTED on the main pop girls this year. She needs to snatch.
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    Out of these three Ariana (Selena needs to learn how to sing first)
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    Constantly putting pop girls against each other (Selena and Ariana for example) wich make them lose fans (Ariana fans are not going to support Selena)
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    What the hell.... this post made zero sense.
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    I'll tell you why Because we have a Rihanna knock off already and she didn't happen either. Her name is Rihta Oral
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    Hellary Duff. Bye gurl. Cedric the Entertainer (C-Error). Falsey. Ratmila Cameltoe. Sicki Garbaj. WHO ELSE?
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