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Found 80 results

  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4897536/Ryan-Phillippe-accused-domestic-abuse-girlfriend.html This sounds like absolute bullshit. Cue the pathetic SJWs with #RyanPhillippeIsOverParty without even listening to his side of the story. This is a money shakedown, pure and simple.
  2. Celeb Men that slept with Ciara

    Ciara Got A LIST OF NAMES and some are underlined 1.Bow Wow-When she entered the music scene she was already chewing Bow Wows brownie,BOW wow was famous at those day unlike now (He's a fad) 2.50-cent-.She then jumped to the another Fad who outsold our poor faves.They are rumoured to have a steamy sextape and we are thirstily waiting for a release date. 3.Trey Songz-After the break-up with the hunk she saw better things and she didnt waste her opportunity 4.Ludacris-The queen flew from trey to Luda,then she started flopping 6.Future-She became a mother because of this mumbling so called rapper who is also currentley outstreaming our good faves 6.Russel Wilson-Shes finally with a husband.It took them a year to have sex and it working.They are even happier than Bey-Z When will ur faves snatch all these daddies
  3. Demi is apparently dating a girl (Lauren Abedini, DJ) for weeks now. She been commenting on ha Instagram posts with her private account (that she exposed herself way back nnnnn). THey're at Disneyland rn. Days ago, miss Lauren also posted a picture of them lowkey holdin hands on Insta stories but then deleted it when Lovatics found out that it was demi on the pic nnnn --- cool for the summer indeed
  4. --- childish? not? what do you think? nevertheless nicki should have tagged ha triggers, poor camila
  5. Nicki better get Taylor and Katy's sloppy seconds
  7. Lady Gaga is pregnate!

    So proud of my momma Let's celebrate it, fellow monsters!
  8. NEW YORK—In a dramatic break from the singer’s past incarnations, including her more aggressive recent image, Taylor Swift unveiled an even darker persona Friday with the release of her new single, “Skullfucking Maggot Shit Boyfriend.” “From the moment we see her chewing the entrails of a bound-and-gagged man wrapped in coils of barbed wire, it’s obvious this is a version of Taylor we definitely haven’t seen before,” said Billboard magazine writer Joseph Wohl in a post analyzing the new song and its accompanying music video, which feature graphic images of self-mutilation, a bass line sampled from a recording of cattle slaughter, and multiple lyrical references to genocide. “In the pre-chorus, when she sings, ‘I’m going to hatefuck you till the worms feast on your eyes,’ it’s not clear if she’s referring to ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, her rival Katy Perry, or her ongoing feud with Kanye West. But it’s obvious from the bursts of industrial noise and mid-song interlude involving an imagined phone call with serial killer John Wayne Gacy that this new Taylor isn’t playing around.” At press time, several music blogs had reportedly criticized the single as overly derivative of artists like Throbbing Gristle and Anal Cunt as well as for appropriating imagery from Pier Pasolini’s film, The 120 Days Of Sodom Source
  9. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/tv/x-factor/641377/x-factor-2017-Louis-Walsh-slam-Leona-Lewis-savage-takedown --- a kii queen of being a role model to all
  10. Daily Mail commenters also dragging her: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4835838/Ruby-Rose-faces-backlash-donating-hurricane-victims.html
  11. According to Portuguese media, Madonna, the queen of pop, is living in Portugal. Source: http://blitz.sapo.pt/principal/update/2017-08-29-Madonna-ja-esta-a-viver-em-Lisboa.-Para-ja-num-hotel http://spotmais.iol.pt/geral/29-08-2017/madonna-ja-se-mudou-para-lisboa/ Yes queen... leave Trump's America and run as far as you can
  12. Hits Daily Double is reporting that Taylor Swift has a secret, and they know what it is, but joke that if they told us she'd kill them. Something tells me she – or one of her clones – seriously would. Note: Hits Daily Double is music news site with lots of inside music industry tea. They're very reliable. What could the secret be? There's already a couple of fan-fueled theories floating around. Is Reputation a visual album? Is she moving up the Reputation release date? Is there a second single already on its way? A surprise performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival next month? Looks like we'll have to wait and see, but with all of the ensuing slayage this month, whatever she does next will indeed be a spectacle. Me: http://www.breatheheavy.com/lets-speculate-hdd-says-taylor-swift-has-a-secret/?utm_source=go.breatheheavy.com&utm_medium=m.facebook.com&utm_campaign=go.breatheheavy.com%2FTaylorSwiftSecret&utm_content=link_click
  13. With Daniel Craig opting to return as James Bond for one more film, rumors have been swirling in regards to who will tackle the next Bond theme song. According to NME, Beyoncé is reportedly in talks to record the movie's title track. After watching her contemporaries -- most notably, Adele and Sam Smith -- take on the challenge, the Lemonade singer has entertained talks with Bond producers to gauge her interest in tackling the possible record. “The two spoke before Bey’s first meeting with film bosses and Adele told her how co-writing and performing a Bond theme gave her an amazing career hike. Not many of the themes have been as successful -- but there are tens of millions of Beyoncé fans out there," a source revealed to the Daily Star. An MGM studio executive reportedly added that a Beyoncé appearance would be "the icing on the cake” in terms of concluding Daniel Craig's run as James Bond. More: http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/hip-hop/7948924/beyonce-james-bond-theme-song
  14. "I thought Britney Spears wrote her own music I thought every superstar was designing their own live stage show, so I always just did those things" Before you say that she doesn't here’s an incomplete list of songs Britney has written on throughout her nearly two-decades long career: Alien And Then We Kiss Anticipating Better Body Ache Brave New Girl Brightest Morning Star Chillin' with You Cinderella Coupure Electrique Don't Cry Everytime Hold on Tight (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun Invitation It Should Be Easy Just Like Me Make Me... Mannequin Me Against the Music Mmm Papi My Baby Now That I Found You Ooh Ooh Baby Passenger Perfume Private Show Rock Me In Scary Showdown Someday (I Will Understand) That's Where You Take Me Tik Tik Boom Touch of My Hand What You Need Whiplash (Selena Gomez & the Scene song) Work Bitch http://www.breatheheavy.com/halsey-shades-the-queen-i-thought-britney-spears-wrote-her-own-music/
  15. Here are some couples that are currently together & both of the partners are musicians. Just some I could think of (I thought there'd be more maybe I'm missing something), which one do you stan the most or dislike? Spill that tea sistrens. (hmu whether I need to add some more that I possibly forgot) Selena Gomez & Abel from the Weekend Beyoncé & J*y-Z Ariana Grande & Mac Miller Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole Bonus --- I personally despise Liam & Cheryl because wasn't Liam like 15 or something when they met Selena and Abel serving btw
  16. Same woman who goes on and on and on and on and on about her chart achievements and how she's "da queen" and "bitches can't touch her" etc etc etc in every verse. A mess