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  1. The game known colloquially as the Elevator Game appears to originate on a Korean website some may recognize as the source of a particular comic that pops up every few months or so on sites like Reddit. Unfortunately I don’t speak Korean, so working off of the rough translations found here and here, I’ve tried to tease out a clearer version of the rules and instructions. It’s unclear whether the Otherworld to which the elevator delivers you is the Shadowside referred to by FableForge in his various games and rituals, or whether it’s something else; regardless as to what it may or may not be, however, as always—play at your own risk. Players: 1 principal Requirements: 1 building, at least 10 stories high, with an elevator. All three of these conditions must be met in order for the game to proceed. Instructions: Venturing Out: Enter your chosen building and get into the elevator on the first floor alone. Do not proceed if anyone else is in the elevator with you. Press the button for the fourth floor. When the elevator reaches the fourth floor, do not get out. Instead, remain in the elevator and press the button for the second floor. When you reach the second floor, remain in the elevator and press the button for the sixth floor. When you reach the sixth floor, remain in the elevator and press the button for the second floor. When you reach the second floor, remain in the elevator and press the button for the tenth floor. When you reach the tenth floor, remain in the elevator and press the button for the fifth floor. When you reach the fifth floor, a young woman may enter the elevator. Do not look at her; do not speak to her. She is not what she seems. Press the button for the first floor. If the elevator begins ascending to the tenth floor instead of descending to the first, you may proceed. If the elevator descends to the first floor, exit as soon as the doors open. Do not look back. Do not speak. If you reach the tenth floor, you may either choose to get off the elevator or to stay on it. If you choose to get off, and if the woman entered the elevator on the fifth floor, she will ask you, “Where are you going?” Do NOT answer her. Do NOT look at her. You will know whether you have arrived at the Otherworld by one indication, and one indication only: The only person present in it is you. The Return Trip: If you chose to stay on the elevator at the tenth floor: Press the button for the first floor. If it doesn’t work, keep pressing it until it finally does. When the elevator reaches the first floor, exit as soon as the doors open. Do not look back. Do not speak. If you choose to exit the elevator at the tenth floor: You must use the same elevator to return as the one in which you arrived. When you enter the elevator, press the buttons in the same order you did in steps 2 through 8 of Venturing Out. You should finish at the fifth floor. When you reach the fifth floor, press the button for the first floor. The elevator will again begin to ascend to the tenth floor. Press any other floor’s button to cancel the ascension. You MUST press the button you use to cancel the ascension BEFORE you reach the tenth floor. After you reach the first floor, check your surroundings carefully. If anything seems off—even the smallest detail—do NOT exit the elevator. If you detect something wrong, repeat step 2 until your surroundings look as they should. Once you are confident you have returned to your own world, you may safely exit the elevator. Additional Notes: Should you reach the Otherworld, the floor onto which you will emerge will look almost identical to the one from your own world, save for two things: All the lights will be off, and the only thing you will be able to see from the windows is a red cross in the distance. Some say that electronic devices—mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players, etc.—don’t work in the Otherworld; others say they do. Getting back to your own world may be more difficult than it seems: You may become disoriented and forget which elevator in which you arrived; the elevator may seem to get further and further away from you as you walk towards; and so on. Be vigilant, and keep your wits about you. If at any point during the ritual you faint, pass out, or otherwise lose consciousness, you will likely wake up in your own home. However, be sure to carefully examine your surroundings upon waking—the “home” to which you have been returned may not be the one you left when you first set out to attempt this ritual. Concerning the Woman on the Fifth Floor: Do NOT speak to her. Do NOT look at her. If you do, she may decide to keep you for her own. Source
  2. Try not to feel old after we say this, Upper East Siders...Today marks the 10-year anniversary of Gossip Girl.Yes, it may be hard to believe, but the first time we witnessed Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford come together while Kristen Bell's voice echoed "Xoxo, Gossip Girl" was exactly one, full decade ago. The CW series aired for the first time on Sept. 19, 2007.That date kicked off what no one knew would mark a massively successful franchise that would change pop culture forever. We all tuned in every week to watch what kind of trouble Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald and Dan and Jenny Humphrey would get into, sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation over love triangles, lavish parties, luxurious wardrobes and, of course, lots and lots of gossip.Even if you didn't start watching in 2007, we're betting you've binged watched too many episodes to count on Netflix, just as addicted to the drama now as we were 10 years ago.Source
  3. I know Jennifer Lawrence's entire brand is about being ~qUirKy!~ and just like you! and pizza! or whatever, but absolutely nothing about this recent "fun and hilarious" anecdote is funny or cute. On yesterday's episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, Jennifer proceeds to tell the story of a "bar fight" she got into. Only it wasn't so much of a fight as a violent, drunken, one-sided attack on a fan. Jennifer says it started at in Budapest, where she was filming her upcoming movie, Red Sparrow. She's there with some friends for the bar's beer night, and she gets drunk which she says is rare for her. OK, sure, that's what I say after an intoxicated fuck-up too. A guy at the bar asks Jen to take a selfie with him, which she politely declines. And I get it, totally within her rights. Fair. More celebrities should exercise this power, except for when it's me asking. But back to the story: The guy asks Jen one more time, and she once again says no. The annoyed Hungarian dude mutters "Fuck you." And then, in Jennifer's own words, she "snaps." Now before I get into the gory details, let me first say it is rude to say "fuck you", especially when the person doesn't deserve it. But if I did what Jennifer did to every person who's ever told me "fuck you", I would be on Locked Up Abroad. And also Locked Up Domestically, a spin-off I'm trying to get green-lit. So here's what she did: Jennifer says she grabbed the man by his clothes, started shaking him, and "dousing him with beers." Then, she goes to his suitcase (which was at the bar for some reason) and proceeds to start pouring beer all over his shit. Her friend points out the guy is soaking wet "and crying." And the entire time Jennifer is relaying the story to a delighted Seth, she's cracking up. I'm sorry, but what is cute or adorable or funny about literal assault? I get that it's not cool to be rude, but talk about an overreaction. If a civilian did that or (I'm sorry but I'm just gonna say it) a man did that, it'd be an arrest. Watch the full stupid-ass video here:
  4. Celebrity Big Brother (US)

    oh god i hope they keep the internet stars to a minimum
  5. 'Call Me by Your Name' breakout Timothée Chalamet also is attached to the film. Selena Gomez is joining Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning in Woody Allen's upcoming film. The logline for the currently untitled project, which will be released by Amazon Studios, is being kept under wraps, as has been the pattern with most of the filmmaker's movies. Allen previously worked with Amazon on his 2016 film Cafe Society. His next movie, Wonder Wheel, starring James Belushi, Juno Temple, Justin Timberlake and Kate Winslet, will make its world premiere as the closing-night film of the New York Film Festival in October and will be released by Amazon. Gomez, who executive produced the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, starred in The Fundamentals of Caring and James Franco’s In Dubious Battle. She has finished recording the voice of Mavis in the upcoming Hotel Transylvania 3, which is set to bow in September 2018. Gomez is repped by WME, Lighthouse Management & Media and Ziffren Brittenham. Fanning was most recently seen in Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled with Nicole Kidman. Her other upcoming films include Mary Shelley, which will play next month at the Toronto International Film Festival; Reed Morano’s I Think We're Alone Now; Mélanie Laurent’s Galveston; and Max Minghella’sTeen Spirit. She is repped by WME and Echo Lake Entertainment. Chalamet most recently starred opposite Armie Hammer in Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me by Your Name, which debuted at Sundance in January and will be released by Sony Classics Pictures in the fall. The actor's upcoming films include coming-of-age story Hot Summer Nights, which premiered at SXSW; Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut Lady Bird; and Beautiful Boy with Steve Carell. Chalamet previously appeared on Showtime series Homeland. He is repped by UTA and Ginsburg Daniels. Source
  6. Wendy Williams didn’t let the aftermath of Hurricane Irma interrupt her vacation plans. The gossip talk-show host, 53, took to the sandy beaches of Barbados on Monday in an eye-popping black bikini. She wore her hair in a messy up-do, her signature diamond “W” pendant, hot-pink shades and, of course, her oversize diamond ring. Williams, who turned vegan over two years ago, appeared completely at ease and relaxed on her holiday. She was also joined by longtime husband Kevin Hunter. Amid Hurricane Irma’s path of destruction, a 16-year-old junior professional surfer died in Barbados while surfing large swells brought on by the hurricane. The island, which largely escaped Irma’s wrath, is being used as a distribution hub for providing supplies to nearby countries. Williams’ trip to the Caribbean may be her last for a while. Her eponymous talk show will return for its latest season on Sept. 18. http://pagesix.com/2017/09/12/wendy-williams-hits-barbados-beach-after-hurricane-irma/?_ga=2.241882695.493162477.1505274631-959086944.1503447673
  7. Yes: You've been living with the phrase "Leave Britney alone!" for a decade now. On September 10, 2007, Chris Crocker uploaded a distraught video of himself to YouTube, in which he explained he was concerned Britney Spears was headed towards an Anna Nicole Smith fate, who died in February of that year. His clip, where he screams the now iconic "Leave Britney Alone!" was in response to backlash from Spears' performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Since achieving e-fame, becoming one of the biggest memes and Internet celebrities of the early 00s, Crocker has gone on to appear on reality TV, appear in music videos and even had a stint in gay porn. Crocker took to social media on the anniversary of his video to reflect on becoming a meme and Internet celebrity. Read his full message below and watch his infamous video below that. 10 years ago on this day, I defended my favorite pop star against the media. While I'm known to do comedy: This was the one video that I was serious in. That year, my mom was battling addiction & became homeless after serving for our country in Iraq. The struggles in my home life and family life made me defensive over any woman going through a hard time. The internet and YouTube was a very different, less LGBT friendly place at the time. Nothing I said in the video was listened to. I was mocked for my femininity. I was called every gay slur in the book. Talk show hosts questioned if I was a man or woman, after playing the clip. I knew there was no way people would take me serious. So I decided that I would play up to the joke everyone thought I was. Realizing that telling them about what had actually triggered my emotional reaction (What my mom was battling) wouldn't be of interest to anyone. So I gave them a cartoon of what they assumed I was, in my public appearances afterward. But the truth is and always was about standing up for someone and not standing idly by when you see someone being hurt by others. In the 10 years since this video- A lot of LGBT Youtubers are celebrated for who they are. I often wonder if I had started videos later, if I would've been treated differently. But what I will say is this: Even if I got a public beating for standing up for what's right: Im happy I did. And I'll always love @britneyspears Source
  8. Rose Mulet is banned

    permabanned? or temporarily banned?
  9. Does Sam Smith have HIV?

    This thread is kinda disgusting tbh
  10. Does Sam Smith have HIV?

    Sam just has a big ass head that's all
  11. K-Pop Outsells

  12. K-Pop Outsells

    kpop stan here. a lot of groups sell different versions of their album when it comes out. here's an example. seventeen released 3 different versions of their last mini album. most fans will buy all 3. not to mention lots of kpop fans like to buy in bulk. also in order to go to fan events, you have to buy a certain number of albums to get in. also kpop is popular. your faves are just flopping.
  13. Men are botoxing their balls to make them look nicer

    Can I touch yours tho?
  14. NEW YORK—In a dramatic break from the singer’s past incarnations, including her more aggressive recent image, Taylor Swift unveiled an even darker persona Friday with the release of her new single, “Skullfucking Maggot Shit Boyfriend.” “From the moment we see her chewing the entrails of a bound-and-gagged man wrapped in coils of barbed wire, it’s obvious this is a version of Taylor we definitely haven’t seen before,” said Billboard magazine writer Joseph Wohl in a post analyzing the new song and its accompanying music video, which feature graphic images of self-mutilation, a bass line sampled from a recording of cattle slaughter, and multiple lyrical references to genocide. “In the pre-chorus, when she sings, ‘I’m going to hatefuck you till the worms feast on your eyes,’ it’s not clear if she’s referring to ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, her rival Katy Perry, or her ongoing feud with Kanye West. But it’s obvious from the bursts of industrial noise and mid-song interlude involving an imagined phone call with serial killer John Wayne Gacy that this new Taylor isn’t playing around.” At press time, several music blogs had reportedly criticized the single as overly derivative of artists like Throbbing Gristle and Anal Cunt as well as for appropriating imagery from Pier Pasolini’s film, The 120 Days Of Sodom Source
  15. Dua Lipa - "New Rules"

  16. what y'all mad about today ?

    My bussy is hungry for some dick and I can't get any
  17. Dua Lipa