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    I don’t feel well y’all. I’m not being a dick and just avoiding everyone ... I really just can’t at the moment. I’m sorry for being gone (not that it’s even a big deal) and I’ll hopefully be back to functional quality soon.
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    I won't be as active for the next few weeks since I'll be travelling and probably won't have enough time to be on here like i usually am, I'll still come on every now and then to check what the latest tea is
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    I'm so fucking excited for my first day at work tomorrow
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    A bitch is OFFICIALLY 20 years old ❤🎂
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    Told that bitch I'm sorry though (sorry) 'Bout my coins like Mario (Mario) Yeah, they call me Cardi B I run this shit like cardio Woo, bags
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    Bye COP im leaving to go to Dubai for 10 days have fun without me
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    COP is really slaying this week! Lots of new blood and great newbies!
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    just like the legendary @Breakdownsays, I’d like to tell certain people to go fuck themselves and leave the forum.
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