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All Frequently Asked Questions

    Your avatar can be a maximum of 160 x 160 pixels

    For signatures we are still working out the rules so for now no limitations.

    If you  can't add a status update, go to your Profile > Edit Profile and make sure Enable status updates? is checked.

    You become VIP by posting 200 posts or donating $5

    And you become VIP Verified when you have a big social account or when you donate $25

    Simply click your user menu in the top-right corner of the page and select Account Settings (or, if you're on mobile, click  > Account > Account Settings), followed by the Signature tab.

    Sometimes things get knocked out of whack between our server and your computer. Please clear your browser cache (instructions can be found here) to get things back to normal.

    Simply pasting the link and waiting a moment or two is enough to embed most things — you'll see the video pop right into place where the link was. While we do support a large number of automatic embeds, there may be times where the auto-embedder is not compatible with a particular site. If that is the case, we recommend linking as directly as possible to the video itself (e.g. a direct video link instead of the full article, if available).

    Don't worry! You're not actually getting logged out, your browser has just cached what the home page looked like before.

    Simply clear your browser cache (specific instructions are available here) to get things back to normal.

    COP never shows intrusive popup advertisements: if you're seeing them, it's probably the work of Adware on your system. Download and run a scan with MalwareBytes to remove the problematic software.

    When you’re on the main page click + Create in the top right side of the page. There should be a drop down menu where you select “Awards” and from there you choose any artist of your choice and click save.

    Under your edit box will be an option to select a group to mention its accessible on desktop and mobile.

    Troll description

    A troll usually has little or no interest in contributing to the development of the site in question and is interested in some or all of the following:

    • Deliberately angering people.
    • Making people act or say things that are considered obvious causing the individual to appear stupid to others witnessing the discussion.
    • Breaking the normal flow of debate/discussion.
    • Disrupting the “smooth” operation of the site.
    • Deliberately being annoying for the sake of being obnoxious. For instance, using abusive names to refer to all the members on the site.
    • Pretending to be profoundly ignorant or stupid, gleaning some weird sense of having "won" when other users subsequently come to believe this.
    • Making itself the main topic of interest or discussion.


    It is probable that, for the troll, the last point is the most important. To this end it will post deliberately inflammatory messages which generate inflammatory responses; complain about being the victim of the inflammatory responses; endeavor to obtain allies against the discrimination it feels; turn on those same allies, etc. The whole objective of the exercise is to disrupt or make someone do something you wanted them to do for laughs.
    If a poster begins to post comments along the lines of, "Can’t you see how stupid you all are?" or "I keep laughing at all of you," there is high probability that the poster is a troll.


    Because the troll feeds on having its name mentioned or by generating debate or ill feeling, many internet users either ignore the troll completely or respond with the phrase, "Don’t Feed the Troll."
    Blocking is available on many social media sites and boards. This is useful when you find yourself easily triggered by trolls fishing.
    Some users engage in "troll baiting." In this unkind sport, the objective is to turn the tables on the troll so that it becomes enraged. While mildly amusing in the short term, it is rarely successful in driving the troll away.
    Most importantly, trolls take away from productive work. The only ethical way to avoid this is to stop feeding the troll and go about your usual work.

    Alternative ways to deal with trolls

    If you feel exceptionally compelled to respond to a troll, don't post long comments. Try to make any responses as short and concise as possible; it's often best to use exceptionally bland statements such as "Thank you for your comments, which we shall give due consideration." Your main objective is to disarm the troll's chances of getting an emotional response from other users, which in turn will hopefully demotivate it until it gives up its attempts. This method is not fool-proof: it can at times achieve the exact opposite results depending on the troll and how you go about doing this.

    To embed a picture you need to upload your picture first to a imagehost and then past the full path to the picture in the textbox.



    As a newbie you can't post status updates, create new topics, give rep to posts or have access to our pm system.
    The pm system, status updates and reputation become available when you reach the member status at 10 posts.

    You become VIP by posting 50 posts or donate one time $5 via our donate button.
    For our Verified VIPS program we require a pop music social account with large following where you promote us once in a while or a donation of $25 this is also a one time deal.

    To donate visit this link