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Found 35 results

  1. I know that the big youtube videos can be annoying so here's a way to make it smaller, but I think this method will only work for Safari browsers because I tried doing it on chrome and failed. Maybe someone who is more knowledgeable with this kind of stuff can eventually figure out how to do it on other browsers. Hope it works for one person at least LOL The Tutorial https://vid.me/DDYEB (buy Havana on iTunes)
  2. I've been trying to get a nice quality avatar, but they go blurry? The pic I uploaded now was like 3000x1000px and I resized it to around 800 so it could be uploaded to the server. Yet it became low quality? The same thing had happened when I imported my Twitter icon and when I manually reuploaded it.
  3. Warn is why?!

    why is wane by cutzican? confuse so nuch
  4. Megarate Tea

    Since the Megarate tag is under Funhouse, it doesn't appear in Hot Piping Tea anymore. Can we move it to Events Central or just simply enable it in HPT? Thanks.
  5. COP FAQs

    Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers to them. I'll update this when i see new FAQs. "Why is my avatar blurry"? Avatars are stretched out to 150x150 if they're not that size and can appear blurry. It's best to just upload a 150x150 sized avatar. "Why aren't I VIP yet? I've started posting!" You will be automatically upgraded to VIP membership when you hit the secret post quota. It's not much and definitely attainable within your first day of posting. "Why are some people verified?" Some accounts are verified with blue usernames and ticks because they own large fansites on social media or perhaps they're an actual celebrity. If you think you should be verified, just DM me. "Where is the rules list?" Right here.
  6. can someone explain? There are a bunch of new Trisha gifs from CBB, how haven't they been added yet ? i want to use the gif of Trisha being annoyed at her housemates right now but I can't even do that !
  7. I Have A Great! Idea

    Why Dont We Make Our Gif Stash Customizable everyone could have their gif stash and can change it all the time so what do you say? @laracroftonline & @QueenOfCrop
  8. I just got back from my holidays and I'm wondering what the difference is between upvoting and liking a post/thread/etc?
  9. So the recent topics section shows this error message : [[Template core/front/global/widgetContainer is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] and everyone's most recent status is blank pls help
  10. Going to do the upgrade right now.

    1. P!nk


      we just got back :nickishook:

      Can't wait tho :oprah3:

  11. how do u play big brother album version
  12. Are you a newbie? Have a question about the forum? If the title currently says i'm here then you can expect a speedy response!
  13. Top Posters in side bar?

    What about a Top Posters list in the side bar? Just like the top contributors? I think it could motivate people to post more?
  14. Statusses Bug? Broken?

    Am I the only one with this problem? When I visit COP using my laptop I sometimes see this: ?? @laracroftonline @QueenOfCrop
  15. Feedback for Battlegrounds

    So I was looking at the "Unpopular Opinions" thread and the OG said it was moved to the battlegrounds, which made me look at the other threads in the area. Some threads that caught my eye: ------------------------------------------------------ "Why Adele isn't doing collabs?" "Which Ex-Act Album are you excited for?" "Unpopular Opinions" "Sexiest Popstar" "Post Your Faves top 10 hits" ------------------------------------------------------ I really do understand how some of these threads can belong in the Battlegrounds if the description of the thread fits; I really do. But those particular threads I highlighted are simply about opinions, and I don't see the need for every opinion to be an attack zone. The way I see it, if threads that simply are about expressing one's opinion would be moved to Battlegrounds, or such a thread gets started in that area by members, then I don't understand how it's possible at times to have a serene discussion without someone bashing the other's opinion while the topic isn't even argumentative. People do have the rights to express their thoughts on someone's opinions, but at times the threads are quite soft by their name, and the descriptions given in the OG post don't make it clear that this thread is about debating. While it is acceptable to have a Battlegrounds thread about many various topics, I feel that the area is being overused for expressing one's opinion way too much. If everyone wants to express their thoughts, they have to live in the ideology that anybody's allowed to come and attack their opinion because "this thread was made in Battlegrounds/moved to Battlegrounds so we have to deal with it." I don't want to be misunderstood, as I know people may simply feel the desire to start a Battlegrounds threads for heated discussions even if the topic or the thread name is light, but I personally feel people aren't always using that area properly. If they want to have a "battleground" about their fave's top ten, I believe they should state in the first post "This is for comparison purposes." or something of a sort. Or for example, in "Which Ex-Act album are you excited for" I think such a name should be reworded to "the most deserving" or at least, in the OG post, explain that this thread is to debate which one would probably smash the charts the most. A thread like "Shakira for Superbowl" has a name that implies it's about innocent opinions, but it's thorough and clear enough to deserve to stay in its place; the Battlegrounds. To sum it up: I know there are plenty of opinion threads in Music Base and the Lounge, but it seems that people also misuse the Battlegrounds at times to have a discussion that simply don't deserve to be heated OR the description makes the thread feel out of place. It doesn't feel any different from any other thread in the Music Base or Lounge sometimes, and I think that's an improper usage. There's a description before posting in "Music News" as a mini-guide, and I believe adding more info to the Battlegrounds and/or The Lounge/Music Base could help tidy the area a little bit.
  16. In the old COP we had Name Emoticons. I thought that was so cool! What about bringing them back?
  17. Signatures?

    Can someone help me & make me a Gaga/Kylie/Ariana signature? Thank you.
  18. Especially in the stanbase sections are tons of threads that dont belong there. The stanbase thread is a section for stanbases. Threads like this: Threads like "whats your favorite songs?" or "Who did you stan first" belong in music discussion. Mods watch this!
  19. Some Suggestions

    --For starters, I think there should be a signature width and height limit. Now, when posting, I don't know if the forum's dimensions are different but on a standard 1366x768 screen, the forum has about... 1075 pixels width, I think? I don't know if bigger screens have them set for a bigger size, as I've never touched the administration panel for IPS. The point is, I think 1075~ish width pixels is more than enough for signatures, else it would start to stretch the forum (unless you've turned on the option for resizing images if they're above a certain limit, then ignore this lol). For height, I don't know what's your preference, but I believe one such as 400 pixels or so would suffice, else the threads can really really really stretch. --Also, for YouTube players and such, I hope they can be fixed when posted! They videos (and some other materials) are literally posted in a huge player that incredibly stretches one's post. --Another suggestion I'd like to make is the amount of posts in a thread. This is pure personal preference, meaning it's not coming from a perspective in which I see it mandatory, but I thought I'll bring it up. I think 10 posts rather than 20 should be the maximum amount of posts within a page, as 20 can be really tiring to scroll through given the large size of the forum and the fact when everybody posts once we go public and even now, it takes up a lot of space unlike other forums considering signatures are finally working and they add at least +300 pixels in most cases. --My final suggestion is to move the announcements section on top, as rules and announcements and regulations and such can be somewhat difficult to find when they're buried below all the other sections.
  20. Those huge YT players cause lag and ruin the look of a post. Can we somehow make them smaller?
  21. Option to hide the VIP '+'

    My suggestion is to have an option that allows you to hide the '+' next to your username if you're VIP. I personally think it looks better and cleaner without it and my username just showing up as 'Bambi' with an orange colour.
  22. Post a status

    how do I do that
  23. Forum Suggestions

    Since there isnt a suggestions thread I decided to make one. I really like this forum and you guys are doing a great job! But I do have a view suggestions. I have this idea to give the verified members who represent a fan twitter page to give Moderation tools for the Stanbase section so they can manage their own stanbase thread and make sure they are updated from the latest news. To appreciate them, is it an idea to use their pages as mainsources to get our news from? Also what about make the Popular Contributors shorter to the #10 and add a Top Posters #10? @QueenOfCrop @laracroftonline