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  1. Better : Selena vs Demi

    That tends to happen with Selulu stans
  2. Bhad Bhabie is coming for wigs

    Stop giving this lowlife attention
  3. Demi VS Ariana

    She's still incredibly talented even if she has terrible technique killing her vocal chords.
  4. Demi VS Ariana

    Honey, I could find bad videos of Ariana if I wanted to as well. She was sick during that performance and still did really well (obviously not her best).
  5. Request EMOTES Here (New process)

  6. What concerts have y’all been to

    I just wanted to brag
  7. Bought my tickets to see P!nk today :demifat:

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. justcatchmedemi


      @Homojénik Seeing legends in concert is never a waste of money

    3. P!nk


      I want a full essay on your experience PM'd to me within the week of seeing her :wendyw:


      JK have fun I'm sure she'll slay :titussjam:


    4. justcatchmedemi


      @P!nk I'm sure we can make that happen

  8. What concerts have y’all been to

    I forgot Glee (x2), Spice Girls and S Club 7 Upcoming: Dua Lipa and P!nk
  9. what the hell is this i'm screaming

    The fact that this was a UNIVERSITY project
  10. Revival SHITS all over Demi's discography. Why ?

    We all know TMYLM shits on Revival and it was only just released
  11. what the hell is this i'm screaming

    Read the replies on this:
  12. what the hell is this i'm screaming

    Him, he's the more normal version of Ronniesus. There's a thread on here about him because he told Camila she was stupid for putting out 4 songs before the albums release because no one would buy it. But he says shit about Demi all the time and still goes to meet her whenever she's in New York.
  13. what the hell is this i'm screaming

    It's truly time for him to be taken down once and for all (and then orgasmicgomez can follow)
  14. what the hell is this i'm screaming

    Except he's truly one of Demi's biggest fans. He has multiple photos with her and has been caught jamming out to her in the clubs as well.
  15. What Celebs Have Y'all Met?

    My list is way too long for this