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  3. At around 5 a.m. on Sunday morning, one man in Guangxi's Liuzhou city woke up on a public bench from an alcohol-induced slumber to find his pockets empty and his belt loosened. The man, given the pseudonym A'Jun, immediately reported the incident to police who began their investigation by checking out nearby surveillance cameras, local media reports. Police watched carefully as A'Jun wandered into the frame at around 2 a.m. that morning and promptly passed out on an extremely uncomfortable-looking bench. Over the next few hours, a few people passed by, but at around 4:30 a.m., a suspicious man approached A'Jun. After making sure that there was no one else around, he began to touch A'Jun's crotch and soon went to work. In video clips that have gone viral on WeChat, the man can be seen kneeling down to give A'Jun a handjob and then a blowjob, all while A'Jun sleeps soundly through the whole thing. At one point, a smartphone appears to fall from A'Jun's pocket and the man stops what he's doing to retrieve it before returning to pick up where he left off. This encounter reportedly lasted four or five minutes. At the end, the man reaches over to take A'Jun's wallet out of his pocket before leaving the scene. After watching the video, police began to follow the man's trail. By noon that day, they had arrested him at a hotel just 200 meters away from where the incident took place. Police said that the man was less than 30 years old and in town on "business" from northern Guangxi. The man admitted to police that he was gay and explained that as he was walking by he had noticed A'Jun and thought that he was quite attractive. It was only when he found out just how deep of a slumber his Prince Charming was in that he then decided to steal from him. Inside the wallet, he found 600 yuan in cash. He took the money out and ditched the wallet, but kept A'Jun's ID card to remember him by. The man is currently in custody. It's not yet clear what will happen to him; however, in 2015, China finally passed legislation making male rape a crime. http://shanghaiist.com/2017/08/15/blowjob-thief.php
  4. A gay anthropologist in Britain has started a one man mission to get the “family planning” aisle renamed in drug stores. In a world gone mad, Jamie Lawson is standing up for those who can’t procreate and he’s taking his case to corporate headquarters. Lawson, a gay man, stopped by a local Sainsbury supermarket last June and wanted to pick up some condoms and lube along with his groceries. But when he found the items under a “family planning” banner, he took his complaint to Twitter. “I am a gay man; the sex I have is non-reproductive by definition,” Lawson told Mic, saying the phrasing made him “self-conscious in a way that heterosexual people [aren’t].” Enter Twitter. Months later, Lawson has contacted and compared several chains’ choice of words for the sexual health section. Our friends over at Queerty have a good rundown of the back and forth between the activist and various outlets, but what about American drugstores? Mic took a look at three popular American chains and found the results were similar if not worse. CVS has a “family planning” section that includes condoms, lube, toys and spermicides. Pregnancy tests were in a separate “feminine care” section with tampons. Duane Reed fared the best with “family planning” and “sexual wellness” sections sitting side by side. Rite Aid also had both “family planning” and “feminine care” sections, but they were closer together. A brand manager explained to Mic that in the public’s mind the terms “sexual health” and “family planning” are often one and the same, but “sexual health” makes some people uncomfortable. They want to “get in and get out” quickly. They put the sections in the back of the store to make people more comfortable since it’s more private. But does that make a drugstore shelf designated for “family planning” homophobic? “There are quite a few of us for whom sex has nothing to do with reproduction at all,” Lawson wrote in a blog post. “I’m a man who has sex with men, for example. No man that I’ve ever had sex with has been capable of becoming pregnant (which is not to say none are), so ‘family planning’ has been pretty low on my list of priorities when I’m thinking about orgasms. LGBTQI+ people of various types and combinations tend, on the whole, to have sex for pleasure, rather than reproduction and, furthermore, when queer people do decide to reproduce, we probably don’t go shopping for condoms. “In fact, if you really start to look at it, if you follow that idea all the way down this particular rabbit hole, then it starts to look as if the fact that LGBTQI+ people have sex for pleasure is what it is about us that society (people en masse) really objects to.” Source
  5. Fans in South Korea are highly disappointed at Ariana Grande's unprofessionalism. On August 15, Ariana Grande was scheduled to perform at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul for her 'Dangerous Woman Tour'. Prior to the performance in Korea, Ariana visited Japan from August 10 to 13. She was scheduled to arrive in Korea on the 14th, however, her arrival was delayed. Ariana eventually arrived at Kimpo Airport at 5 pm KST on August 15, which was only 3 hours before her concert. It was explained that she delayed her arrival in order to avoid the press. Korean fans, who've been dearly waiting for the pop star, were already starting to get upset and angry at Ariana's late arrival. Fans who purchased the expensive VIP tickets were also unable to watch the rehearsal as originally scheduled. Furthermore, the Meet & Greet session reportedly got delayed and shortened. Matters worsened when Ariana shared a video via Instagram of herself happily singing in the bathroom just an hour before the concert. It's assumed the singing session in the bathroom was her rehearsal. The pop star successfully completed her concert, however, complaints from Korean fans skyrocketed. Those who spent 650,000 KRW (~570 USD) for the VIP tickets requested refunds. Many others also criticized Ariana for her rude, unprofessional behavior. The fact that Ariana immediately left Korea after the concert while she enjoyed several more days in Japan after her concerts was also a topic of criticism. Comments stated, "Don't come any more", "She's looking down on the Korean fans", "She tours Japan after her concert but just immediately leaves Korea", "She has a terrible personality", "She deceived the Korean fans. So disappointed", ''I guess she just came for the money", "Korea was just a pit stop for her", "No manners at all." Source Here are some English translated comments from Koreans: Fans outraged over Ariana Grande's first concert in Korea Article: Ariana Grande's first concert in Korea... best performances but zero communication Source: OSEN via Nate 1. [+615, -10] How happy do you think she is? Made a quick stop in Korea, no rehearsals, sang for an hour and a half, and cashed in 2.5 billion won 2. [+603, -8] Something like this has never happened before ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ arrived to the country two hours before the concert, no time for rehearsal, performed for an hour and a half, and left the country straight after ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 3. [+518, -22] B*tch 4. [+68, -0] Imagine how much she bragged after she went back home. "I make millions for performing for an hour without rehearsals and they still love me ><!!! Koreans are idiots!!" 5. [+66, -2] Arrived at Korea at 5, left by 12... basically used the Gocheok Dome as her personal karaoke room and made money off of it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 6. [+63, -1] Was Korea just a quick rehearsal stop for her? She really dressed like that on stage? ㅋㅋ 7. [+59, -0] Imagine how easy she took Koreans to treat us like this;; 8. [+58, -0] Her stage outfit ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ looks like something you'd wear to go to the supermarket 9. [+46, -1] What is she saying was so beautiful about Seoul when she barely even had any time to look at anything 10. [+40, -1] Didn't she stay in Japan for 5 days? Probably thought Koreans were idiots to be taken advantage of. Article: Ariana Grande rehearsed in the bathroom before her concert? Source: TV Daily via Nate 1. [+1,097, -12] All the people who paid $650 for VIP tickets for rehearsal + backstage performances and a meet & greet with pictures got none of it. She arrived two hours before the concert so the rehearsal was canceled. The meet & greet was delayed so people who had time for that came out to find that their entrance to the actual concert was delayed. The concert was a mess. Koreans, once again, taken for fools. 2. [+1,018, -9] She literally went on stage without any rehearsals. Didn't check the size of the stage, the quality of the music equipment... she arrived like it was some local festival show, sang a few songs, and left right after. So comparable to how she acted in Japan. 3. [+962, -12] I understand that she has a trauma when it comes to concerts but if it's still affecting her, she should be taking a break until she recovers. It's unfair to half a$$ a concert like this in another country. The fact that she didn't rehearse means that the audience didn't get a completely satisfactory performance. Is she not sorry to the fans who came to see her? 4. [+115, -4] She arrived in Japan 2 days before the concert, attended all the rehearsals, performed in tip top condition... But for Korea, she arrived 3 hours before the concert and went straight in without any rehearsals. Are you serious? Do you think Koreans are fools? And who are the idiots who actually paid for this? 5. [+68, -1] I read a few fan accounts and I understand the outrage, especially the people who paid $650 for their VIp tickets. They have every right to trash the concert hall if they want to for how they were treated. - Source: Naver 1. [+6,281, -97] She left right away at midnight... Korea really was a quick pit stop to make money for her... 2. [+5,980, -126] Yeah yeah, all you fans can smile all you want after being taken for fools. Arriving at a country 3 hours before your concert? Are you serious? ㅋㅋ Went up to perform without any rehearsals? ㅋㅋ 3. [+4,162, -113] Sigh, please don't come back until you fix your attitude 4. [+2,606, -56] All those expensive meet & greet tickets were basically pieces of toilet paper 5. [+1,708, -13] She was too busy fooling around in Japan that she arrived late and had to cancel all pre-concert activities, rehearsals... then warmed up in the bathroom, sang for 2 hours, and left right after ㅋㅋㅋ 6. [+1,513, -10] As much hate as Britney got for her concert, at least she arrived a day before her concert and performed to her heart's content for the full two hours, trying to speak in Korean, giving fan service, calling fans up to the stage to given spontaneous autographs... Even though the concert was only half filled, fans who did go left feeling satisfied. Ariana's at the peak of her career right now and not doing enough. 7. [+1,492, -16] It's liberation day in Korea and she spent her day lazing around in Japan before coming to Korea at 6, warming up in the bathroom, and then going straight up on stage ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ how much were the tickets again? 8. [+1,266, -14] Seems like she saw Korea as just a quick pit stop after her Japanese concert ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Source: Naver 1. [+6,754, -118] Really disappointed with how she treated her Korean fans 2. [+5,575, -115] Yeah, don't come back again 3. [+5,301, -100] I was actually at the concert. Well, technically I had fun listening to her singing live and stuff. Grande looked like she was enjoying herself but it was quite obvious that she wasn't prepared... ㅠ 4. [+4,831, -73] Totally took Koreans for fools. A concert that shows her true colors. 5. [+1,424, -18] To Grande, Korea was just a pit stop after Japan Source
  6. The New York subway system may seem like a nightmarish hellscape for straphangers forced to deal with derailments, delays, and plagues of dead crabs during their daily commutes, but apparently things are even worse for the subway employees behind the scenes. According to a NYC subway workers union, the MTA has gotten into the habit of temporarily storing the corpses and dismembered body parts of people killed in subway accidents inside employee break rooms until emergency responders arrive, NY1 reports. The Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 100 claims that the dead bodies pulled up off the tracks are stashed away in "bathrooms, facility rooms, [and] break rooms" until the medical examiner responds, according to TWU vice president Derek Echevarria. These rooms are reportedly often left unlocked, so anybody trying to slip away for a quick break could accidentally stumble across a severed foot or corpse. Besides being traumatizing, disrespectful, and generally just super gross, TWU says the whole hiding a corpse in a bathroom thing is pretty unsanitary, too. "You have pieces, you have blood spatter," Echevarria said in the statement. "It could be any contamination or disease." MTA spokesman Shams Tarek responded to the complaint, confirming that, yeah, sometimes these things happen, but the bodies are put in a "non-public space" until the NYPD can arrive on the scene, which happens nearly "instantly." The TWU disagrees, though, arguing that it can take upward of a few hours before the corpses are cleared. "Mayor de Blasio and his administration have failed to provide enough staffing for the Medical Examiner's Office to quickly retrieve and remove bodies from the subway after these tragedies," TWU said. "It's unacceptable that transit workers have to endure this on the job." https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/8xxn3g/the-mta-allegedly-stashes-dead-corpses-in-employee-break-rooms-vgtrn?utm_source=vicefbus
  7. #SayHerName is a movement started by the African American Policy Forum because black women and girls are disproportionally subjected to police brutality and abuse. It is a call to uplift the names of those mostly forgotten and to seek justice. And although Charnesia Corley did not lose her life in her interaction with Houston law enforcement two years ago, what happened to her was beyond the pale and by all accounts excessive. As previously reported by The Root, on June 20, 2015, Corley was pulled over around 10:30 p.m. by two Harris County, Texas, deputies after allegedly running a stop sign. The officers said they detected the smell of marijuana. An initial search yielded nothing, but according to Metro UK, dashcam footage released last week shows one of the officers talking to a passenger who was already in custody, saying, “Oh, we are going to find something, even if we have to put our hands on her.” The recently released video shows police first slamming Corley to the ground and then taking her pants off, leaving her naked from the waist down in a Texaco parking lot. “They then took Miss Corley and placed both ankles behind her ears spread-eagle position and started to search for something in Miss Corley’s cavity in her vaginal area,” said her attorney, Sam Cammack, to Fox 26 Houston. Cammack described his client then as “a 21-year-old African-American, female, college student, had never had any criminal history, never been in trouble.” This ordeal went on for 11 minutes before Corley was allowed to emerge from beneath the car and cover her naked body. Cammack calls it “rape by cop.” Fox 26 reports that charges against Officers Ronaldine Pierre, 34, and William Strong, 37, were dismissed Aug. 4, the same day the case was set to go to trial. Harris County prosecutor Natasha Sinclair claims that there is “new evidence” but says that it must “remain secret.” She also seems to excuse the behavior of police. “I feel terrible for what happened to Miss Corley. It should never have happened, and unfortunately we are in the business of prosecuting criminal offenses, and though it may not be criminal, it doesn’t mean she won’t receive justice,” said Sinclair. Metro UK reports that police found half a gram of marijuana on Corley that night, but all charges against her were later dropped. Cammack says that his client is suing for the release of the full video, and he is calling for an independent prosecutor. They are also suing the county in federal court for violating Corley’s civil rights, according to Fox 26. It could have been worse. Philando Castile was pulled over because of marijuana and was summarily shot and killed. So there’s that. Source
  8. A man and his lover were busted for including a dog in their twisted sex life — after the guy was arrested for making an explicit video with his young daughter in the background, according to new reports. Cops first arrested Shane Ogden, 38, of Macedon, NY, for endangering the welfare of a child on July 30 after he was caught allegedly sexting a video of himself to girlfriend Karlee Jordan, 18, that shows his little girl looking on in the background, the Times of Wayne County reports. But once police started looking through his phone, they say they also found messages between the pair describing their sexual contact with a pooch — both things they’d done in the past, and what they’d like to do in the future, the paper reports. The cops then interviewed Jordan, who admitted the pair have been getting down and dirty with their dogs, according to a local ABC affiliate. Both have been charged with sexual misconduct. If convicted, they’ll have to register as sex offenders and face up to a year behind bars. http://nypost.com/2017/08/14/couple-busted-for-sexual-misconduct-with-dog/
  9. More Americans Than Ever Say Polygamy Is Morally Acceptable

    No it's 3 ppl exclusively
  10. More Americans Than Ever Say Polygamy Is Morally Acceptable

    I see nothing wrong with it as long as all the adults are consenting