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  2. both of them are the worst of the worst so i mean. throw them both in the trash lmao bye.
  3. not this racist clown who has a history of grabbing people sexually without consent and going after straight guys who had no interest in him GIRL BYE.
  4. Today
  5. They opened for Ari I was staring at my phone during their set. I'll definitely give this a chance tho.
  6. the neighbourhood - heaven the neighbourhood - void lany - thick and thin lany - taking me back lany - super far
  7. Denis is trying to look like yungblud now.


    No not happening buddy.

  8. she's not a lead artist shes just doing backup vocals
  9. Yesterday
  10. I'm ohessesed with falling in reverse new music. The 3 songs together are so powerful
  11. I hope 2020 is like 2000 when rock is in the top 10 on billabord with the other genres i miss when creed, korn and matchbox 20 were like dominating
  12. Another clown, they are all embarrassing
  13. This whole mess is getting annoying and boring already...
  14. Lol, I'm gay and nigerian, i think my whole life is illegal!. Although, i don't practice. So maybe not, but then I'm on grindr every now and then window shopping (cause I'm too fucking scared to meet up in person.) so maybe that makes it illegal. Anything else, nah, I'm a sinless Catholic. At least to everyone around me. I'm a saint.
  15. A sad true life story. They all won at the end
  16. OMG, I know right. Unnecessary folks.. Anyway, loving that Halsey Nightmare avi!! Cool video, cool song. She's doing well.
  17. Another thread about these two feuding queens? Really...
  18. He’s smart. This was the best thing he could do for his career.
  19. i smoke weed quite literally everyday
  20. Some stranger came up to me outside a pub the other night asking me personal things, low and behold I think I found a pic of him in someone I know's cover photo...idk if im going crazy or if im onto something...but its extremely strange...

    1. Lucky
    2. AmazingAzalean


      Sorry am I in your way? :jan1:

  21. It does make me question whether Jeffree actually does have the receipts he says he has
  22. the snippets of new 5SOS song, Halsey's Nightmare... whew, rock is making a comeback!
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