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  1. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    How many times has badgirlriri been in the bottom tho
  2. Selena Gomez Without Autotune

    She doesn't sound half as bad as people put her out to be in most of these videos. Also, Good For You was literally made for her, she sounds so sexy and good in it
  3. The boy I like is currently getting drunk somewhere back home and I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere in England with my family :wendy26: 

  4. Anyone who stans Jake Paul/Team 10

    Oh god, it was sis
  5. Request EMOTES Here (New process)

    :britwtf: :arieducating: Both also reached 10 upvotes @TeamCardiB
  6. Request EMOTES Here (New process)

    I already apologised for the delay
  7. Request EMOTES Here (New process)

    I'm sorry I just upvoted it now sis
  8. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    I went from #4 to #6 I really need to step up my looks for the next challenges
  9. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    I'm still top 4 omg
  10. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    I was so scared this round omg
  11. COP Drag Race: Season One [UNTUCKED]

    ok truce
  12. COP Drag Race: Season One [UNTUCKED]