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    So I wanted to give a gift to COP, so I wrote you guys a poem for Pride Month. Writing this was a challenge as opposed to my usual stuff which just jumps into my head. I even made a cover for it. I hope you guys like it. Colors We are all different, The planets inhabitants are a plethora of colors, Like a rainbow. We are also alike. The world is vibrant, We are red, this life is ours And we only get one, The sad truth is that one day we shall all be dead. We should spread love to one another, And be there for each other. We may not be related by blood But in a way we are all sisters and brothers, Of the human race. Don’t judge people for who they chose as lovers, If you must judge, then judge people by how they treat others. We are orange. We may fight but we need not live our lives in a state of strife. Together we can heal, And Nothing good ever comes from suppressing our feels. We are yellow, Our different personalities burn bright, Much like the blinding sunlight, We spread our light like a seed and yes a world often clouded with darkness needs bright radiant beams. We are green, And the planet is our Queen, We must serve her, respect her treat her well, Or we will both perish. We are blue, Our bodies seek to soothe, Seek serenity. Peace and happiness, is a common goal for us all. When we have trouble reaching that state, We may stumble and fall, But when we do achieve it, we have a ball. Purple. You are strong, Your spirit is stronger than any ballad or love song With love comes the strength to go on, The willpower to keep fighting Life is ours, We should not waste it engaging in selfish fights, about how other people should live their lives. Instead we should live in light, Because hatred is like a blight. It only takes away from the true meaning of life. Together we are stronger, a unified universal race, and the universal language would be love, not hate.­­­ @Administrators @Members @Moderators @Newbies @Section Moderators @VIP Verified @VIP Verified Mods @VIP
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    Here is a full list of the trophies and medals we have in our system You guys can visit this thread at any time to see what you're able to collect @Moderators @Section Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @VIP Verified Mods
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    It feels good to be back on the mod team. Thanks for everyone who made that possible! You better dont post shit in music news fats...
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    Where are you? I miss you
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    Weren't you the one who made a thread saying she deserved the awful memes because she was actually homophobic??
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    It is so fucking hot today OMG... and before anyone starts, 23 degrees IS hot....
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    Broke With Expensive Taste Megarate coming soon!
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    Just came across this on Spotify. This was a radio SMASHA!
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