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  2. COP wont give up and I am so glad we didnt we are a strong team.
  3. I need 10 more upvotes :katysing:

  4. Happy Birthday

  5. Lara Fabian is a singer from Belgium. She's often compared to the great CelINE DIon because their vocal tone is similar. However, Lara was never able to sell as many albums as Celine. When CelINE DIon took a break around the year 2000 to get pregnant, Lara's label invested a LOT of money to get Lara to replace Celine as one of the top selling vocalists of the moment. But Lara's English albums FLOPPED. Many critics say Lara is a great TECHNICIAN but she cannot create the magic CelINE DIon makes in her music. Some critics even say Lara is a CARBON COPY of CelINE DIon and everyone knows copycats are annoying. Do you agree?
  6. I guess it is little funny but at same time its little odd he's talking about apologizing about his prev views. I feel like that just means he hasn't gotten know her fully...get to know your person first before u get engage with them like Idk anymore..lol..Its sort of weird to maybe
  7. Both are bad but Ghosttown was half a bop so whatever album that was on is less cringy i guess
  8. That’s like choosing between syphilis and gonorrhea. They’re both awful. But I’m going to say MDNA is far worse.
  9. Why not sis? I have many enemies and you'd be useful
  10. well listen, u know I never lie. My opinion ­>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  11. I know, I had the same face when I saw her pic for the first time. The art of ruining your face even more with awful makeup.
  12. I remember the song, idk her @ this song you posted
  13. What's "OK"? Don't you mean "I'm OK" sweetie? If it's that great, you'd actually remember its actual title sis just saying
  14. Tea. Bianco looks so stuck up that you'd see "Bianca has arrived. The party is over" if she arrived in a Discord room.
  15. So great. Great vocals. Great message. Great climax. Great emotions. Why?
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