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  2. Check the noods thread. Also please lock this body shaming thread.
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  4. Interesting...so you think there's too many to name or you don't think there's such a thing?
  5. Mine: Teenage Dream Bad Romance Breathin' Love Me Harder I Really Like You Run Away With Me Just Dance Pokerface Be Alright Rude Boy Disturbia Kiss It Better Shine King I Like It Rough
  6. It's not easy for me to talk about. I have heavy heartsrings. It's not simple, it's trigonometry. I can't express, I can't explain.....
  7. Teenage Dream is so good, taste. Here are mine: - Run Away with Me - Into You - Bad Romance/Poker Face - Crazy In Love - Umbrella
  8. same I bought this like last year, not even when it was released and am v salty now that its free and I haven't played since like a month after I bought it
  9. For me, Teenage Dream is, the strings that make you feel reflective and melancholy, the subtle synths that make it poppy, the lyrics that tell a story but don't sacrifice the melody, it's timeless, wow...yeah
  10. They couldn't have done this forever ago before I spent $$ on it. LOL. I barely play it, lol.
  11. You're obviously trolling, its on the Much Music Awards on Gettyimages taken by paparazzi. She was flat ass hell that day and always been. She is box shaped.
  12. Church Of Pop would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Stephen (26)Jewels --Meirbeir (23)
  13. I've been to Cyprus, Greece, Armenia and Georgia.
  14. The effort that you went to to Photoshop the pic I posted lol. I -
  15. Listening to all those songs and artists I used to love back in my high school days. I feel so nostalgic and sad now. :cry2:

  16. Bad Guy Thank u, next It-s just not fair Break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored I can't get enough
  17. Yes I enjoyed this way more than the BBMA performance. Karyn was found dead.
  18. For me I think it's ASIB songs simply because they have been out for so long. But I'm not sure
  19. She certainly looks like she doesn't bathe. Especially without makeup in which she looks like sour milk. Her white fans are fangirling over her long blonde hair looks with heavy makeup but we all know how she really look Truly the catfish of pop. Meanwhile we do not crack
  20. Who doesn't? Katy got that soccer mom trailer park flat butt.
  21. What are you talking about? This is photoshopped. She never had any type of ass u tried it. Shes always had a long flat bony ass. Her legs are literally her ass
  22. Zedd — 365 Daddy Yankee — Con Calma - Remix Charli XCX — Blame It on Your Love (feat. Lizzo) Ariana Grande — 7 rings Ava Max — So Am I
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