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      I seen people asking how to ignore users or block them. Visit the link down below add the user in the bar and select what type of things you want to ignore from them. https://churchofpop.net/ignore/ Easy right!
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      Any active member that joined COP anywhere from June 27th, 2017 to August 10th, 2017 (first 44 days) should be noted that as of today, a thread will be opened by the administrators to restore members' reputation points per request.  Members that came forward requesting restoration of reputation points with an amount greater than two-thousand have already been compensated.

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  2. I give her a 60. Though, I dislike how she came for Mariah, I can admit that she can sing really damn well, and this is an unbiased opinion on her artistry. I think the screaming can sometimes takes away from her actual talent, but she's got a solid vocal ability. I would give her a higher score, but I think the fact she didn't have a solid album from beginning to finish until Confident hurts her in the long run. Demi was okay, but had too many generic songs on it. After releasing good albums like Confident & TMYLM, though, I see a bright future for her! Her score will probably go up in a few years.
  3. A bop and that's all, it shouldn't of been released though. Her worst song.
  4. Yeah, I checked and it's in the OP in bold. lol
  5. This means on March 21 around the afternoon/early evening the first Digital Artist Chart will be up!
  6. I think it's supposed to be one person per post.
  7. I love the album but Artpop was only iconic for flopping
  8. Music wise I will have to give to Dua tho she is overrated performing wise and live vocals I will give it to Camila though.
  9. Upvote this please! You guys have been upvoting my status updates but not the actual post.
  11. Dua is clearly the better one when it comes to the music side of things. But if you say performance wise, Camila takes the cake since she's the better performer and vocalist imo
  12. Probably. But I think she has toned down a lot over the years which is a good move since nowadays being bombastic and extra would cause headlines but won't show on the charts.
  13. No one "won". This ISN'T some competition.mp3. 5H will go on to do great things as soloists.
  14. There was a time when a week wouldn't go past without Gaga doing some weird random shit and ending up in the news for it Such as her iconic meat dress: Now she is rarely in the news and doesn't seem to do all this weird shit anymore Is she trying to come across as more "normal" now? Did she run out of weird ideas or just get bored with trying to be wacky and crazy?
  15. The Fame Is An Iconic Pop Album And that can't be denied When will basics have such relevance and cultural impact?
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