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  1. Do you think Selena Gomez is going to last ?

    Unfortunately she's lasted this long already
  2. (BACK!) 30 Day Music Challenge - Day 9

    Day 9: A song that makes you happy
  3. pop girls' last.fm artist pictures are being changed to Pokemon

    I have an answer to this, but I ain't even gonna go there
  4. Jake Paul Surpasses 10 Million Subs On Youtube..

    Because people like you keep giving him attention
  5. Why is Demon the highest female on iTunes?

    Because talent always wins
  6. Favourite members on COP (so far)?

    Aww, thank you!! Love you too!
  7. Sorry Not Sorry is climbing the iTunes chart again :demifat:

  8. MsMojo: Top 10 Best Demi Lovato Music Videos

    I agree with this tbh (minus Skyscraper)
  9. Madonna

    Rebel Heart - 9/10
  10. Madonna

    I wasn't feeling it, minus the chorus. Just remember these are all my judgments based on my first listen to this album ever, it usually changes after I've heard each song more.
  11. Madonna

    Sorry, I don't mean to keep disappearing. There's just so much happening with Demi so I keep needing to update my Twitter account. Not sure how I feel about Messiah rn
  12. Madonna

    Best Night - 5.5/10
  13. Madonna

  14. Madonna

    Inside Out is so beautiful
  15. Madonna

    I'm already giving Holy Water a 10/10 (I think i'm like 30 seconds behind)