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    Did she lie though? I wouldn’t call this a meltdown, she just spilt the tea
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    Bhad Bhabie, a fourteen year old meme, can easily reach the Hot 100 by just releasing a song and a video. Meanwhile, the "queens of rap" with their comeback single and Nicki Minaj diss track that has been hyped up for weeks and promoted on the Wendy Williams show, the Breakfast Club, Sway in the Morning, Genius and TRL have failed to even make it to the #100 spot. Why can't they keep up?
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    Many of you have already noticed the changes, but for those that haven't and for those that maybe don't know how to use the new things, then this thread is for you. First of all, COP has finished 'moving' hosts and we have arrived at our final destination. The site is running fast (well, it should be) and there should be no more glitches Now here are the new features: 1. POKING. You can now 'poke' other members like on facebook. To poke another member, go to the 'create' dropdown menu at the top and click 'poke'. 2. USERNAME ICONS. Customisable icons next to your username. To get an icon, click the dropdown member next to your username at the top, then 'account settings' then 'user icon'. 3. PROFILE SONGS. You can now feature a song on your own COP profile! Simply click on your profile and click 'profile song' which should appear above your cover photo. 4. UPLOAD IMAGES. VIP members can now upload images directly to the site and include them in your posts. Simply click 'drag a file' or 'choose a file' from your documents in the post box to upload it We hope you like these changes, it feels SO GOOD now being on a new host and being able to bring about all these changes. We hope for those members that aren't active yet you'll discover the world of COP!
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    Hello. I’m @popfactsnews on Twitter. I provide the lastest most reliable updates on all your faves. I personally stan a lot of artists. Mains are Ariana, Selena, Taylor, Nicki and Camila. There’s so many more of course. I’m an unproblematic person and I love music and I am here to enjoy thanks and I hope y’all keep up with me For the tea ☕️ On twitter and here at Church of pop.
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    I see what you're doing here. This is a post like Indie would do about Nicki, except about Indie's faves. Love it.
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    I swear I saw this exact thread a month ago
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    Your favs just can't live up to the greatness that is the iconic Phineas & Ferb character, Perry the Platypus, also known as Agent P. He defeats evil on a daily basis, something Katy Perry failed to do with "Swish Swish" He is thicc and can shake his real backside. Can Nicki relate? He can do acrobatics. P!nk who? He can play the guitar at a much more advanced level than Taylor. He refuses to bathe, giving Post Malone a run for his money. He also has the ability to look like he's 8. Ariana can only go down to 12. Face it. Perry the Platypus outsold, outperformed, outgrossed and outtalented. Your favs just can't keep up.
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    Can we get a Lily Allen badge?
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    Gather Around Now Im back from my holiday But I get stronger I get messier in the nick of time I rose up from the dead I do it all the time I got a list of cringy names and ur fave is underlined
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    Okay, so I just wanna say how much I love everyone here...when I joined this forum I didn't expect to make as many friends as I have. I didn't expect to have so many people to like me either. Everyday I'm happier to have found this place and I'm beyond happy to still be here and to even be voted a mod something I didn't think would happen so I thank you all for making my time here and the future so much fun..I LOVE YOU ALL
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    Also hanging around the old taylor...
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    I'm a 22-year-old bitch from Sweden with an eclectic taste in music.
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    :waxga: WHAT DID I DO LMAO Cyrus @P!nk @Dirkje @life13swift @CUZiCAN @Harmonia @Homojénik @MSL @Trainwreck @badgallaura @The Boy @kipperskipper @Nicki Minaj @praisethelorde @Maren Swift @Believe In Furler @Dangerous Woman @Moebius @moonlightgrande @Fifth Harmony @Sonii @AALIYAH DANA @Lemons @unbeyleivable @DREAMPOP @Kylie Minogue
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    Ho Ho Ho Bitches! @Heartbeat and I would like to officially welcome you to the first annual end of the year Hot 100 Most Iconic Members Countdown! Here we celebrate the 100 members that you feel have made the biggest impact on the forum or are the most iconic members around. We want to honor all those here on the site from the good, the bad, and of course the messy. Before we get to the first step in this process, we would like to take time to take a moment to acknowledge that everyone here has helped us grow at an unprecedented rate and setting and breaking records along the way. In less than a year we've gone from a new forum to the second most active english pop forum around and that is because of all of you! NOW LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS! The way the order of members will be decided is entirely by you. Follow the links provided and there you will list your top 15 members who you think are the most iconic. The person you put in the #1 spot will receive 15 points, #2 gets 14 points, and so on. Once the voting is closed we will add up the total points of each member. After that, we will place each member on the list according to the total amount of points received from most to least. Voting closes December 17th 1-10 11-15 @Administrators @Members @Moderators @Section Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @VIP Verified Mods @Newbies
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    UPDATE: I've lowered it to 15 people just to make it a little easier
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    she spilled tea and yall will either sip or stay in denial
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    I understand I've been away for a couple of weeks due to school and personal matters, but I'm back and I'll make more time to be on here as well. I missed you guys. :)
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    PEOPLE, I made it to 1k reps!! I’m so happy! It took my months (while other it took like 3 weeks ) but yaaaay! Thank you to everyone who upvoted me and especially thank you to @The Boy for giving me that little push to surpass 1k you’re the true MVP I’ll continue to upvote most of y’all cause you all deserve it can’t wait to update this post with 2k reps in 5 months lmao.
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    since y’all have well... interesting taste I thought i’d do a megarate for the best pop album of 2016, Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. You can listen to the album on Spotify or Apple Music! VOTING IS OPEN UNTIL FRIDAY 8TH DECEMBER RESULTS SHOW ON SATURDAY 9TH DECEMBER TRACKS: VOTING/RULES: Rate all of the songs on a scale of 1-10, and rate your favourite song an 11. Send me your votes via PM! Voting closes on Friday 8th of December so get them in before then bitches... results will be announced at a later date. Also, if y’all make I Don’t Care last I’m gonna throw a fucking TANTRUM. VOTING DEADLINE - 8/12/17 - SEND VOTES VIA PM
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    @badgallaura is Rihanna. Rose to fame so suddenly. Some love her, some hate her. She releases a status update album every two seconds and her haters are patiently waiting for her to flop but, at this point with her double diamond certification, it just isn't going to happen.
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    Omg!!!!!! thank you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought this day would!!!! it feels so nice to be recognized especially from you and all the mods!!! I love Cop so much and i want nothing but the best for this site!!!!!
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    Official mod announcements: Runner up (first in line to take over a mod position when it becomes available)... @Maren Swift Mod 1: @kipperskipper Mod 2: @badgallaura You will be given your permissions within the next hour (I’m still not home yet). Thank you to all 30 applicants. Competition was incredibly tough this time around so we hope there are no hard feelings. Unfortunately not everyone is a ‘winner’ but maybe next time!
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    is this your definition of meltdown?
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    :lucifer3: @Maren Swift - @life13swift - @vendettaswift - @Praying4stuff - @Brigitte Bardot - @Paper Heart - @TheArgonaut - @M A R N ☆ - @Khris - @Moebius - @MSL - @Sokka - @CUZ!CAN - @Cyrus - @Medoner - @Slemio - @badgallaura could you upvote this please?
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    :sharon: For those facepalm moments Taglist shamelessly copied from @Denis Stoff, love u bby @Nicki Minaj, @Young & Beautiful, @lanadel, @badgallaura, @ACT2, @Galactic-tiger, @kipperskipper, @EliteFourBrad, @LegendaryWitness, @Indie's Revenge, @Medoner, @Maren Swift, @Paper Heart, @G.U.Y., @Cyrus, @Breakdown, @KnightofCrescentLovatic, @P!nk, @The Boy, @Mentor, @barbiej33p, @SZORMANI, @Big Time Sensuality, @AALIYAH DANA, @life13swift, @MDNAInMyRebelHeart, @Irrelevant, @xbrittanylynn, @Ms. Knee, @Dangerous Woman, @Jake, @Believe In Furler, @Childish Darbino, @justcatchmedemi, @Joydiperro, @daydream, @spazattack, @Khris, @ONIKA, @Bleh, @Joanne, @Homojénik, @Brigitte Bardot, @TheArgonaut, @starlord
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    NOT A TAYLOR STAN COMING FOR LIVE VOCALS WHILE DOING INTENSE ACROBATICS WHILE KEEPING PITCH. SIS the entire idea that she is able to do this is something no other artist can ever attempt to dream of doing. But what does Taylor offer that's new? Reputation? Oh you mean a goody good popstar attacking the media and having her "bad girl dark era" oh wait, it's been done before by Britney and Rihanna.
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    I have to rank members. I love so many though. This will be tough to decide. Also vote for me. I deserve just like Taylucifer at the Grammys.
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    We're WELL AWARE the site is running slow and still has a couple of small glitches. The site is currently hosted on Manuela's own server, however we are moving servers probably in the next week. We've found a good reliable, cheap host with unlimited storage and we're just in the process now of getting all the preliminary things sorted. We were only using this server as a spring board onto better things. So stay tuned bitches
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    It's Britney, bitch I see you And I just wanna dance with you Everytime they turn the lights down Just wanna go that extra mile for you You got my display of affection Feels like no one else in the room but you We can get down like there's no one around We keep on rockin, we keep on rockin Camera's are flashing while we're dirty dancing They keep watching, they keep watching Feels like the crowd was saying Gimme gimme more, gimme more Gimme gimme more I just can't control myself They want more? We'll give them more GIMME GIMME MORE GIMME MORE GIMME GIMME MORE That is all. Thank you for your attention
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    Onazi Garbaj is the SCUM OF THE EARTH. She pays for her fans tuitions, gives to charity and even helped Indian village get back on its feet. HOW DISGUSTING. And hyper-sexual songs like All Things Go, I Lied, The Crying Game, Pills N Potions, Bed of Lies, Grand Piano, Mona Lisa & Put You in a Room (all from the flop Stinkprint btw) make me SICK. And having a top 10 every year since 2009 SCREAMS FLOP. Cardi B & Iggy Azalea got a #1 first!1!1 Something about fake hits. Something about rape. Something about Remy Ma. Something about streaming Lil Kim Wake Me Up and being real rap. Discuss ...
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    Look What You Made Me Do climbs to #1 whilst Taylor claims entire top 10. Reputation's songs all debut in the top 20. Expect good holds as I finally get to listen to the album this week. Bubbling Under Chart: Thank you for participating. I hope you continue to scrobble and contribute to the charts. My exams are over, to possibly mixed results but we'll see when my grades come out, so now I have more free time since no one hired me over the summer. . As usual can someone pin this post and change the title to display Taylor's dominance to the forum. And yes I've spotted some very minor mistakes in the chart already but I'm too lazy to fix them, the chart order is correct and that is what is important. I've fixed these small errors in my excel sheet.
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    still in the running to be COP's Next Top Model... but next time I won't be checking that attitude.. I'll be dragging you across the stage bich.
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    Deja vu by katy perry is a bop
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    So, our favorite dumpster fire of a forum is currently experiencing thousands of duplicate posts and the mods had to shut down most of the threads Will North Koreatrl survive or is she finally taking her last breath?
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    Idk if i can do this, i'm not even sure i know 20 people from here to judge this
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    I Did Something Bad #1 for third week and Taylor has all songs from reputation in the top 20 after releasing reputation to streaming. I Did Something Bad remains at #1 whilst Taylor has all songs from reputation in the top 20 after releasing to streaming. Perfect with Beyonce is the hot shot debut at #15 whilst two Christmas songs enter the top 20. All I Want For Christmas Is You at #16 and Santa Tell Me at #18. Love Galore has the highest jump up 45 spots from #79 to #34. Tell Me You Love also gets a boost jumping 35 spots to #26. Also the Anti listening party allowed several songs from the album to chart. The biggest drop belonged to Little Mix. If I Get My Way dropped 61 spots to #72 whilst Is Your Love Enough drops off the chart from #2. For those watching for the female rap songs, Motor Sport went up 15 spots to #31, Wake Me Up drops 5 spots to #55, Took Us A Break drops off the chart completely and Cardi B's Bodak Yellow Re-enters at #28. Bubbling Under: Thank you for participating. I hope you continue to scrobble and contribute to the charts. As usual can someone pin this post and change the title to display Taylor's continued dominance to the forum. Also say goodbye to these accounts leaving us. Also Aaliyah Dana has had her account removed from the charts for three weeks. Bye bye.
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    i just went PLATINUM 1 MONTH AFTER i joined this beautiful place also 1 WEEK AFTER i announced that 'i went GOLD' all these achievements i'm making right now it's all because of you my loves thx for upvoting my messy comments i love you (btw im on TOP 15 yay!)
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    Hi, I stan Britney Spears, Beyonce, and Ariana Grande, but I'm always looking for new faves. Uh, I used to really like kpop but it's super boring to me now but if you like Big Bang, 2NE1 or Blackpink, hit me up. My twitter @ is seuorare, but I mostly retweet boring stuff. ANYWAYS, let's get along ladies!
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    So I’m just making this thread to formally say goodbye. This is going to be my last day on here. I don’t know if this is going to be temporary or not but I’m taking a break from this forum. I joined because I love pop culture and wanted to have fun discussing my faves with other people. However the amount of negativity, bandwagon hating and senseless dragging almost to the point of bullying my faves is far too much for me. I get that we all have our different taste in music but y’all take it too far. Anyways, thanks to everyone who made my experience on this forum enjoyable. @Childish Darbino @The Boy @Fifth Harmony @LegendaryWitness @jackgrande @hammer. (hope I’m not forgetting anyone) EDIT: Im not taking it as a personal attack but when there's only like 2-3 people who I can discuss my faves with and the rest of the site is against them it becomes more exhausting than it is fun
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    I know that i've been getting on some members nerves for a while now because i've been VERY honest with this forum regarding my opinions about politics and pop music. I'm not your everyday admin, i'm a cool admin. Kidding but yeah i understand the way i do things isn't orthodox and a lot of people can't really handle their admin being one of the boys so to speak so this is why I will be retreating on a couple of topics that cause regular controversy. I'm still going to be here spilling tea on the daily but you just won't see me here talking about politics or a certain artist (she who must not be named) for an extended period (at least into the new year). Love you all. - Indie. @VIP
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    Call It What You Want reaches #1 whilst ...Ready For It and Havana hold strong at #2 and #3. Kelly Clarkson falls as only 3 of her songs remain on the chart. The new chart is also expanded to include 100 songs. Bubbling Under chart Thank you for participating. Hope you like the new charts. I'm kinda tired so if anything is wrong I'm sorry. If you would like to sign up please post or send me your last.fm username. As usual can someone change the title and pin this post.
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    [The next Wendy GIF] :wendy42: