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Found 273 results

  1. Taylor Swift

    Heres for Taylor Alison Swift. Country/Pop sensation 10 time grammy winner. TS6 is coming soon ?
  2. Fifth Harmony

    Fifth Harmony
  3. Madonna

    Does she even need an introduction?
  4. Lana Del Rey

  5. Sia

    Fellow Lovers (Sia Stans), this is your one stop shop dedicated to one of the best ever Singer-Songwriters in Pop music.
  6. Avril Lavigne

    AVRIL LAVIGNE Biography ALBUMS Let Go Released: June 4, 2002 Producers: Antonio "L.A." Reid (executive), The Matrix, Clif Magness, Curt Frasca, Peter Zizzo Peak: US: #2; UK: #1; AUS: #1; CAN: #1; GER: #2; NZ: #1 WW Sales:20,000,000 Under My Skin Released: May 12, 2004Producers: Butch Walker, Raine Maida, Don GilmorePeak: US: #1; UK: #1; AUS: #1; CAN: #1; GER: #1; NZ: #7WW Sales: 12,000,000 THE BEST DAMN THING Released: April 13, 2007Producers: Dr. Luke, Matt Beckley, Steven Wolf, Butch Walker, Deryck Whibley, Rob Cavallo, Avril Lavigne (exec.)Peak: US: #1; UK: #1; AUS: #2; CAN: #1; GER: #1; NZ: #2WW Sales: 8,000,000 GOODBYE LULLABY Released: March 2, 2011Producers: Avril Lavigne, Butch Walker, Deryck Whibley, Max Martin, ShellbackPeak: US: #4; UK: #9; AUS: #1; CAN: #2; GER: #4; NZ: #7WW Sales: 2,000,000 AVRIL LAVIGNE Released: November 1, 2013Producers: Avril Lavigne (exec.), L.A. Reid (exec.), Chris Baseford, David Hodges, Rickard B Göransson, Martin Johnson, Chad Kroeger, Kyle Moorman, Brandon Paddock, Matt Squire, Peter SvenssonPeak: US: #5; UK: #14; AUS: #7; CAN: #4; GER: #15; NZ: #8WW Sales: 850,000 SINGLES! (in the working)
  7. P!nk

    P!nk Stanbase Albums Singles DVDs Total Streams 46,000,000 79,750,000 2,550,000 128,300,000 4,255,915,524 ALBUMS: DVDS: TOURS: SINGLES: a vocal legend. Master of many genres Any P!nk related things feel free to post here
  8. Demi Lovato - Fanbase (Lovatics)

    To all Demi's stan or how we like to be called, #Lovatics
  9. Tinashe

    Hello other intellectuals. Joyride is coming
  10. Carly Rae Jepsen

  11. Cruel Youth // Natalia Kills

    Stanbase for the fans of Cruel Youth & Teddy Sinclair, aka Natalia Kills. DISCOGRAPHY VERBAL ISSUES - Unreleased (Verbalicious, 2004) WOMMANNEQUIN (Natalia Cappuccini, 2008) PERFECTIONIST (Natalia Kills, 2011) #1 US Heatseekers #35 Austria #36 Canada #50 Germany #94 Switzerland Single sales from this era reached over 800,000. TROUBLE (Natalia Kills, 2013) #70 United States +30mg (Cruel Youth, 2016)
  12. Little Mix

    hi heres a forum for mixers who stan little legends
  13. Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande is a legend and your faves are quaking, AG4 is coming!
  14. Tove Lo

    This forum is for the stans of Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson better known as the popstar Tove Lo. Tove Lo has had 1 EP and 2 Albums and one is coming out later this year. EPS Truth Serum - EP was released on April 21, 2014 Albums Following the release of her debut EP she released her debut album Queen of the Clouds was released on September 24, 2014 On September 25, 2015, Queen of the Clouds was rereleased as Queen of the Clouds: Blueprint Edition with the songs from Truth Serum as well as two new ones and a new album cover. Her second album Lady Wood was released on October 28, 2016 Singles As lead artist: Promotional Singles: Soundtrack Songs: As a Featured Artist: (freak of nature by broods feat. tove) RIAA Certifications Albums: Queen of the Clouds - Platinum Singles: Habits (Stay High) - 5x Platinum Talking Body - 2x Platinum Close (Nick Jonas Song) - Platinum Say It (Flume Song) - Gold Tours Tove Lo has gone on two solo tours: Queen of the Clouds Tour 2015 Lady Wood Tour 2017 She also served as an opening act on Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour in 2014, Maroon 5's Maroon V Tour in 2016, and Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams Tour in 2017 Tove Lo writes/cowrites all of her own music as well as some for others. Songs Written/Cowritten by Tove Lo:
  15. Lorde

    Stanbase dedicated to Lorde, the 2x Grammy winning artist who already has 2 critically acclaimed albums to her name
  16. Terror Jr

    Terror Jr is an American pop trio formed in 2016 consisting of Felix Snow, former The Cataracs band member David "Campa" Benjamin Singer-Vine, and a lead singer that goes by the alias Lisa. DISCOGRAPHY BOP CITY (2016) iTunes / Spotify BOP CITY 2: TerroRising (2017) iTunes / Spotify
  17. Katy Perry

    Hello fellow KatyCats! Here you can discuss everything KP related! Have fun! Also make sure to...
  18. FROOT Listening Party

    THE MOST UNDERRATED SINGER OF THIS CENTURY. Her most recent album is FROOT Marina Diamandis is a Welsh singer-songwriter known by her stage name 'Marina and the Diamonds', in which, 'Diamonds' refers to her fans, as she clarified. An "indie artist with pop goals", she is often compared to Kate Bush, even though she was not influenced by her during her early years. Rather, she grew up listening to albums by Dolly Parton, Enya and George Michael from her mother's collection. Interestingly, her father was more of a conservative who despised the pop culture and listened to Greek classical songs and to Haris Alexiou. Revealing that Madonna inspired her to be a pop star, she also admitted that she admires pop icons such as Spice Girls, Britney Spears and S Club 7. A ‘pop enigma’ as she ‘never felt like she belonged to the masses’, she has still managed to gain a massive cult following among her fans. She is also recognized for her unconventional retro fashion sense, and turned a few heads for subverting "the norm" in her 'How to be a Heartbreaker' music video by wearing more clothes than male models.
  19. Britney Spears (B-Army)

    Here for the B-Army Pop Princess of the 90s through her 3 decades - Pop, RNB, Dance, ballads, and Electronic - Princess of the lgbt -- and influence of Madonna after herself - Britney Jean Spears. Shes one of my fave top artists. She helps in some ways to. Enjoy her thread guys ???? Wanted to make it again.
  20. Miley Cyrus You do.

    Supposedly this is an unreleased song from Dead Petz.
  21. Victoria Justice

    One of my favorite artists/actors ??????who definitely holds talent. People shoud stop comparing her to other people cause there each talented. Do all of stanning for her here ??
  22. Marina & The Diamonds

    Anyone here love the underrated goddess that is Marina and the Diamonds?
  23. ABRA

    Born in Queens, New York into a family of missionaries, Abra spent her first eight years in London, where her parents built the church they would ultimately work in. Her introduction to singing came from that church, too, where her father was pastor and her mother oversaw praise and worship. After London, her family settled in the quiet suburbs of Gwinnett County outside Atlanta. At 14, Abra began playing guitar. Later in her teens, she began uploading her acoustic covers of rap songs onto YouTube. This led to her being discovered by Awful Records founder and rapper "Father", who encouraged her to make original music. She later joined the label in 2014 She is most known for her single "Fruit" among others. Fruit Pull Up Her first EP, BLQ Velvet, was released in 2015. Her debut album "Rose" was released in the same year (5 months after BLQ Velvet) Her second EP, PRINCESS was released in 2016
  24. Melanie Martinez

    I love Cry baby, and im here for the next album.