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  2. I think it's hard to compare the two because Britney's peak out-peaked anything Taylor has done in terms of overall sales and cultural impact. However, Taylor just achieved four million-selling weeks during an era where Selena Gomez can get a #1 album for only selling 97K opening week. (Also, consider that most of Britney's biggest sales were during the era where big sales weeks were more common. Now, Britney's last album only opened with 111,000). However, Taylor is on album six after 12 years of albums and reputation is being billed as her "comeback" album. Britney is on album nine after 19 years of albums and her [actually comeback] album was released a decade ago. So, if Taylor's 7th, 8th, and 9th albums keep breaking this million sale record then yes, she'll win over Britney. But as of right now, Britney's peak has a cultural legacy almost two decades later, whereas while Taylor's eras are objectively popular, it's still too early to tell if people will still care about her long after she hits her peak.
  3. Maybe but not always: Beyoncé 4th solo album: 4 (underperformed) Christina 4th english album: Bionic (flopped) Kelly Clarkson 4th studio album: All I Ever Wanted (NOPE, it performed really well) Justin Timberlake 4th studio album: The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 (Underperformed compared to part 1 released months before) Lady Gaga 4th studio solo album: Joanne (underperformed) Katy Perry 4th studio album: Witness (flopped) Rihanna 4th studio album: Rated R (underperformed compared to GGGB and Loud and it only had 1 hit: Rude Boy) Usher 4th studio album: Confessions (Massively sucessful album, Diamond certified, 4 or 5? number one singles) Leona Lewis 4th studio album: I Am (Epic massive flop ) Perhaps Ariana or Adele will be exceptions too. But I can see where the curse theory comes from...
  4. Jesus. I'm in that chat and I didn't see anything like that..
  5. I just debuted (wow) 2 days ago and I'm really glad I did. Some people will come after you but they actually had sense to have a discussion! Idk and idc about the drama though since we're only here for a good time sistars
  6. Omg rude accusations again sigh people never learn
  7. To be honest a huge mess. Im sure Onika will be back, he cannot be banned for freedom of speech
  8. a lot.... Beysus took chats from the mod discord after he got demoted and posted the worst little bits he could find so we all look like racists and horrible people
  9. Oh wow oh wow. I really do only have half the story omg lol. Let me sit back and try to read up.
  10. There's a lot going on and I understand that you are upset and angry with what Beysus has said happened. I don't know what happened because I wasn't on discord during that time but i love you so much and just hope you are open to listening to the other person's explanation. 

    Regardless if you do or don't I still love you... This is just so much and it sucks because Beysus cherry picked certain moments while he kept others hidden.. 

    1. life13swift


      Wait he's being messy in discord chat? :(

  11. He is banned indefinitely for calling me a pedophile and spamming the forum with that fake drama, i'm talking to him on twitter DMs though at the moment. He might see the error of his ways...but he definitely needs a break.
  12. If u look on his page it says banned and its crossed out for some reason Idk
  13. I've been enjoying it. I love the new people lol. Its nice take out drama people to. Beysus and that Mokitsy-Kanye Stan is banned. Why was onika gone again?
  14. I would suggest to hold on to Onika's artist. After a mess like this cool down. He would most likely be unbanned
  15. Does the curse only refer to sales or the whole era? Sale-wise, Demi's fourth album was a career high. It's actually her best opening week numbers overall. However, I do believe the tour situation for that era was a mess (although the tour for the Confident era was worse so idk anymore at least she bounced back with the TMYLM tour)
  16. Buy Scorpion when it comes out guys :rly:

  17. Holy shit ONKIA just got banned to. What the fuck is going on... Alright so now Armani is open and Cardi B is....agaiin EDIT: I have been told ONIKA has a possibility of being unbanned so only Cardi is open @Nicki Minaj @Adam @Finessé Knowles @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @The Family Jewels @Avalanche @Joanne @Sempiternal @Ms. Knee @SZORMANI @hilaryduff @hammer @FlorianLovato @FindingApo @Perfect Illusion @PortableCandyx @Harry @barbiej33p @kipperskipper @Bianca Del Rio @Caramel @Trainwreck @L U K E @beysus @Queen of Venus @ONIKA
  18. does this place get so crazy and messy often?


    1. Bartier&Bentleys


      No sis this is literally about to blow over, beysus will be exposed and so will the fake news/drama. Just stay tuned to no holds barred :)

    2. rihce


      yall have me hooked here for the next bit of juice!


  19. @Finessé Knowles you really need to calm yourself, you're getting worked up over fake news. None of our mods are racist and no one used the n word in the chat except Beysus. You're going to look very foolish when the actual receipts come out. Laura is in the middle of making the thread. Just be patient and stop siding with a notorious troll.

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    2. Bartier&Bentleys


      LOL very mature. Fuck you to be honest, cant believe i was thinking of making you a mod. You sided with a troll and got duped. Embarrassing.

    3. Finessé Knowles

      Finessé Knowles

      Indie you can kiss my *ss. You’re pathetic and not worth the time. God bless you.

    4. hammer


      No offense Indie but isn't that what you tell all of your members when they get upset with the state of the site? You said that about me when i liked a 'Shady comment' from @ONIKA. It's really sad how manipulative you can get. No shade sis, just what i want to say since i been quiet this whole time. :party:  

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