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    Some of y'all don't love yourself and it shows
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    Come Clean by Hilary Duff....that's it. That's the status.
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    Love my COP sisters but we need to all chill, this is a good music space let's not let anything come between that
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  5. 5 points
    I can't with life rn, taking a break from here for a bit, love yall
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    I can't take this pressure from my mother anymore, I'll pay the fucking bills at this point just leave me and what I'm doing the fuck alone
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    I accidentally assaulted one of my work mates today and I basically hate myself now. I wish I was joking ... I seriously almost quit the job bc if it.
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    Everyone better show up to the COP awards tomorrow @ 4PM EST k goodnight hoes
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    So, I dunno what to do anymore. I feel useless and it’s killing me.
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    I hope you thought it was worth leaving your 2 best friends to go get your girlfriend pregnant to then break up with her a week later. Lmao my life doesnt look that bad after all!
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