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  3. The song, the message, the visuals. I am floored. So beautiful!
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  5. @Oh My Gaga Update OP and current megarates
  6. bloodline - 70 bad idea - 62  7 rings - 42 break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored - 2
  7. Drowned World / Substitute for Love - 22 Swim - 9 Ray of Light - 23 Skin - 9 Nothing Really Matters - 27 Frozen - 69 Mer Girl - 8  The Power Of Good-Bye - 33
  8. GTFO 9 With You 19 Caution 69 A No No 14 The Distance 8  Giving Me Life 29
  9. gonna suck for y'all when i come back next week and you're still a top 5!
  10. Today
  11. miss you sis!!!! 

  12. All Denis' videos so far He has not got much of a collection sadly
  13. I guess this all comes down to the judges taste and personal preference.
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  15. I don't wish that on him but it's an interesting discussion & all the signs are there. It's just a thought that has been hovering in my head for weeks now
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  17. Church Of Pop would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. ariola --leavemelonely --colapeach (18)BlackEffectz (17)
  18. Oh wow, we all slayed. The top 5 we deserved!
  19. Scores + Critiques will be posted first thing when I wake up, just in case any judges want to add to their scores oh and to add a little suspense because I have no idea who could be going
  20. LILITH @Homesick PRESENTATION  Tonight on the runway Lilith is feeling really confident. She truly feels like a bussiness woman who works in Paris, in a fashion magazine. You better get her coffe right or she'll fire you. "I'm the owner of the 51% of this company, baby. And the other 49% too" she says on her confessional while she strikes a beautiful pose in the middle of the runway. OUTFIT (not the glasses)  HAIR | HEELS | MAKE UP MAIN CHALLENGE Name of Make up Line: Litheral Cosmetics What it includes: Lipstick, Rimmel & Concealer Marketing campaign (sell it to us): Do you ever feel, like a basic bitch? Crying on the club because you saw your man kissing another hoe?! It happens to all of us... And the worst part of it, it's ruining your make up! But don't worry, I got just the perfect solution... in LITHERAL COSMETICS we have create the best rimmel in the world henny, even if you cry your heart out THIS RIMMEL WILL STAY. So your EX man wont even notice that you cared about him and you can keep crying and dancin' on the floor. OH, and there's more! in LITHERAL COSMETICS we have the perfect lipstick, it stays all night and it will make your lips look per-fect, you'll be ready for sleep with the whole club in just one minute! AND IT'S CUM RESISTANT!! And you don't even have to worry about the day after, when you wake up in someone's else bed and you don't even know who he is. We created the "NIGHT AFTER CONCEALER" so you can stay look bomb while you grab your clothes and run!! RUN BITCH, RUN Catchprase: made by hoes, for hoes.
  21. AUNTIE MCDONALDS @Oh My Gaga PRESENTATION  Auntie McDonalds walks out to the runway...  Sunglasses:  She is serving you EXTRA all around... If Auntie has to go to work, she's gonna make sure that she looks on point "Oh, let me just take off my blood diamond studded sunglasses and put them away into the pocket of my Yves Saint Laurent chic trousers.... Don't mind me as I purposely overact and make myself the centre of attention!" Auntie serves a few sophisticated poses and heads backstage cause she got work to do and she ain't playing!  MAIN CHALLENGE   Hello world! It's Auntie McDonalds and I am so very happy to announce the launch of my brand new makeup line: "MACdonalds Cosmetics" today!!!! It's a never-before-seen type of line, all created and designed by yours truly! We are going to have many different types of products, and they will all be nicely packaged in our signature packaging: You'll get lipsticks and eyeshadow in a huge amount of shades varying from Vanilla Ice-Cream to Well-Done Burger, and even French F...oundations!!! All top quality makeup! Why would you want to get these products? That's because they're also SCENTED with the finest of scents- Deep Fried Chicken is my personal favourite... The smell of oil and chicken blends so well together! It's something you've never tried before, something unique and one of a kind - just like my drag! All of the products in my line are also edible! And they taste just like the real deal - top quality! It will fill you up and give you a new kind of satisfaction you've never gotten from makeup before! Like my French Fry lipstick, if you like you can even melt the Ketchup shade and dip it in before taking a bite! The opportunities with my line are practically ENDLESS! I hope you're all going to enjoy my new cosmetics line, and as we like to say: (Catchphrase:) "Look for the golden arches stinky corner in Sephora!" 
  22. CRYSTAL METHOD @Elusive Loverboy PRESENTATION Commentary: "I am serving slutty business women. This look screams slut in the office who has slept with half of her co-workers. The judges better be LIVING!" Makeup Eyes: Lashes: Lips: Nails: Wig Outfit Body: Boots: Fish Net Stockings: When arriving at the end of the runway, Crystal lifts up her skirt to show off her golden underwear: Crystal puts her skirt back down and licks her lips seductively before departing from the runway. MAIN CHALLENGE  Name of Make Up Line: Crystal Snow What it includes: 2 Eyeshadow Palettes, 1 Blush/Contour Palette, Variety of Lipstick and Lipgloss Colors, Liquid Foundation, Brushes Marketing campaign (sell it to us): For my marketing campaign, I'm going to focus on advertising in fashion magazines. Obviously the big magazines such as Vogue, Elle, etc. Also, in gay magazines as well like Attitude and Out. Commercials will also be shot in order to campaign. The fact we are donating a portion of the funds towards the prevention of AIDS will be a major part of the advertisement, so that we can inspire people to really go out and purchase the products. Catchphrase: "Crystal Snow - the ice to your fire."    
  23. LA DIABLESSE @Almeda 💫 PRESENTATION Tonight on the Runway. La Diablesse wants to turn it up a notch because she ended up in the bottom 2 last round. She decided to present on the runway, her interpretation of an executive bad bitch! La Diablesse is the head business woman and creater of a worldwide fashion and art brand. She is dressed as a modern, fashionable and fierce executive business woman. She is the owner of the company and she makes her own rules. She is not letting any man or system limit her pov or style. She is a bad bitch who has power and is not afraid to lose her Dynasty! Fierce executive woman realness. Look with 4 pictures showing all details: She is here to break boundaries and be a queen. She is her own boss! MAIN CHALLENGE Name of Make Up Line: Skinny Legend What it includes: This makeup line consists of various products that make you look like a skinny legend. It has concealer, foundation, lipstick, blush, primer, mascara etc. The cosmetic scientist behind the making of these products used three simple ingredients to make this makeup line be as effective as possible. They are Mariah Carey discography aka the original Skinny legend, a drop of blood from miss Trisha Paytas and feathers from a flamenco. With all of these combined, it is a perfect recipe to create the products for the Skinny legend brand! Marketing campaign (sell it to us): Tired of going to the gym every single day? Tired of eating all those disgusting and tasteless healthy food? Well, we got a solution for you! We aint no weight watchers or Jenny Craig but we are the Skinny legends! It's quick and easy! Just apply some of our makeup unto your face and you will go from a cute fattie to a fierce skinty legend! This will take no more than fifteen minutes! You can get the full Skinny Legend kit today only for $64.99! Skinny Legend inc are not responsible for persons who get allergic reactions and illnesses from the product Catchphrase: Fuck the Gym! Skinny Legend is here to make you slim!
  24. Ah no i get you im the same way, i wonder a lot if the anxiety goes away eventually as time goes on...but idk some things stick forever...
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