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Found 418 results

  1. Or is she going to be irrelevant her next album
  2. Will be perma banned. i say that with certainty because you must be 13 years old to register to the forum and if you stan those morons then you are clearly under the age.
  3. Are you jealous of Taylor ?

    wow , yes i read that now you have to read it too ... so do you agree or .....
  4. #AL6 VS #TS6

    Now that Avril Lavigne & Taylor Swift sixths album are cuming... which album do you think you'll like more and also what would the albums will sound like, and possible names, I think #AL6 is going to be some cool kid emo stuff that i will definitely enjoy, sadly i think is going to flop.
  5. WORST performances of ALL TIME

    Do we agree? Xtina's performance wasn't that bad tbh and idk why everyone acts like it was It was just the last note she fucked up on and the parts before it were a bit screechy She started off perfectly
  6. Pop girls/boys that will never happen

    I think Flop-Nashe will never see the light..The bitch got only one hit after that she wasn't even entering US Bubbling Under. Who's in ur mind maybe I'll start stanning
  7. So this tweet has gone viral... It's about a Buzzfeed article that's saying Taylor has shut down her social media and people are freaking out What do you guys think? I want speculation on the impact of the recent court and the Kim drama on Taylor's image
  8. I saw this image on twitter and it got me wondering, who sent the friend request? I think it's every Gaga album after 'Born To Die'. Who do you think sent it? (@Moebius I couldn't resist )
  9. Best selling Female artist overall of 2017 Best selling female album of 2017 in the USA and WW Best selling female as a lead ww single of 2017. Most viewed female artist of 2017 Most streamed female artist in 2017 Feels went #1 in UK CTTR went top 5 in the US Swish Swish has the most views in one day for a female lyric video Witness is the fastest album to go #1 on iTunes Witness has biggest first week sales for a female for 2017 too 5 VMA noms (All videos released from this era got atleast one including feels) Hosting VMAS too Katy got another diamond single this year and now has 3 (most for an artist) Chained to the Rhythm has the most streams in a day for an american artist on spotify So did she actually flop or do y'all just like to bring her down?
  10. Are Women Lowkey Winning

    I think Women in music are not flopping as we think 1.Katy debuted in BB200 186k #1 2.Lorde debuted in BB200 111k #1 3.SZA debuted in BB200 89k #3(that's good 4 the music she release) 4.Baldsey( as much as I hate to say) debuted BB200 108k 5.Kesha will debut with 120k or more 6.Lana Dick Rey with 110k #1( beating the shit out of the guys) 7.D!cnk is probably coming for #1 with big sales( As much as I hate to say) 8.Snakelor Swift obvious They are actually winning
  11. And why is Joanne only crossing 100m with 60 shows? Guys i'm generally curious here no wars even though its battlegrounds (didnt know where to put it) I didn't know Taylor was such a touring force please receipts for everything, and statistics
  12. Both songs are marked as "woke-anthems" but which one is the better song? My vote goes for WAU
  13. Seems like when Halsey went bald she started getting a lot of hate and people starting making fun of her more creating names like 'baldsey', comparing her to Justin Bieber, etc. Katy also shaved her head and her era ended becoming pretty messy, she got a lot of people bullying her hair, got less hits, etc. Do these pop girls lose some appeal, become less 'hot', and therefore more disliked because of the short hair? Disclaimer: I know there's other reasons too.
  14. Sorry I Ate All The Donuts (Not Sorry) is #7 on iTunes Miley's new single is already falling...down from #13 to #14 and a red update.
  15. ON BILLBOARD + TWITTER TOP TRACKS CHART http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/7933933/fifth-harmony-angel-number-1-twitter-top-tracks-chart kiiiiii
  16. Self proclaimed and followed on by her delusional stans "Queen of Rap" Sicki Garbaj recently released 3 singles all with music videos...yet none made the Billboard top 10. Yet newcomer and almost unknown Cardi B went top 10 and predicted to go top 5 next week with just one single release. why? How can this be? Isn't Nicki the "Queen of Rap" like she reminds us in almost every tired ass verse she brings out. She was also supposedly "making hits with Katy" and that song wouldn't even make Lil Kim shook.
  17. Is this creppy to you all ???

    watch from the beginning and stop at 2:25 ... strange or ????? i remember watching www one night and she was just sitting in a swinging chair for 45 mins in total silence starring into blank space .. A robot ??? Maybe so
  18. I'm not a stan but I like some of her music and I'm really curious to see how she'll perform in an era where pop girls are going extinct
  19. Who deserves MJ Vanguard Award?

    idk who they will give award idk because my queen won this shit back in 1986 (even before MJ ) soo I named some celebs who do not have Vanguard yet. Y'all gonna vote who DESERVES this award most.
  20. 5H or Harry

    Guys Im Shook...Who will walk away with the VMA Harmonizers and Directioners are crazy voters Who will Win
  21. Is Lindsay Lohan the biggest FAD

    She was the Britney of Movies in 2000s. 1.Her films were grossing well 2.She was making headlines in entertainment news 3.She was featured in every magazine 4.She was wanted by many directors Now 1.No where to be seen..Even on Space 2.HER latest film only grossed 265k 3.No movie companies want her 4.Shes now sitting home and learning ISLAMIC Is she the biggest FAD OF ALL TIME
  22. If Nicki Minaj isn't the Queen of Rap, why is every female rapper compared to her? Why do we make every female rappers' accomplishments about Nicki instead of the rapper being awarded? Why are some of the goats in female rap, such as Lil Kim and Missy Elliot, constantly bothered by her? Why does a female rapper's freestyle need to be posted on Twitter with the caption "Nicki is shook" in order to get retweets? Why is she constantly being asked by artists, including legends like Madonna and Beyonce, to feature on their songs? Why has she managed to get a solo top five hit on each album, despite being "over" each time? Why does she have more #1 albums than Iggy Azalea, Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Remy Ma and Azealia Banks combined? And why does she have yet to be replaced after eight years with that damn crown on her head? Give it up, it's me, I win, you lose Say what you want about Nicki Minaj but she is the female rapper of the decade and you're only proving it by keeping her name in your mouth and refusing to spit it out That's all I had to say Goodbye