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  2. Why are BTS and One Direction both bigger and more popular than the The Beatles?
  3. I used to love this show omg. One of my favorite shows ever!
  4. Better than stanning stan twitter meme Murderiah MissCAREYiage
  5. I cannot wait to hear Wayne's verse and watch the MV
  6. Khris

    Kate Bush

    Why doesn't the underrated queen of pop have her rightfully earned thread STAN KATE BUSH AND GET SKINNY
  7. Shes trying to appeal to the ones who liked her back when her career peaked in 2013 I think she literally dug this one out of her old wigs... how musty
  8. Girl cardi aint winning either! Lets just face facts that theyre both shitty and the real queen of rap is Rico Nasty
  9. Hiding those fat chunky thighs and that grotesque cottage cheese in a bag looking rear end i see. Cardi sis you really won
  10. Happy birthday stan of taste @Kesha Rainbow is still, and always will be, the best album of 2017
  11. Why does my friend call me if he's gonna do something else and not even talk to me...this bitch really using me for company lmao...whatever :cacklega:

  12. The poor pedophile supporting fad must rly be taking not being able to get a hit to heart
  13. I disagree i think bieber is far more famous than britney overrall
  14. When will pedophili minifrij realize she could release every single song from Queen as a single (ft. whatever fad she wants) but will never get her own top 10 hit
  15. We wanted an Iggy remix but fine another Lil Wayne collab
  16. I said no, look I said No :katybop:

  17. It's the holiday season ladiesss  Image result for oprah christmas gif

  18. Today
  19. Purchased TS4 a few months ago and played it twice... should've saved my money, lol! Not that I don't like it, 'cause I do, I just don't have the time to sit here and play.
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