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      How to ignore users   01/20/2018

      I seen people asking how to ignore users or block them. Visit the link down below add the user in the bar and select what type of things you want to ignore from them. https://churchofpop.net/ignore/ Easy right!
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      We now have a Facebook page, which automatically shares our threads once they have been posted. Come give us a like at https://www.facebook.com/churchofpopforum/.
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      Restoring Reputation Points   03/05/2018

      Any active member that joined COP anywhere from June 27th, 2017 to August 10th, 2017 (first 44 days) should be noted that as of today, a thread will be opened by the administrators to restore members' reputation points per request.  Members that came forward requesting restoration of reputation points with an amount greater than two-thousand have already been compensated.


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    We need a stanbadge for queen Inna, the best-selling Eastern European act and queen of Romania! @Dirkje @Moebius @Avalanche @demimaniac @byakkoya @iNNA @Miley Ray @shmeur @Nicki Minaj @Dirkje @Homojénik @Finessé Knowles @Dollar Bills @Bianca Del Rio @Moist Mahomie @dream @DREAMPOP @MSL @jackgrande @Salvatore @Diaboliq @shmeur @spazattack @KnightofCrescentLovatic @mimibutterfly @Dangerous Woman @ONIKA @Believe In Furler @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @Tattooed Heart @Oh My Gaga @Buttercrush @Lemons @Black Beauty @Pixelated Cunt @kipperskipper @Trainwreck @Nacht @Maren Swift @hammer @Olivia Pope @LANDlover @life13swift @IsThatSaraS @Liam Payne @Craig @Blue Sunshine @CoryisaCunt @The Boy @Godney @Caramel @beysus @Sempiternal
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    First of all, we have the plastics! Regina George is @Dirkje she terrorizes everyone on COP but is so fetch we all bow down to her. Her bully friends: Gretchen is @Blue Sunshine she's the queen of controversial NHB and Battlegrounds threads Karen aka @life13swift the KING of making controversial race threads and playing with COPers' feelings @Rose Mulet aka a TRUTH TELLER Then we have the nerds aka @beysus @Homojénik @L U K E they wouldnt hurt a fly Sexually active band geeks aka @Maren [email protected] Bardot @[email protected] Varsity jocks aka @Indie Redux @almighty dweebz and @Believe In Furler The greatest people you will ever meet @M A R N ☆ aka Janis @shmeur aka LEGEND Damian @Flopzen aka the boy who doesn't even go here anymore @KingOfCrescentLovatic the most flirtatious COPer ever aka Kevin G Rap! Sicki Garbaj is SHOOK @kipperskipper aka Aaron Samuels, my COP crush @Ms. Knee aka the most STRICT mod ever (totally kidding sis) The tenacious global mod @badgallaura who pushes people to write the RP section and makes COP games smash @Radar Outsold the COOLEST anti-ageist Madonna stan ever and me MSL aka Cady Heron always talking about being skinny but slowly becoming a better, less superficial COPer because And you have the Ex-Acts stan (Miley, Selena, Ariana, Demi) aka MEAN GIRLS 2 chracters no one cares about because no one watched it like no one listens to their faves' subpar music. The ex-Act stans are @Tattooed Heart @dreamer @FlorianLovato and i forgot the others but I don't know her (them). jk sistrens I like some of their songs
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    Hello all. I will be taking leave from the forum after tomorrow for at least one week as I need to get some shit done in my personal life and this website has been consuming me lately with everything going on. I will still login if I get some time to post but my admin duties will be taken on by none other than COP's very own @Nicki Minaj (Aka Adam). We've known each other for almost 3 years now and I trust him 100% as does Manuela ( @laracroftonline my co-admin). He will be taking care of day to day operations on the forum and making sure everything is running smoothly (which is a full time job in itself tbh). This will also be a good opportunity for him to get familiar with the admin panel as he will be taking over duties from me in the future when I go on trips (like my USA trip in June/July). No, i'm not leaving the forum. Just taking a backseat from time to time.
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    Can we get a stanbadge for the British Nicki Minaj; STEFFLON DON @Dirkje @Moebius @Avalanche @demimaniac @byakkoya @iNNA @Miley Ray @shmeur @Nicki Minaj @Dirkje @Homojénik @Finessé Knowles @Dollar Bills @Bianca Del Rio @Moist Mahomie @dream @DREAMPOP @MSL @jackgrande @Salvatore @Diaboliq @shmeur @spazattack @KnightofCrescentLovatic @mimibutterfly @Dangerous Woman @ONIKA @Believe In Furler @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @Tattooed Heart @Oh My Gaga @Buttercrush @Lemons @Black Beauty @Pixelated Cunt @kipperskipper @Trainwreck @Nacht @Maren Swift @hammer @Olivia Pope @LANDlover @life13swift @IsThatSaraS @Liam Payne @Craig @Blue Sunshine @CoryisaCunt @The Boy @Godney @Caramel @beysus @Sempiternal Let me know if you want me to upvote any of your requests!
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    Melissa Vandella deserves her own stanbadge. #Stolen @Dirkje @Moebius @Avalanche @demimaniac @byakkoya @iNNA @Miley Ray @shmeur @Nicki Minaj @Dirkje @Homojénik @Finessé Knowles @Dollar Bills @Bianca Del Rio @Moist Mahomie @dream @DREAMPOP @MSL @jackgrande @Salvatore @Diaboliq @shmeur @spazattack @KnightofCrescentLovatic @mimibutterfly @Dangerous Woman @ONIKA @Believe In Furler @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @Tattooed Heart @Oh My Gaga @Buttercrush @Lemons @Black Beauty @Pixelated Cunt @kipperskipper @Trainwreck @Nacht @Maren Swift @hammer @Olivia Pope @LANDlover @life13swift @IsThatSaraS @Liam Payne @Craig @Blue Sunshine @CoryisaCunt @The Boy @Godney @Caramel @beysus @Sempiternal
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    I hope you enjoy your time off, sis! The mod team, Manuela and I will take care of everything in the meantime
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    I wanted to request a Lauren Jauregui Stanbadge, i know probably not many ppl want one, but i'm a #jaguar and would make me really happy so plz help a sis out!!
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    Hello everybody! My name is Dirkje and I will be the host of this live event! Its time Church of Pop shows it has talent! Just like the shows we know from TV it will be live. The only difference will be that this is gonna be online! Story of how it began: One day @shmeur said in a post in Random Thoughts that he would love to see an event like this. But he didnt want to host, he wanted to be a contestant. So I saw the thread and said it was a great idea and agreed I would host it. Of course a big event like this needs some preparation. And because I have Autism and find it hard to do big things like this alone, I have found an amazing team around me. Those people will also be the judges. But for the preparing process they helped me with the ideas and make sure I made the right decisions. Everything for a nice evening of COP entertainment! How will the event look like? My intention is to let you feel like you are being in a real Got Talent show with the only difference being this being online. The event will be live so will be the judging. I'm the host and will present the contestant. The contestant posts his or her act his/herself. Then the judges begin judging. There are 4 judges who will judge the act only. Even if they know who the act is by. If 3 or more judges gives green light, that will mean you are through the next round. I think there will be an audition round and a final round. Just like the real show on TV there is also a public. The public can show their appreciation by upvoting. The public in COP will be the watching users. (Watchiing users are COPers that are interested to watch but didnt send anything) The public opinion might in fluent the judges, but only the judges can decide who they put through and who not. The judges are @L U K E @hammer @Black Beauty and @jackgrande What kind of acts am I allowed to submit? Any kinds! It could be you recording a song, a comedy act. You posting a story you wrote, a poem. Or maybe graphics, photography, drawing, or anything else you'd like to show. This is an unique chance for you to show your talent other than a single thread! How can I sign up and submit? You submit by PMing me the following: I would like to.......... No more information! I just need to know what you're doing so I can make sure the show will be fun and variable! I will not tell the judges so that they dont know anything and the judging will be pure and honest during the show. I also wont be telling in the thread you signed up. Just so the judging will be honest. Any questions? Feel free to ask! DEADLINE: You have a month to prepare something! The actual show will be somewhere early April. Last but not least, I really need to thank @Trainwreck for the amazing banner he made! Any details on the show and exact dates will be revealed later this month. Be creative and show us your best!
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    ~ Ever have to deal with people that give false promises and lies? The kind that seem to be there, but never listen to your cries? Those that say they will never leave, and will always be around? Yet when you need them the most they're nowhere to be found? What do you do when people say they care but then just leave? Do you accept it and move on, or do you simply stop and grieve? Over the last year so many people have come and gone in my life. Very few have brought happiness, while others have brought strife. With a few it's been nothing but a lot of stress and strain. People that seemed to be in it only for their own personal gain. It's made me see that in this world there is just too much greed. People just want the wrong things, and not what they really need. I guess I can't complain, I've been guilty of a lot of greed as well. Could that be the reason why I live my life in this state of hell? Maybe that's the reason why my suffering never really ends? Maybe that's why I can't seem to hold onto those I call my friends? Whatever the case may be, it seems that no one is truly here to stay. Which is why I sometimes think it would be best if I were to fade away. ~
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    Ya’ll claim to hate her voice, but listen to her songs the day they come out Ya’ll claim “the future is female”, but fat shame her and bash her for her mental illnesses on the daily Ya’ll claim to stan people but only talk and post about Demi Ya’ll claim she flops and when shown receipts switch the point Ya’ll say her musicality is weak and use a song from a soundtrack to a kids movie as receipts Ya’ll say she’s over but she’s reaching career milestones ten years into her career Ya’ll say she’s irrelevant but she’s arguably one of the most discussed artists in COP What is so triggering about Demi? Why do her COP haters talk about her SO much? Why do they fume so much over Demi-related content? I thought they didn’t care for her?
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    EMOTE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM DADDY ADMIN NICKI MINAJ New emotes have been added that received 10+ upvotes in the past month: Also, I tried to add that Selena emote called :talentedbeauty: but the system refused to We love a Demi stan Also, as requested, God and Satan (respectively) now have their own sections If you want your fav to have a section, make sure they can either fill up a whole section (like Nicki) or at least have 16+ emotes (like Taylor) and I'll consider it Also, if there are any emotes in particular that you think aren't used and could get the boot, let me know. I removed the Spongebob section since nobody uses it and, to prevent the emote section from bulking, I'd love to find some more to delete
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    Amount of Wins: badgallaura: 13 Kipperskipper: 4 Indie - Nicki Minaj - lanadel: 3 jackgrande - Dangerous Woman - Tattooed Heart - The Boy - Oh My Gaga - Blue Sunshine - Lemons - hammer: 2 beysus - Craig - P!nk - Desperado - Nacht - Inna - Cyrus - Ms. Knee - KingOfCrescentLovatic - Maren Swift - Salvatore - M A R N - - CoryisaCunt - Black Beauty - Finesse Knowles: 1
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    @Nicki Minaj!! Acceptance Speech:
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    @Desperado !!! Their Winning Speech: Now you guys might be asking how this happened but truth is I've won this award once before and I thought it's time for another legendary Navy member to take it home! Truly an iconic legend, congrats!
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    AUSTIN MAHONE COME ON, YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT!!! @Dirkje @Moebius @Avalanche @demimaniac @byakkoya @iNNA @Miley Ray @shmeur @Nicki Minaj @Dirkje @Homojénik @Finessé Knowles @Dollar Bills @Bianca Del Rio @Moist Mahomie @dream @DREAMPOP @MSL @jackgrande @Salvatore @Diaboliq @shmeur @spazattack @KnightofCrescentLovatic @mimibutterfly @Dangerous Woman @ONIKA @Believe In Furler @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @Tattooed Heart @Oh My Gaga @Buttercrush @Lemons @Black Beauty @Pixelated Cunt @kipperskipper @Trainwreck @Nacht @Maren Swift @hammer @Olivia Pope @LANDlover @life13swift @IsThatSaraS @Liam Payne @Craig @Blue Sunshine @CoryisaCunt @The Boy @Godney @Caramel @beysus @Sempiternal
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    Theres the little monsters, don't argue with those gays unless you want downvotes on your record The Ariana stans, they're pretty chill (if you're on their good side ) The mods, those bitches gather the problematics The Anti-SJW's The outspoken, those are the users that sometimes make offensive or shady statements but when you talk to them they're actually pretty chill ( @almighty dweebz @beysus @Indie Redux @Salvatore @L U K E ) The irrelevants (me & shmeur) The Lana stans, rumor has it they stoned a Lana hater to death with Ultraviolence CD's Theres super cool places to hang out, like the funhouse where kipper, oh my gaga, and shmeur are hosting their very own games , and the battlegrounds where MSL and beysus play games with people's feelings Make time for the NHB section if you really want to see some ugly stuff, but don't worry you'll probably know all the drama 15 minutes from now because someone always brings it up COP is just so fun
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    i still want a halsey stan badge. please upvote even if you hate her + i'll payola whenever you need it @[email protected]@Sempiternal plz upvote @ @ @bpl640 × 640 - open.spotify.com @n
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    also Normani Kordei would be nice @Dirkje @Moebius @Avalanche @demimaniac @byakkoya @iNNA @Miley Ray @shmeur @Nicki Minaj @Dirkje @Homojénik @Finessé Knowles @Dollar Bills @Bianca Del Rio @Moist Mahomie @dream @DREAMPOP @MSL @jackgrande @Salvatore @Diaboliq @shmeur @spazattack @KnightofCrescentLovatic @mimibutterfly @Dangerous Woman @ONIKA @Believe In Furler @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @Tattooed Heart @Oh My Gaga @Buttercrush @Lemons @Black Beauty @Pixelated Cunt @kipperskipper @Trainwreck @Nacht @Maren Swift @hammer @Olivia Pope @LANDlover @life13swift @IsThatSaraS @Liam Payne @Craig @Blue Sunshine @CoryisaCunt @The Boy @Godney @Caramel @beysus @Sempiternal
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    Hello guys! The "ZERO Councils" will be occasional threads where the active people in this section of COP get to have their say on the section's guidelines, development and so on. On this first council I wanted to ask you guys about two things. 1. ZERO Mentions List I have compiled all (I think) the users who have posted or post in this section and made a mentions list so that I can quickly get messages across whenever I need to, for instance, for threads like this. If any of you want to be excluded from the mentions list (to avoid my annoying ass in case I decide to mention you ), please tell me and I'll do it. 2. Certifications The good sis @Ms. Knee just brought up the fact we all have different values for our certifications. He thinks if we all set the same values, everything would be more accurate around the section and the comparisons would be easier. I agree to an extent, while I also think we all have different listening habits and that's why it's cool that we can have our own values. What do you think about all of us having the same values for certificates? Please post your opinion and if we get a majority, we can further address it and test it out! That's all for now Buy Tell Me You Love Me on iTunes!
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    :talentedbeauty: Hi guys, please upvote this post so we receive this beautifully talented emoji @Dangerous Woman @Homojénik @Finessé Knowles @Moist Mahomie @dream @DREAMPOP @Diaboliq @shmeur @spazattack @KnightofCrescentLovatic @ONIKA @Believe In Furler @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @Tattooed Heart @Oh My Gaga @Black Beauty @Pixelated Cunt @kipperskipper @Trainwreck @Nacht @Maren Swift @hammer @life13swift @IsThatSaraS @Liam Payne @Craig @Destiny Hope @Blue Sunshine @CoryisaCunt @The Boy @Godney
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    @kipperskipper is NOT having it!
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    You have the SJW kweens. They are the loudest on the forum The vile clik. think they are the popular g0rls but nice try hennies! The sweethearts (dirkje, life13swift, etc) The lovely mods. Keeping us all in order And regina George is none other than @Indie Redux
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    MUSIC NEWS: Music News will be co-modded by @Black Beauty and @Moist Mahomie! I am excited for this team, I think both are going to do great. Now I do need to explain this before I get any backlash. I've known "MM" for 6 years+ from another small community called Pop Daily. I used to admin that forum before I left due to not being able to run all the technical aspects myself. But I do know that MM is a flaw-free section moderator on that forum and with his experience and BB's commitment to the forum, we should really be able to see positive changes in this section!
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    @VIP @VIP Verified @VIP Verified Mods @Section Moderators @Newbies @Moderators @Members @Homojénik Mods are getting sick and tired of all the reports about personal attacks on artists outside of the SYG thread. Comments like calling Britney a "rotten stripper" are only allowed in the SYG thread. We've discussed it as a team and the honeymoon period is well and truly over, the rules were amended months ago so it's time to come up to speed and meet them so we can have less animosity on the boards. WPs will now be given for every comment that infringes on this.
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    Who would everyone be? @Sempiternal would be Tonks same hair and cool vibe about her @Dangerous Woman would be Dobby because beauty is a talent (jk sis) Professor Trelawney would be @Blue Sunshine because we all know Heather is a psychic who found the prophecy that neither COP or LOP can survive while the other is still alive. Ginny Weasley would be @Dirkje because they're both very cute and underrated. And we all remember when the big snake aka @Maren Swift tried to kill her in the Chamber of Secrets aka the NHB section. Gilderoy Lockhart would be @Nicki Minaj because he's a Cute admin who was caught lying in the COP News by @Salvatore about blocking @lanadel from her mod position. Molly Weasley is @laracroftonline because she DRAGGED LOP when they ripped off COP ''Not my forum you bitch'' @Daraesthetic is Bellatrix Lestrange Mad Eye is @R A D A R O U T S O L D because a new member once stole his @ and we only found out about the polyCOPjuice moments later McGonagall is @badgallaura she can transform into a pussy like Laura in the S&R section and hosts many games and courses. Dolores Umbridge is @AALIYAH DANA trying to make new rules happen in the COP school and bullies @laracroftonline Lucius Malfoy is @Black Beauty because beautiful black gowns, great black gowns Lupin is @shmeur because there's a She Wolf in the closet Hagrid is @Moist Mahomie because he's a daddy Luna LoveGood is @lanadel an underrated beauty Fred and George Weasley are the 2 Beyonce stans @almighty dweebz @Lemons for no particular reason. Draco Malfoy is @Thug Misses ENT because of their blond hair and they both stan SNAKESIA Sirius Black is @kipperskipper because they both went to jail and can transform into skinny dogs! Voldemort is me cuz I'm mean and killed @kingofcrescentlovatic's parents aka @florianLovato and @Trainwreck Neville Longbottom is @homojenik cuz they're both cute af Dumbledore is @beysus cuz they're superior to everyone Snape is @bianca del rio cuz they stan Lily Potter Allen Ron Weasley is @Nacht cuz they're both shady af with Hermione aka @life13swift and Harry Potter is @kingofcrescentlovatic cuz he's the best guy ever
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    @Blue Sunshine!!! Acceptance Speech:
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    @lanadel!!!!! Acceptance Speech:
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    We welcome 8-time Grammy winner Fergie opening the show with the National Anthem!!!
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    New request: Meghan Trainor @hammer @MTrain @Nicki Minaj @Oh My Gaga @jackgrande @life13swift @Desperado @kipperskipper @FlorianLovato @mimibutterfly @shmeur @lanadel Mentioning for upvotes so right before her new era!
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    1) What is ZERO Charts? ZERO is a feature that works with your last fm account, to automatically create weekly charts of your most played artists, albums and songs. Once you sign up to ZERO through your last.fm account, it will not only create charts for you in the future, but it will back up your last.fm data to bring you charts from the past! You can join ZERO here. 2) How does this section work? The purpose of the section is to have a place to discuss our individual charts, and compare them with each other. That not only includes whole updates but the specific performances of songs/albums/artists. 3) Can I start threads in this section? How? Yes, you can start any thread you want to see: from highlighting specific stats of your chart, to starting a discussion on specific songs/albums/artists. Here are some examples of threads you can start: Sorry Not Sorry – Performance? Here, you would be allowed to post the peak, plays, points, chart-run and certifications of Sorry Not Sorry. The idea is for various members to post their data so that we can discuss it and see how the song does amongst other users! Swish Swish vs. Bad Blood – Which one did better? Here you would post your stats for both SS and BB, just to compare which one outdid the other on your chart! Keep in mind this section is outside of Battlegrounds, so no crossing the line is allowed! How much has Lady Gaga sold on your chart? Here you would post your total plays and points for Lady Gaga. Top 10 most successful female artists of your chart Here, you can rank your 10 best performing female singers, as well as any stat on them that you think is relevant or fitting to their success on your chart. So many other possibilities are open! If you wish to see references and examples of threads you could possibly make, head PM or mention me on the ZC discussion thread, and I'll be more than happy to inform you! 4) How do I find out about a song/album/artist's... 5) I want to post a weekly chart, do I have to start a new thread? Threads for weekly updates have already been created, you just post your chart in them. Find them here: SONGS | ALBUMS | ARTISTS However, if you feel like consistently updating your charts, you can go ahead and create a thread for them! Make sure the thread's title is in the following format: "User | ZERO Charts" For any other questions, doubts, issues, comments or suggestions you might have, don't hesitate to tell me! I'll be moderating the section from now, so I'll be pretty active around here!
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    Hello! I've been meaning to make this introduction for almost a month, but alas. Anyway, my name is Drew! I have quite a long list of ladies & gents that I do truly love, but my number one will always and forever be Miss Britney Spears. I'm also very passionate about movies and actors/actresses.
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    I’ll start with a few pics I took last week when I went to Kew Gardens, i’m aware i’m not amazing i’m just an amateur but it’s what I love doing so
  44. 14 points
    Susumu Hirasawa @Dirkje @Moebius @Avalanche @demimaniac @byakkoya @iNNA @Miley Ray @shmeur @Nicki Minaj @Dirkje @Homojénik @Finessé Knowles @Dollar Bills @Bianca Del Rio @Moist Mahomie @dream @DREAMPOP @MSL @jackgrande @Salvatore @Diaboliq @shmeur @spazattack @KnightofCrescentLovatic @mimibutterfly @Dangerous Woman @ONIKA @Believe In Furler @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @Tattooed Heart @Oh My Gaga @Buttercrush @Lemons @Black Beauty @Pixelated Cunt @kipperskipper @Trainwreck @Nacht @Maren Swift @hammer @Olivia Pope @LANDlover @life13swift @IsThatSaraS @Liam Payne @Craig @Blue Sunshine @CoryisaCunt @The Boy @Godney @Caramel @beysus @Sempiternal
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    So since there's not much of an agreement about the certification values thing, and considering, like I said, that everyone has different listening habits which adapt to higher or lower values depending on each person, let's just scrap this idea for now. Thanks for the feedback!
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    @kipperskipper @Dangerous Woman @Sempiternal @shmeur @Maren Swift @hammer @Breakdown and all the Lambs
  49. 14 points
    @M A R N ☆!! Acceptance Speech:
  50. 14 points
    @Oh My Gaga!!!!!! Acceptance Speech: