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  1. Funnier: P!nk vs COPer P!nk

    I perfer king @P!nk over the singer for sure
  2. is your avi actually blank or is my laptop bugging? 

    1. Denis Stoff

      Denis Stoff

      Not sure, i did have a error uploading it a while ago? I can see it tho. But i remember having a issue half saw it and half didnt :o

    2. Pixelated Cunt

      Pixelated Cunt

      ohh lmao that makes sense and i can see it now!

    3. Denis Stoff

      Denis Stoff

      4 minutes ago, Pixelated Cunt said:

      ohh lmao that makes sense and i can see it now!

      Yeah i had to upload one off on my phone since it was an error :(

  3. Life13swift's Taylor Swift drawing SLAYS!

    good drawing, even tho the face is sorta creepy
  4. What if denis did metal rap :wendy19:

  5. Do you get a lot of downvotes?

    Sometimes, but rarely. I dont understand the point of downvotes if i call ur fave song bad just skip it no need to downrep
  6. To you try and stay away from carbs? Do you think they're evil?

    i already got a summer body and i eat junl 98% of the time
  7. Dancing With Hands Tied is just so good! TAYLOR DID THAT

    1. KnightofCrescentLovatic


      I wouldn't know because it's still not on spotify. I'm honestly over waiting for the bloody album to go on spotify. At This point I'm over waiting.

  8. I swear Ashley voice is bae <3 

  9. Linked Song Titles

    One Word - Kelly Osbourne
  10. justin has downgraded

    really? for once he looks decent
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    4 Words (To Choke Upon) - Bullet For My Valentine
  12. Song Alphabet

    If I Fall - Evermore
  13. What your fave has done

    Made the best metalcore album of the 2010s! and brought the most perfect face out to the public
  14. justin has downgraded

    isnt that peter from Fall Out Boy? why is he even with that tosser? tho Justin hair looks good tho (if he dyes it black, he prob would be decent lookin) tho that face he cant do much about
  15. Linked Song Titles

    Just A Slave To Rock & Roll - Asking Alexandria