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Found 1,073 results

  1. So these are the top most watched music videos. Well?
  2. is P!nk Bigger than Beyonce?

    Both of them are 15+ years into the industry and out lasted their peers. But is P!NK bigger than Beyonce? She has had way more hits and global album sales this decade. Discuss Faggets
  3. TS outsold B'Day Fearless outsold IA.SF Speak Now outsold 4 Red outsold BEYONCE 1989 outsold Lemonade Why is "local" Taylor outselling the Bug Queen?
  4. Is Lady Gaga pretty?

    Do you think Lady Gaga is pretty? I personally think she is and her fashion from the barn has been on point. So what do you think?
  5. I'm actually serious. This song is amazing.
  6. She's claiming she brought female rappers to the mainstream After Lauryn Hill outsold her WORLDWIDE TOTAL ALBUMS with just one album After Cardi B and Iggy Azalea got #1's and she didn't After she basically copied and pasted Lil Kim's look, style and swag After Missy Elliott, Kim and Lauryn had MASSIVE MAINSTREAM success way before ha nasty azz I mean i could go on, this is a fucking JOKE
  7. Lardy FadKa is OVER !

    THE NEW QUEEN OF FLOP (now with Lupus) Yes, little monsturds your ugly copycat fave is OVER, DONE, DECEASED, DEFUNCT, DEPARTED, EXTINCT, GONE and he ain't coming back !
  8. Unpleasant Princess

    I've never thaugt I woulf see an unpleasant looking teenage creature whos a popstar wanna be that got no talent to defend her ugliness. Boah Anus is just another sibling fame suckler who tries to find the way to the top but never prevail This dry prism face twitch with big saggy balloon tits tried its best to suck its Has been sisters fame but failed over and over Even when she was a baby she looked like a mangoose Hands down lorde is no match against this alien... This bitch should migrate with ed sheepran to another planet and give birth to other hamster babies
  9. Which pop girls are over?

    Some pop girls this year have proven to be over.. Katy's tour is the only thing saving this era. Joanne got saved by Million Discounts and the one week at #4 and freefall out of top 20 Selena tanked horribly with Fetish and underperformed with Bad Liar Miley debuted with Fourth Horny numbers
  10. Which Azalea is better?

    Iggy Azalea Or Azalea Banks? The debuts albums:
  11. So cute to let a fan take a selfie with her
  12. Battlegrounds | Randomosity

    This is a thread for some simple drags that don't warrant an entire thread (e.g. "igloo is a flop and and switch is TANKING") Who's gonna start?
  13. Tbh I think she is! She goes viral EVERY single day, I Don't reached top 3 on iTunes despite no promo or airplay, She tours for like almost 3 years straight, She's HUGE in the gay community (skinny, skinny legend, dahhhling), iconic gifs used by even the GP So COP, is she?
  14. In 2017....? Literally everyone streams music nowadays so WHY is it a bad thing to have great streaming numbers (instead of sales)? Why is it something artists are being shamed or are being made fun of for? In 2017 it's way more impressive to do well in streaming as it is the way the majority of people consume music. Shut the fuck up already
  15. What didn’t Miranda Cosgrove have ?

    She had a hit show like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande. She has a lovely voice in my opinion so why didn’t her music career pop ? What did they have that she didn’t.
  16. What do think P!nks new album will debut with? I'm gonna go with 95k - 130k SPS
  17. Which artist look like they smell good? Normani looks like she smells like Coco Butter
  18. Why are arianators so delusional ?

    There would be NO Ariana without Mariah and that is a fact. Mariah Carey is irrelevant yet she went on a sold OWT arena tour this year, her Christmas tour is sold OWT and she’s going on tour early next year. She’s in demand sweetie. She trends on twitter almost everyday and she’s skinny. Ariana Grande has no number 1 singles yet she’s a main pop girl. Even haysley has a number 1 single. Why is that ? Ariana is lucky that nicki threw her a bone with side to side. Ariana will never be on Mariah level or even Rihanna’s level. Mariah Carey is on tour, she making millions, she’s skinny, her house is payed for. Ariana wishes she could have 25 percent of what Mariah legacy is. When annoyingnators say Mariah Carey stans are living in the 90s they sounds crazy. Mariah last number one in the us was in 2008. Mariah Carey had top 10 all over the world with beautiful and even a top 20 in America. She still relevant after 30 years in the game. If madonnna can have a comeback at 47 than Mariah can have a comeback at 47. Stop hating it’s like you guys forget that Mariah makes r&b music which is not popular.
  19. Both groups are good but let me hear yall discuss this
  20. Well what do U think Who should be knocked off? and who should be on that list? keep in mind I said Right Now Discuss ladies
  21. I personally find Aaliyah overrated despite the accomplishments she's made in her career. Her stans are so delusional and always attacking the current R&B girls for no reason. I know some were influenced by her but most said themselves that Aaliyah isnt one of them. Thoughts?
  22. Welp...

    @Dirkje @Fifth Harmony @DarKnowlesKordei @The Boy thoughts?