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    Britney covers Women's Health Magazine (photoshoot)
  2. HELLO

    So Britney Spears
  3. Random Thoughts

    If Indie shades or comes for Britney ONE MORE TIME....I'm starting to feel like @Nicki Minaj

    Britney Spears on OUT magazine On Sexuality I've only been attracted to men, but I am a firm believer that everyone no matter what their sexuality deserves to be treated equally and treated with respect. We are all human beings who want to be loved and who want to love. I've never understood how people could just offended or against someone loving another person. If either of my sons were to come out as gay, bisexual, or anything I would still love them unconditionally. I'm their mom and that's my job, but I wouldn't just love them, I would accept them which is weird we have to say I feel. By that I mean, it's weird that we have to say that we accept someone because of things they can't change about themselves...and that there are parents who don't accept their children, that's heartbreaking to me. On Women's Rights I support all women's rights. As a woman myself I think it's something that shouldn't even have to be asked! Although I personally wouldn't want to have an abortion, I don't believe I should be able to tell someone else they shouldn't because I'm not them, I don't know why they've made that choice or anything so I couldn't deny someone something, it's not my place. On Starting a charity to help the LGBT This is something I've been very eager to start! I've done other types of charities that benefited groups of people, but I want to do one that would help those in the LGBT community, something to give back to those who've supported me throughout my career because without them I don't think my career would be as successful. The LGBT community have always lifted me up even in my darkest hour..they've supported every decision I've made and inspire me to continue. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and hope that I can make a positive change in their lives like they've done to mine. Photoshoot
  5. Album listening parties: APPLY NOW

    Blackout LP take 2 on the 25th in honor of the 10th anniversary @Nicki Minaj
  6. I'm gonna host another Blackout LP for the Blackout 10th anniversary...plus it may help bring members

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    Britney sits down with James Corden On The Charts I've been keeping an eye on them closely, I'm so happy with the success Mona Lisa has had already peaking at number 2! I does suck when your song doesn't stay up there as long as you'd like or reach number 1, but I'm just so happy that since it released and jumped to the top 10 that it has stayed there! Honestly the competition has been really tough this go around. On The Upcoming Album I've been working really hard on this album, every detail and every little thing I've had a hand in and it's a lot of fun. I think this is the most hands on with an album I've ever been so it's really like my baby. The album name is going to be "The Original Doll". I've juggled many names for this one, but this title just really stuck out to me. I'm planning on releasing an EP of the album soon, but it will be after my next single which I have ready to go! On The Next Single Its going to be a ballad. I've always loved doing ballads because it just feels very personal and honest, especially when they come from me just sitting at my piano and playing. Most of the time I get the melodies before the words, it kinda like working backwards almost because most artists write lyrics down and then get music to go with it. Also, I didn't just write the lyrics for the next song, I also composed the music for it so it's 100% original and from me. Britney gives the first live performance of Mona Lisa The logo for the show appears on the screen and the voice of James is heard telling everyone that Britney is about to perform. The lights go up and Britney is standing on the stage with a headpiece on and backup dancers behind her. The music begins and Britney's live voice is heard speaking into the mic "This is the story about Mona Lisa....The Mona Lisa." As she begins to sing, Britney and her dancers start off slow as the beat goes on, but it then picks up as a dance break is worked into the song. Britney and her dancers move in sync as they do the intense choreography, it ends with Britney doing a flip and she then continues singing, the playback is present but her voice can still be heard along with her catching her breath. As the song ends Britney takes a bow and the show cuts to commercial. (TV Interview + TV Performance)

    Britney launches a new website look

    New Spotify promo banner (thanks @Selena's Bad Liar )
  10. What the actual f**k is Sicki Garbaj smoking???

    I mean Trina existed and Foxxy Brown...Remy Ma came before she did too
  11. CAL: Discussion Thread

    What do y'all think of my magazine cover and album cover?

    Mona Lisa Remixes Tracklist 1. Mona Lisa(Radio Mix) 3:45 2. Mona Lisa (Kaskade Club Mix) 4:08 3. Mona Lisa (Tiësto Club Remix) 5:53 4. Mona Lisa (Tonal Club Remix) 4:55 5. Mona Lisa (Benny Benassi Extended) 5:16 6. Mona Lisa(Linus Loves Remix) 4:39 7. If U Seek Amy (U-Tern Remix) 6:11 8. Mona Lisa (Manhattan Clique Club Remix)5:40 9. Mona Lisa (Alex Suarez Club Mix) 5:19 10. Mona Lisa (Gareth Emery Remix) 5:25
  13. CAL: Discussion Thread

    EEK I'm so happy how the magazine cover came out! I made it myself!!

    Britney Covers Rolling Stone magazine On Alexandria Spears I'm so thrilled she is finally making her breakthrough into the music world! Having my family enter this crazy world will ALWAYS worry me because of the dark side it can offer, but I am determined to keep her away from that path. My family has been through so much with my and my little sister, Jamie (Spears), but I think my family has had their fair share of insanity so I think she's gonna do great! On Madonna wanting another collab Oh my gosh really?! I would LOVE to do another collaboration with her! She was my idol growing up, I wanted to be just like her to the star power and just the confidence she exuberates. If she or her team contacted me saying "Hey we have this song and we want you on it." I'd be saying yes before they could finish the sentence and even before I heard the song; I know she has amazing taste and everything she releases is always so fresh and current. On her workout regimen It's intense honestly! I'm in the gym all the time because what I do requires so much energy and a certain amount of dedication. Your body has to be able to be able to handle it physically and mentally because it can be exhausting! What I start with is Cardio, running on the treadmill, swimming, eating right, obviously my dance rehearsal, and LOTS of running...and I hate running *laughs* New music releases I have new things lined up which I am so excited for! The Mona Lisa Remixes is about to drop, I have a new single coming sometime next week, and some secret projects I can't yet discuss, but I promise it will be worth the wait! (Magazine cover + Interview + Photoshoot) (ALSO I MADE THE MAGAZINE COVER!!!)
  15. Some gays can be snobbish, not saying thats the case with anyone here or specifically, just a generalization.