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  2. Sunrise Appearance on Sunday, January 20th, 2019 Host (idk the names lol sorry): "...Here performing her debut CAL single, 'Boy', here's Mariah Carey!" ARTICLE: Mariah Carey performs for the first time as CAL artist 01/21/19 - 4:32PM The performance took place on the Australian morning TV show Sunrise, where she performed her debut CAL single 'Boy', which was released last Friday. Outside of CAL (as Juano), Carey has 5 studio albums under her belt, 3 of which have been top 10 successes. Her singles have been equally successful, with Carey having sent 7 singles to the top 20 of the singles chart. However, 'Boy' marks a fresh start for Carey: none of her outside achievements mean anything in CAL. If she's fortunate (or smart) enough, she could definitely replicate that success here; and things have been looking up for her. She was recently featured on the cover of the Vox streaming service's New Music Friday playlist which could definitely give her an extra boost in popularity. Unfortunately, the same good things can't be said about her debut performance. The whole thing was lipped, and she had no intention on making it seem like it wasn't. In fact, her "lip syncing" (because synced was the last thing she was with the track) was so off that towards the end of the track, when she had to perform a whistle, she messed up the timing and started moving her lips too late into the note. Whoever's choice it was to have her lip her first ever performance REALLY needs to get fired. However, we really can't say the performance wasn't entertaining. The backup dancers did a pretty good job and Mariah's outfit seemed appropriate considering it is currently Summer in Australia. Plus, the lip syncing fail at the end is sure to generate a couple giggles. While we definitely think this performance could garner some exposure for the singer, it might not be the good type. If Carey wants to make a lasting impact and make her name a household one, she needs to prove her talent. This performance wasn't necessarily bad, but all the potential Carey has was not fully displayed. Hopefully, we won't be disappointed next time she performs. Mariah's latest single 'BOY' is available now on VOX: http://voxcop.6te.net/album.php?id=7
  3. do what the neighbourhood do. release it in parts and then group it together. they did 3 eps, hard, to imagine and every changing. then 1 self-titled and then released it together as hard to imagine the neighbourhood ever changing. honestly every song is a bop too.
  4. Mdeblasio70


    Now that I am becoming a more active member of this forum, I think that I should have a signature. Does anybody know how to make one?
  5. No one unless it's a collaborative album like Cruel Summer. Unless it features multiple artists then it's heavy-handed and you lose people after track 12. Now if you're gonna add visuals and turn it into a movie like Lemonade or Dirty Computer then MAYBE it could work.
  7. I’m thinking about making a Twitter for music updates and other news. (Similiar to @PopCrave) Does anybody have any good ideas for a username?
  8. Just heard this beautiful song on the radio :cry2:


  9. OMG, Yes. That's a good one. She already has done it many times before i believe. We love a trend-setting LEGEND.
  10. Classic? One of the worst albums of this decade
  11. A classique album the way she gave us GFY, SOL & HTM like that
  12. It has to be a versatile artist who can transition between different genres; the artist has to be versatile to keep my attention for 25+ tracks. Artists? For female artists i will go with rihanna and ariana, and for male artists (other than zayn!) i will go for bruno.
  13. I need to do more research but she's an interesting candidate. I'm uncertain of her success and I really want the Democratic candidate to be an easy and safe choice that won't rock the boat so there's a guarantee we won't have to deal with asshole we have currently. But I'm curious to see who else will start a campaign like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden (former VP) and my personal favorite Beto O'Rourke.
  14. So they’re really rihleasing TAU as a single, huh? Not a good choice. If they want to really break America, Motivate should be pushed ASAP.
  15. I heard about her from @TattoosOnMyMind‘s status update. She seems cool, and I would gladly take her over 4 more years of idiots running the White House.
  16. Today
  17. Happy birthday daddy


  18. Annnnnnnnd the neverending political cycle begins again
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