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    I would like to purchase the site.
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    It's really not hard to see the reason as to why this site has pretty much died..
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    I could pay monthly if no one else does/wants to. But it seems to be settled already.
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    i graduate tomorrow, very excited
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    An apology thread where you blame everyone and everything except yourself for all the shit that has happened?
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    Kinda sad some people feel the need to signup and spam the forum with horrible images.
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    How SAD do you have to be to sign up with multiple accounts to spam (and actually look up) disgusting pics??
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    spent 90% of my junior & senior year scrolling on COP but I graduated lol nnnn
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    Cleaned the mess
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    Are you really gonna warn me for saying “tea” in a thread @YouAreMyEverything? This forum gets like 15 posts a day at most, you shouldn’t warn one of the 3 posters of the day for really dumb things.
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    Well, it's over.
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    CRYSTAL METHOD @Elusive Loverboy Hair Makeup Dress Head piece Heels Accessory Commentary: "For my quintessential drag look, I went with a warrior aesthetic. I came from being in the bottom two day 1 to fighting for a spot in the finale. I rose from the weakest player to one of the strongest. More than anyone here, I am a fighter and a warrior. And of course, I had to go with monochromatic gold since I've become known for my golden runway looks!" When walking to the end of the runway, Crystal makes a warrior stance, holding up her sword defensively. She then swings her sword through the air and smiles at the judges before walking off
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    Like if you wanna leave just leave at this point. No one cares.
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    this is getting out of hand
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    kinda sad how the time i decide to come back to COP it like... dies
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    OP posting 3 times before anybody even replies
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    People really like to agitate you then cop a plea when confronted .. truly some fraud s***!
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    Hey guys! I hope y'all doing good. I won't be as active here so feel free to follow me on twitter. @cheriemoonpie
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    Well I'm off to Portugal tomorrow girlies so I won't be online much, keep the forum active luv you all xo
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    - Critiques will be coming Sunday as I have to stay at someones house to film stuff for school (yuck) - ALOTTA HEAUX WILL BE A SPECIAL GUEST JUDGE - Next ep is the final - - The top 3 will perform a song that they write a verse for - - Probs Queens Everywhere or something like that -
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    LA DIABLESSE @Rainbow 💫 Tonight on the runway, La Diablesse wants to remind everyone on who is her. She entered the workroom and described herself as a queen who can portray various characters while having an element of fear and scare to her but can easily switch it up to something sexy or pretty. Thus she decided to portray the character of a scarecrow today on the runway. Her face is covered, her entire body is covered thus adding a mysterious element. Scary but make it fashion! She is wearing a garment that is made entirely from a burlap sack. The headpiece is also made from a burlap sack. She walks the runway and the light are dim and dark thus contributing to the dramatic spectacle of the outfit. This garment is serving high fashion couture! She reaches to the top center of the runway and begins to remove her headpiece and her garment in a mysterious way. This is done because she is doing a reveal. The second dress is made of straw/ hay to further display the scarecrow imagery as they are found on farms and straw is a common item found at farms. La Diablesse transforms from a totally creepy scarecrow to a more fashionable version yet still keeping the element of terror with the makeup used. She uses a hat and gloves as accessories which add to the overall look. A closer look at the hair Makeup A closer look at shoes: Hat Scarecrow gloves: La Diablesse gives her all with a reveal and some drama for the last runway before the finale. She portrays a scary yet fashionable character which she is best known for.
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    HEEBIE JEEBIES @kipperskipper Heebie Jeebies walks out in a face mask made entirely out of human teeth, accompanied by a rose flower crown. She walks down the runway in what appears to be a basic smock-like dress with a skull face at the bottom folds of the dress....but then... The dress starts to slowly expand and inflate into a full skull!!! The dress completely fills with air and Heebies is a spooky skull! She completes the look with these red sparkly heels that have real human teeth on the soles. Heebie Jeebies likes fashion. Heebie Jeebies likes to scare you. Heebie Jeebies like skulls. Heebie Jeebies like humans. Heebie Jeebies likes teeth. Heebie Jeebies likes to make fashion out of skulls and human teeth. Did I scare you?
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    AUNTIE MCDONALDS @Oh My Gaga Auntie McDonalds walks out to the runway... Quintessential! Auntie is so many things, she can be minimalistic or she can be extra as fuck and have a staircase in her dress , but what's always true is that she will put on a SHOW every time she comes on the stage! She's very poised, but isn't afraid to take a risk every once in a while, and her looks aren't always traditional. Today she's serving glamour, but not the boring type It's hard to say what exactly defines Auntie's style, as she's shown something different every week, so we're gonna say she's a CHAMELEON, a truly well rounded queen, just crown it already!!
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