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    • laracroftonline

      How to add stan badges   10/21/2017

      To add stan badges go to create and click award, fill in your username and find the artist you want. Or go to http://churchofpop.net/awards
    • laracroftonline

      Moving completed   12/04/2017

      We are finally on our final destination we want to thank FansCity for hosting us from now on.


The warning system will work like most other boards. You'll be given points based on the offence and once you reach 10 points you will have your posting restricted automatically for 24 hours. This restriction may be upgraded to a ban and maybe extended if we've decided the severity of the offences warrants it. You will also have your ban extended if you've had previous bans on here. Warning points will be removed after 30 days of having them. Mods - these powers will be given to you shortly.

We will try and be as fair and concise as possible. If you feel a mod has overreached their power (i doubt this will happen but you never know), just DM me or @laracroftonline. 

1. No Bullying other members - 2 points
No name calling, no commenting on their looks, no deriding their character, no posting their pictures or personal information, just don't make it personal.

2. No Discrimination - 2 points
No racist, homophobic or sexist attacks or remarks. Obviously the n and f words are completely out of bounds. Religious criticism is a grey area, try and use tact if having a discussion on religion. These are personal views and topics which should be treated with a bit of caution.

3. No vile content / unauthorised content - 2 points
No pornography posted (nudity is OK in the sex and relationships section but not explicit porn unless it's linked off the site - definitely no pics). No disturbing pictures (any of those beheading pictures, or anything that would cause distress).
No mental health jokes or death threats, making fun of suicide or rape; anything in that realm.
No download links unless posted in a VIP media thread in the VIP Lounge. 

4. No Nasty Attacks on artists or fanbases - 2 points
Any nasty attacks on artists must be put in the STAND YOUR GROUND thread (do not mention any members in that thread or you will incur WPs). Nasty attacks include fat shaming, body shaming, shaming an artist's illness or mental state, just anything deeply personal. DO NOT post these attacks outside of the SYG thread. Battle Grounds is for pitting artists against each other or for fun, light-hearted shade on artists (related to their sales or artistic output). 

5. No Duplicate Accounts - 6 points

6.POSTING GUIDELINES (violations MAY result in WPs if constantly violated)

  1. Please post threads in the right section with the right tag. If you're unsure where to post, ask a mod 
  2. Please use english in all threads unless there is a specific thread for a specific language in the lounge. This is not "xenophobic" it's just that the mods only speak english.
  3. Please don't spam or and try to stay on topic in threads.
  4. Please make sure thread titles are clear, concise and professional. 
  5. Please make sure thread content is presented nicely and is coherent. Please provide sources if it's news.
  6. Please use search function to make sure a thread doesn't already exist. For example, this is especially important in the Stanbase section because we only allow one thread per artist. Also important in Music News as we want most of the information regarding a release to be in one thread.