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  1. Looks like my time will be over :( its not easy with me at 3am gosh making it 4:30am is just wanting me to be elimanted

  2. Trends That You Want To Die

    Urban / Rnb (a little is okay but fuck sake) Top 40 music that is today 2010s music Ed Sheeran Adele That awful spanish song Man buns Full Beards I just want music to be like 2000-2009 again, i want emo to be a thing, i want when jobs ussd to be easy, i want when cheating wasnt big till dating sites came. BRING BACK THE 00S
  3. COP Survivor Season 1: Borneo

    I wont be here rhen 4:30am isnt happening again.
  4. Rihanna Pure Album Sales

    This looks Amazing sis omg. Yes GGGB still her best ever era
  5. Madonna vs Sia

  6. Top 8 LM&5H

    Normani Dinah Lauran (shes got best voice and best looks tho) Camila Ally I dunno the others, i never in my life watched a whole MV of theres. I cant sit through there music sadly. Pretty girls tho.
  7. Random Thoughts

    Like i eat so much lately. Its not like me at all haha.
  8. Jenny was one of my faves too, i was sad she left but then she moved on to be an amazing rock singer so she will forever be little J to me tho Yay team Jenny
  9. Omg i cant believe how quick time goes. This show and the oc will forever be amazing
  10. Random Thoughts

    I ate too many oreos
  11. Cant believe im not allowed to sleep with guys i just meet even tho im 25

  12. Mum: only sluts get sti

    Im fucking done, i didnt give anyone anything i just went to the wrong person without protection. I said i slept with someone with protection and she says that wont make any difference what if people found out only sluts get it Fuck a girl lost her virginty and got it does that make her a slut? Ive slept with 3 guys if she found out her 25 year old had sex outside of a relationship ill be in so much trouble. I am sick to death of her. I made one mistake fixed it but shes never gonna let it go. She just keeps saying only sluts find out dont tell anyone. I told every guy i slept with i had it and they were like its fine im clean, they didnt freak out at all they just said i got a condom. Shes getting me more depressed again
  13. Rihanna: ANTI Survivor [Top 2]

    Kiss It Better - 80 Same Ol' Mistakes - 77
  14. 1989 Megarate

    I know places for that #1 spot
  15. Selena Gomez is the new face of Puma!

    She looks great