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  2. Das the truth right there! That’s something about Carlos, the man knows how to make a melody unforgettable. He and Wyclef knocked that one out!
  3. Confessional So La Diablesse really dropped out of Yale to become a drag queen. Who's gonna tell her
  4. [Confessional] Now that Crystal Method and I made up, it's time for me to start drama with someone else. Lilith, what's good? 4th highest ranked look winning a challenge?? Looks like production has a favorite.
  5. Im pretty sure Santana was credited for being sampled lol Yes I just checked he is Look at wikipedia
  6. No it was just a bad song lol We need better bops like HTM or M&TR.
  7. Carlos has always made quality music. He’s a legend and people are always gonna wanna sample his sound.
  8. Feels like there hasnt been enough really good albums the last month. Someone needs to release Im hungry for new bops

  9. “One of these things just doesn’t belong here”
  10. While Havana was a rip-off Santana's Smooth, Rihanna sampled his another hit
  11. 85.5 hours ... no wonder I am so fucking exhausted. 

    1. Blue Sunshine

      Blue Sunshine

      And in all 85.5 of these hours over a period of ten days ... a total of 40 minutes worth of break time. :deadbanana: <—- literally me rn. 

  12. @rihce what about Rihanna's vocals on This Is What You Came For and Monster
  13. a sample that wasn't allowed from the original owner, was it? My girls are Madonna and Mariah, you can try these. I think all their songs have been credited the writers.
  14. Today
  15. It's called a sample. Now please tell me who you stan and I will tell you which song of theirs has been sampled.
  16. Because she has no talent on music, I guess. Even her biggest hit On the floor was rehashed from a Indian song was born on 3 decades ago. Kween of Rehash.
  17. Gurl no one is saying JLO is relevant on the hot 100 anymore, that part of her career has passed but she is still a huge star and is raking in the cash. Do not doubt that for a minute. JLO is doing just fine. At least she has enough hits to put together a Vegas show. Others girls cant and will never relate. OT Meghan should thank JLO for leaving her vocals on Ain't your mama as it is the only listenable track in existence with her voice on it.
  18. She sounds like billie, lorde and what not I thought you guys like that kinda crap
  19. Have you view anything of her recently? That could be why? I showed my mum Lana Del Rey because she has no clue who she is and been getting nothing but her recommends now and I don't like her music that much
  20. Wait the weird bear guy did? I thought that was post Malone. Eek my bad. But I dunno her sound is so repeative lately and it doesn't sound good.
  21. emily warren, daya, anne marie,kelsea ballerini, phoebe ryan etc etc these girls just aren't IT. plain JANES!
  22. But she's been consistently flopping pretty much since On The Floor! and she has NO release strategy, and has chained herself to vegas. every avenue she's tried in the past few years has flopped. but this is all another issue (although to stay on topic she did use M Train's vocal in Ain't Your Mama )
  23. This artist got a #1 with Halsey though Latin markets are massive if you get it right, and with J Balvin this should have been a surefire hit! I just think her time has passed
  24. I love her and want a her album but the last song and this one are terrible. It's not her fault she collabs with terrible artists. She needs go back to pop. This repeative Spanish like songs are repeative and bad
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