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    Before this closes, STREAM MOTIVATION BY NORMANI
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    Racism lost, POC won
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    I had to disable my email notifications from this graveyard site because @King or Queen clearly has nothing better to do with their life than report people all day
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    Omg completely forgot about this forum. Looks like everyone else did too
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    I am done with petty users who feel the need to continue to expose members we have a rule that states it’s not allowed from now on when i spot a exposure topic/status it will result in a temporary site restriction if you continue the exposure topics/statuses when the restriction is lifted it will result in a ban from now on.
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    R.I.P CoP, It was fun for a while before it all fell apart @Mocha Rhice, MSL, Elusive, Livelovemusic, Youaremyeverything, @Homojénik and any others i laughed and battled with. Good luck !! I have only ever browzed FOTP but one of our ex mods has made quite the impression over there nnnnnnnn No Fraudzzz is our beloved @StopBeingObsessedWithMe AKA Miss Craig ! Peep that rep y'all. Special shoutout to my good friend Beaux. I hope we can meet in Canada someday.
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    Makes sense that someone who supports a transphobic pos president would still be making these lame Normani jokes. Give it a rest sis....
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    Shame it's dead here
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    um did you forget her lack of vocal abilities
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    omg what happened to this place ??
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    SIX online members, lets go CoP !!!
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    The fact World of Pop is doing better than Church of Pop when CoP had all the resources necessary to thrive. R.I.P. CoP you were THAT bitch during the summer of 2018
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    @despy LEGEND !!
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    I haven't been here in MONTHS and then I came here to see what this site was up to and it's now a wasteland girl what happened????
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    Seriously all these petty reports on each other grow the fucking hell up and be adults.
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    The straights fuming...
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